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Walnut Flower Essence ~ Its Ability To Facilitate Exponential Leaps In Consciousness !

Flower Essence Acupuncture and Walnut Essence
©2005 by Deborah Craydon, CFEP, and Warren Bellows, Lic.Ac.Editors' Note:
This article is reprinted with permission from
a book which pairs each of the Bach Flower Remedies
with their corresponding acupuncture points.
We chose Walnut as an illustration of this material.

These techniques are designed to transform the healing modalities of acupuncture and flower essences into
liquid light treatments for the body.
Each acupuncture point is encoded with a specific resonance that
sends a message to your body, mind, and spirit via the meridian system
when the point is stimulated.
By applying flower essences to acupuncture points,
we are replacing the traditional stainless-steel needles
with outer floral nature.
The flower essence becomes the catalyst that stimulates the movement of chi, or life force,through the body via the meridian system.
Changing the catalyst for this stimulation from metal
to the living language of flowers creates a conversation between
inner and outer nature that is new, refreshing, and uplifting.
The color and light encoded in a flower essence,
when applied to its corresponding acupuncture point,
create an exponential effect that revivifies your life force
and lifts it to a new octave.
There is a sensation during the application of these treatments of a "multiplying" effect or a holographic link between floral nature
and the life of your body,soul, and spirit.
Application Methods
treatment tableThe 12 main meridians are paired on the left and right sides of the body.
When you apply a flower essence to a point on one of the main meridians,
it must also be applied to a point in the same location on the other side of the body.
The two meridians located on the midlines at the front and back of the body are an exception to this rule,
as they have only single points of entry.
To apply a flower essence, you will need cotton balls or cotton swabs,
a small clear glass bowl, and water to dilute the essence.
Follow the steps outlined here:
Infuse Water: Put 2-4 drops of the flower essence of your choice into   a small,clean glass bowl filled with 4-6 ounces of water.
(Infusing water with the essence dilutes it to the correct potency for most people.

In general, we recommend this method for everyone using essences
for self-healing.)
Application: Dip a cotton ball or swab into the infused water --
               this is your applicator.
Rub the applicator in a large circle around the direct acupuncture site indicated.

Don't worry if you're not sure where the precise location of the site is.
Covering a large area around the site will ensure its application:

the flower essence and its direct acu-point are in vibrational resonance with each other and will lock in, or find each other.
After Application:
For a traditional treatment, lie down on your back after applying
the flower essence to the acu-point and rest for 20-45 minutes.
(Lying on your back rather than in the lunge position on your side tends to help you stay awake,so you will receive the treatment more consciously.).
Three-quarters of an hour is the optimal time for activation of chi
to the site;
however, 20 minutes is refreshing if you have limited time to rest.
at the feetfFor those who don't have the time or inclination to rest during the day,
following one of the application methods described at bedtime also works well.
This can be a simple way of treating your body while also getting your rest.

When you wake in the morning,
it is helpful to scan your body for any changes.
The more consciousness you bring to the process, the more helpful conjoining
the modalities of flower essences and acupuncture becomes.
Traditional Treatment Rhythms:
Your body will most likely inform you how often you need
a particular floral acu-treatment.
You may want to do it once a day for a week,
or once a week for a month.
You may need to do it only once before moving on to a new treatment
(twice daily is the recommended limit for this type of application.)
Let your body inform you how often to repeat and how long to continue
a particular treatment.
For instance, if you think you need to do it for a week
and at midweek you "forget,"
trust that your body is assimilating the previous treatments and resume when your body prompts you to do so.


Walnut Flower Essence
Walnut is a remedy for making a transition and freeing yourself from the influences of those around you.

You can use Walnut for physical or psychological transformations, such as giving birth or getting married.
Its ability to facilitate exponential leaps in consciousness
makes it an important all-purpose remedy
that can help you re-create your life at a new level of experience.
walnut essence acupuncture points Walnuts are large trees with long oval leaves;
they blossom with hanging green-brown male catkin flowers
(the female flowers are small, green and pear-shaped).
Substances extruded from this tree create acidic soil,
so it often stands alone.
The nut resembles the human brain, with two clearly delineated sides and a bridge between them.
Walnut Acupuncture Point (illustrated at right) --
Small Intestine 16, Heavenly Window:
Heavenly Window is a "window in the sky" point that opens you up to the vision of yourself as a transformed individual.
The small intestine sorts pure from impure substances
for transformation into usable energy.
This site flips the switch that turns on the transformer energy
you have assiduously built up, making you capable of moving to
the next level.
A "graduation" site, it gives you perfect vision of yourself as unique.
Synthesis of the Flower Remedy and the Acupuncture Point:
Conjoining Walnut to Heavenly Window gives the body the experience
of releasing itself from the cocoon stage of creative chaos and breaking free
in the form of a butterfly.

Using Intention to Heal
Floral acu-treatments work, no matter what way you choose to use them.
However, they work best with conscious awareness.
If you simply go about your day after putting them on your body,
it is helpful to use conscious intent by keeping in mind
the quality of the essence and description of the acu-point.
The treatments may act in subtle ways, and if you choose to be mindful
of the process, you will awake to witness these shifts in your thoughts, feelings, and physical body.
If you simply feel better, and this is your goal, remembering to offer gratitude to the particular flower and acupressure point on your body
for facilitating this renewal,also enhances the effect of the application.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: DEBORAH CRAYDON is a certified flower essence practitioner

and producer of Hawaiian flower essences, gem elixirs,
and colored light elixirs through her company, Flora Corona.
To learn about her new online flower essence training visit here.
WARREN BELLOWS is a graduate of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute.
In addition to private practice and teaching,
he has authored a popular acupuncture video series.

He is currently integrating aspects of Intuition Medicine and Floracupuncture
to create intuitive and energy-based self-healing techniques.
For more information, visit


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