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VT: Israel tells Trump where he can stick his peace plan

Israel tells Trump where he can stick his peace plan

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on May 25, 2017

… from  Press TV, Teheran

“Falling man” – It did not take long. Israel throws Trump off the roof, to add to the pile of past humiliations

[ Editor’s Note:  No one here at VT had any doubts of what the result of all Trump’s groveling to Israel would be. He has now been handed his official presidential knee pads, which only Obama in recent history refused to accept.

But this is not just a presidential knee pad fixation problem. The American people, and most all of their institutions, have long accepted their virtual knee pads, evidenced by their long history of ignoring the massive Israeli espionage that has gone on here for decades with the occasional slap on the wrist to pretend it is being opposed.

Gordon recently republished excerpt material from the Sandia nuclear lab’s 9-11 report, which among other revelations disclosed how Israel has spread part of its mini-nuke arsenal around to its various embassies when it was able to have them pre-positioned for future use. Many of us consider that a substantial security threat, yet our entire government has hidden it from us.

When Israeli nukes arrive in shielded “diplomatic” containers, they show up on America’s VELA satellite system while offloaded and driven on.  Files have this happening in New York before 9/11 at the Teterboro Airport, where incidentally, Donald Trump’s plane is kept.

We first learned of the New York City embassy find when post 9-11 helicopter sweeps were being made over a grid covering all of Manhattan and the boroughs, and you guessed it, the Israeli Embassy was the hottest spot in town.

Imagine the embarrassment when the FBI, aided by the IAEA including VT’s Jeff Smith, had teams follow Israel’s radioactive cargo, from Teterboro to their Manhattan consulate, then onto moving trucks and into carefully selected parking places under the massive Freon tanks beneath the twin towers.  Best case scenario, Israel lost two nuclear weapons when someone destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11.  What is more likely?  Can you think of another alternative story?

From here, we find the FBI putting Special Agent Mike Dick on an BOLO, listed “by mistake” as armed and dangerous, shoot to kill.  Others on the surveillance team were taken to Houston, to a secret FISA grand jury and silenced.  One is a VT editor, and under gag order to this day on the real events of 9/11.  Stored in Houston also is physical evidence, so much, video of bomb deliveries, surveillance logs, box after box classified for 50 years.

As usual, just like the past times, we did not get a single call from mass media, any Congressional or civil -religious group, think tank or foreign country, wanting to know anything about it. When you think of all the taxpayer money being spent on defense, security and media, for all of these countries to remain mum on this “anomaly”, it is a staggering dereliction of duty, an abrogation of the oath of office of every government official in all of these countries.

If you swapped out Israel for Iran, Russia, or China having pre-positioned mini-nukes in their embassies, what do you think the reaction of all these people, orgs and countries would be then?




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