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Opening the Mind ~Ramtha
"The more you desire to love what you are and to live in knowingness) the more your brain,
is opened up by the God that surrounds your being) greater and greater and greater.
Then you become more than your body. You become that which holds you together. ))
- Ramtha


All of you have grown to your capacity in your learning of God in the limited form of matter.


Through all of your many lives upon this plane, you have experienced all the elements of this paradise,

of your own remarkable creativity.


And through that experience you have learned all there is to know,

of the limited thought values of God/ man living in the herdlike reality of social consciousness.


You have already learned of fear and insecurity, of sorrow, anger, greed.


You have already learned of jealousy, hatred, war. You have already learned of death.


You have indeed already learned of the alienation of yourself,

from your divine Source, which has loved and supported you throughout all your adventures in order for you,

to experience God in the last level of its spectacular display of Isness.


In order to return to a state of unlimitedness,

to experience joy and the freedom of being, you must once again become that which holds you together.


And the only way to become that - since you are encumbered with a body - is to fully activate your seventh seal,

pituitary, so that your brain can receive the unlimited thoughts that lie just beyond social consciousness.


That is how you expand your knowingness into the unlimited understanding of God,

that which allows and loves and is the totality of itself, which is the totality of thought.


So how do you get this wonderful little gland to awaken the dormant portions of your brain through its hormone flow?


Simply through desire. To become a Christ is to desire to know the Father and become the likeness of God.

It is the desire to allow all thought to become the reality of self.


It is the desire to love in every moment all that you have become.

It is the desire to be the Isness of all that you are.


Why is it important to love the totality of what you are?

When you do, you immediately transcend social consciousness. Then you rise above acceptance.

You transcend judgment. You go beyond the illusion of time.

Then you live only for the fulfillment of self.


You listen only to the voice within. You follow only the path of joy.

And on that path lies the knowingness of all that is.

Now you say to me, "But, Ramtha, that is being wholly selfish." Indeed it is. But selfish is Godish.


Every moment you live for the love of this God within you - every illusion you embrace and give up,

everything you do to find your joy and light -

emanates from your being into consciousness flow to feed the whole of mankind.


When you live wholly for the love of self - which is the love of God -

then you exude God into the density of social consciousness.


Then you light the way for your beloved brothers,

on their own paths back into self, the only path that will take them home to their beloved Father.


When you love yourself enough to feel worthy to receive all that God is and you desire to know that,

you are one with the Father, then you begin to bloom this wondrous flower.


That is how you open the capacity,

of your brain to receive all thought values in the mind of God: by wanting to know,

by desiring to feel all the emotion of that knowingness.


What is the greatest way to manifest any desire?

By speaking it forth from the Lord God of your being.


The lord of your being, which is your soul,

governs your body through its emotional structure.


It is from the soul that your pituitary is instructed to release its hormone flow.

The God of your being is the light that encompasses

all that you are and allows all thoughts to come into your being.


The being is the ego that is experiencing the realities of matter through the bodily form,

which is what encourages judgment and alters the Isness or purity of thought; hence the term altered ego.


So when you speak from the Lord God of your being,

you are bringing into alignment the totality of what you are,

which gives you the greatest power to manifest and create whatever you want.




When you desire from the Lord God of your being to receive unlimited thoughts, that thought of fulfillment,

felt within your soul manifests in your body to activate the pituitary gland, and it begins to open.


As it begins to open, a greater hormone flow goes through the pineal gland,

and as it does it awakens the dormant mind.


It opens another part of your brain to allow greater and more refined frequencies,

of thought to be experienced throughout your body.


When thoughts of a greater frequency come in,

they are taken through the awakened portion of your brain.


The pineal gland in the back of your head receives the greater frequency and it begins to swell,

which causes your head to ache, or you may feel a little dizzy or lightheaded.


That frequency is then turned into a high-powered electrical current and shot through your central nervous system,

to every cell of your body.


From that you will feel a rush, or sensations of tingling, of being lifted,

because greater energy than you have felt before is now rushing throughout your body.


That frequency ignites every cell, causing it to increase its vibrational frequency.

The more you receive unlimited thoughts, the greater the body vibrates.


And you begin to take on a glow because you are beginning to reverse the body from density back into light.


How will you describe the feeling of unlimited thoughts? You cannot.


The knowingness of an unlimited thought,

has no word that you can associate with it because it is a new thought being experienced, a new emotion,

an immense feeling that moves you in a profound yet quiet manner.


Knowingness will come to you as pure feeling:

unannounced, unidentified, nameless emotion.


Most who seek enlightenment think that it will come in the form of words.

But if what you understand can be described by words, you have felt it all before.


If it can't, and you are simply feeling, what you are feeling is genius; it is brilliance; it is indeed unlimited thinking.

All the things you have wanted to understand do not have words; they have emotion and vision.


And when the knowingness comes, you will be speechless with feelings.

The art of limiting thought is associating words with it.


A master explains nothing; he only knows it.

To explain it means he must limit himself.


 When you get to the point that you simply know - without having to justify or explain your knowingness -

then you are indeed the master of your kingdom. Then you are in absolute knowingness.


What happens to the feeling of upliftment experienced from higher frequency thoughts?

It is captivated in your soul,  which forever holds it there in memory.


Your soul permits the memory of unlimited thoughts to occur through emotion, feeling.

Thus it captivates your knowingness for all times, so that what you have allowed yourself,

to receive can be reached over and over again.


The other wonderful thing that happens to that feeling of upliftment,

is that your soul emanates it through your auric field into consciousness flow,

which not only lifts the density of consciousness but draws into your life a situation that will produce the same feeling.


Why? So the thought can be completely understood through experience.

When the higher frequency thought is thoroughly understood, it is recorded in your soul as wisdom.


The wisdom means that the knowingness has become solidified within you as an absolute.


The wisdom not only elevates the frequency level of the soul -

which will cause your life to conform to its greater emotional being -

but it also further activates the pituitary to allow the brain to receive and reason with even greater,

higher frequency thoughts, and on and on and on.


As your pituitary begins to flower,

things change in your life in ways you would never have thought possible.


Everything you think, you feel with great emotion.

As the knowingness you feel inside works its way into a creative form,

you begin to see your thoughts manifesting quicker and quicker.


Your love, understanding, and compassion are enhanced.

And entities fall away from your life because you have risen to a different understanding.


Yet in their place, others of like thinking are drawn to you.


Soon, as brilliance, creativity, and knowingness intensify within you,

you begin to know and feel things that you haven't felt or known before.


You are able to look upon another entity and feel that entity within your being.

From your thoughts, you  are able to know of your days to come.



You think a psychic is a rare entity? That is only because you think like social consciousness,

and social consciousness does not think that those great abilities could be really rather normal.


Everyone is psychic.

When you allow yourself to know, you know everything, for knowingness -

uninhibited by the illusions of social consciousness -

removes the veil from your eyes so that you can see other dimensions.


It removes the blocks from your ears so you can hear the music of all life vibrating in harmony with itself.

And how do you make it happen? By desiring it.


The more you desire unlimitedness and the more you embrace,

and feel the thoughts that come forth, the more the pituitary secretes its hormone and the wider its mouth becomes.


The more you desire to love what you are and to live in knowingness,

the more your brain is opened up by the God that surrounds your being, greater and greater and greater.


Then you become more than your body. You become that which holds you together.

The pituitary is indeed the door to God.


The more you allow unlimited thoughts into your brain, the more it opens.

The more it opens, the more you will know. And whatever you know, you will become.


The flower is emanating a thought frequency.


At the same moment the rug is emanating a thought frequency.

When you have the ability to pick up all thought frequencies,

you can become whatever finished frequency you choose.


Then you have the absolute freedom to become the wind or anything else that you wish.

Soon the whole of the pituitary system is in full bloom and the whole of your brain is activated.


Then all that the pituitary has had within its spiritual embodiment is given to the full mind,

and the mind can never go back to a limited state.


Once the flower begins to open, it never closes again; it is open for all times.

When your brain is completely activated, your point in reality becomes vacillating.


That is why though you are here, you can be on the seventh level; though you are on the seventh level,

you can be in the Pleiades; though you are in the Pleiades, you can be at a friend's side.


When your pituitary is in full bloom, you cease to die; you cease to grow old.


Whatever you tell your body to do,

it will do. You can tell the body to quicken its vibratory frequency and it will elevate itself into another dimension.


That is how powerful your brain is. You can even resurrect your body from the dead.


When you are that powerful, you are wearing the divine crown of God.

And when you are pure God, which is pure life, then you are forever.


Then you are everything. That is the grandest heaven.


So the great seventh seal has crowned itself,

and the whole of your mind is awakened and the whole embrace,

of knowingness is allowed through your beautiful receiver.


The more you know and the more your body experiences that frequency,

the faster the body vibrates until it becomes lighter and lighter and lighter.


Then one day when all life you have loved and embraced - and the soul is complete in the experiences here -

that same knowingness and that same vibration will increase itself a millionfold,


and it will take the body into invisibility and away from this place.

Then you are off the wheel of life after life.


You are a creature of three dimensions - Spirit, soul, and ego - expressing on a plane of density.

And only with three dimensions can you realize forever. Address the Lord God of your being. It will hear you.


When you do, it is a lord, a God, a master who speaks.

When you tell it to remember, it will remember.


When you tell it to be greater, it will be greater.


And when you desire from the Lord God of your being,

to possess unlimited understanding, it will open up your mind to allow greater frequencies of thought,

to be felt in the body for knowingness.


That is all you have to do. That is commanding it to do so, and the ductless glands obey.

And when feelings come forth that electrify your being into a greater understanding,

give thanks to the God within you for it being so simple.


How can you be more understanding of all that is? Know that you are.

How you think and speak determines how much you allow yourself to know.


Do not say, "I hope to know more,"

for then you never will. And do not say, "I will try to know more," for trying has never accomplished.


And do not say, "I seek to know more," for seeking never finds. Say, "

From the Lord God of my being, I now know all there is to know in this moment.


So be it," and await the answers.

Whether or not you realize at that moment what you desire to know,

saying "I know" opens the door for that realization to occur.


That is all you have to say, and the knowledge will come forth.


How you limit your creativity and your life,

is by saying you do not know or by doubting the knowingness that comes to you.


The worst abomination is the phrase, "I don't know." Remember, you are the lawgiver,

and what you think and then speak is the law. If you say, "I don't know," you won't. If you say, "I can never,"

you never will. If you say, "I am not worthy of my Father's love," you will never receive it.


If you speak this way,

it means you must think this way.


And if you think this way, the feeling of that thought registers in your soul,

and your soul manifests the reality that fulfills your thought processes. You are like a computer.


Each day you compute into your knowledge "doubts." You compute into your knowledge "lacking."


You compute into your knowledge, indeed, not knowing.


You are the robber of your own kingdom,

for you who know only doubt and limitation have robbed the very life force from yourself by how you think and speak.


I tell you, you have the ability to know all there is and ever will be.


The door that opens you up to that knowledge is,

simply to say, "I know," and the realization of it will soon follow. It may be moments or days, but it will come.


It always does, for the word "knowing" is absolute, and it brings your desire into absoluteness.


The thought of knowing, felt within your soul,

manifests within your being to open your pituitary to permit greater thoughts to be received.

Knowing is the door that allows the river of thought to flow into you in an unlimited flow.


Now knowingness is not belief. Belief is conjectural; knowingness is absolute.

The only thing that brings on knowingness is knowing.


When you believe in something,

the soul understands the word believe to really mean that someone - or even your own self -

is assailing you to convince you of a truth that you have no awareness or certainty of,

for that truth has not become an experienced reality. I do not ask you to believe in anything.


I want you to know. To be enlightened is to know, without doubt, belief, faith, or hope.

All of those things are conjectural. As long as you believe or have faith in anything, it never will be.


Knowing makes it absolute, which brings what is known into manifestation.

Through the manifestation of the realized thought into an experience, the understanding will occur to you.


Then it is a part of your being and not something you must convince yourself of.

Absolute knowing is the creator of the whole of your kingdom.


To be in all-knowingness, simply say, "I know."

Don't ever doubt or be hesitant. Know, absolutely.


Every moment you say,

"I know," that is a thought of certainty felt within your being,

which permits the space for that knowingness to occur.


Genius occurs when you open the door of knowingness so that greater thoughts can come forth into a creative form.

If you will say steadfastly, "From the Lord God of my being, I now know the answer to this,

and am in a state of receivership for it. So be it," that calls forth the knowingness into a resolve.


Though the realization may not be there at the moment,

the door stands wide open for it to be realized in an experience,

from which wisdom will be gained.


Your being will quickly adjust itself to become what the knowingness now is.

You do not have to work toward that accomplishment.

You do not have to strive or search or struggle for it.


You do not have to go through chants or rituals to obtain it. Simply know.

By knowing, you are in a state of receivership for the awareness of it.

How do you quicken the manifestation of your desires?


By knowing. Knowing is the door that allows the kingdom of heaven

to display its abundance within the kingdom of self.



that a desire, whatever it is, is already fulfilled amplifies the thought of your desire,

sends it through your auric field into consciousness flow, and manifests your desire so that you may stand,

in receivership of its completion. The truth is, all things are already yours.


When you know they are, then they are made available to you.


You must understand that the principal giver of all that you need is you,

and your ability to receive what you want.


The way to receive your desires is simply to know what you want,

and know you are worthy of getting it. Knowingness is the truth; it is the giver; it is your future.


When you speak, know it is. Whatever you want, you may have by simply knowing that you are the lawgiver,

and that whatever you know and speak must be. That is called the law of one.


I tell you, you know all there is to know and you may have all you desire. In this moment of knowing,

you simply have not realized that truth. Knowing opens the door to that realization.


It activates another part of your brain so the thought can become a manifested reality.


Then when the experience of your unlimited thinking has indeed come to pass,

that solidifies in the ego part of your brain the realization that knowing does work,

which gives you the strength to go a step further into even more unlimited thinking.


If I could take all of your words away and give you but a sparse few, they would be:


I now know. I am absolute.

I am complete. I am God. I Am.

If there were no other words but those, you would no longer be limited to this plane.


How much greater is it for you to know than to assume or believe?

How much greater is it for you to know than to be a maybe?


How much greater is it for you to know than not to know?

It takes the same thought processes, the same energy, the same facial expression,

and bodily movement to know as it does to not know. Know.


Simply know. "I know this will occur. I know I am God.

I know I am happy. I know I am." Know, know, know. That is all it takes. Always know.


If you say you don't or you can't, you never will. Say you now know.

Then you will know everything.



Do you know the difference between you and me? I know I am an unlimited God, and you don't.

That is the only difference. I know I am, and you have yet to realize you are.


Your society says you aren't, but what do they know? They bury themselves every day.

Why have you obstructed your knowingness?


Because in your endeavor to understand thought in the form called matter,

your thought processes became so caught up in the realities of matter that you altered your whole perception of life.


You see, matter is a level of thought that is created by altering thought to its greatest extent.

It is created by lowering thought into light, into electrum, and then dividing the electrum into parts,

that have negative and positive values.


So every time you relate to God in the form of matter,

you are perceiving and understanding thought according to divisions or polarities rather than the purity,

and the undivided Isness that it is.


The more you are focused in matter and oriented to survival,

the more you see life in terms of polar dimensions: up/down, near/ far, fast/slow, light/dark, big/little,

hot/ cold, good/bad, positive/negative.


To go back to the Isness of pure thought, you must master the altered ego,

the reasoning portion of your brain that is oriented to living and surviving in matter.


The altered ego is that which perceives according to the illusions of time, distance, and separateness.

It is that which perceives in terms of survival and acceptance.


It is that which divides and judges pure thought.


A pure thought can come to any of you, but quickly you ascertain whether it is right or wrong for you,

should you or should you not do it, is it possible or impossible, real or imagined,

reasonable or unreasonable.


Every time you judge your thought by dividing it to where it has a positive and a negative,

you have altered it into a lower frequency value. Knowingness does not judge anything.


When you know, you never ponder if a thought is true or correct. All thoughts are true and correct.

Knowing does not weigh or value thought.


Knowing allows thought to be an Isness.

It allows your thought processes to be without interruption or interception.


To see another plane, to hear a finer sound, to become lighter than your weight,

all you need is to know that they are realities and allow that knowingness to be experienced in your body.


That is all you have to do. If you do not believe they are real, not believing is a judgment that keeps your brain,

from becoming greater.


Thus all of that knowingness that is coming through your Spirit every moment,

bounces off your brain and is sent back to the mind of the Father.


Then all you will ever receive is what keeps you secure on this plane and limited to it.


When you desire from the Lord God of your being to possess unlimited knowingness,

you must allow all thoughts to enter your brain consciousness - unaltered by judgments -

so that they can be fully experienced in your body.


Through that conscious allowing by the altered ego,

which gives credence to your desire,

the pituitary activates another part of your brain to receive unlimited understanding.


What has enabled you to receive a thought of creativity out of the blue when you wanted it?


You merely allowed its entrance into your knowingness.

That is all you did. It was there all along,

waiting for you to ask for it and allow it to enter your receiver. That is all it takes.


And the less your thought processes are caught up in judgments and altered thinking,

the easier it is for the thoughts of superconsciousness to enter your brain receiving unit.


Learn to see yourself and life through the eyes of Isness.

When you behold a flower, do not say it is ugly or beautiful.


That is a judgment that has altered the thought of the flower.

What is pure is the thought "flower."


When you look at the flower and you see it as flower, light, life, Isness, then you are allowing yourself,

to receive the purity and the Isness of the thought,

which sends a higher frequency electrum to be felt throughout your body.


Then you think as a Christ thinks,

for you see all things as an equality and an Isness.


Each time you do not limit and judge your experiences,

you permit your brain to be activated to receive the unlimited thoughts that go beyond your everyday existence.


Never judge the thoughts you receive. Do not think of something as being positive,

for how could it be positive without saying that there is also negative?



 If you say, "This is good," that means that some things are bad. When you tender yourself, love yourself,

do not say you are beautiful or lovely; say you are God.


When you do something with your neighbor, do not say it is good; say it is God.

That means that it is, that it is simply a pure and virtuous experience of life.


When you look upon other entities in the expression of their lives, never see them as other than an Isness.


If you judge their expression as being good or bad, positive or negative,

you create in yourself a perception of alteredness.


And whatever you perceive, you will become,

for that thought will register as a feeling within your being.


Thus you victimize your own self because you -

not they - experience the effects of your judgment.


And that feeling recorded in your soul sets up a precedent,

by which you will continue to judge your own actions and your own being.


When you condemn another for something,

you are only condemning aspects of yourself seen within them.

That is why they are so easy to identify. That is why your attention is drawn to those aspects.


The other entity has served merely as a mirror of your own inner judgments,

a tool for you to reconcile judgments of yourself that you have accepted from others.


When you look upon others, see them as an Isness and in what is termed an evenness.


If they are being cruel or hateful to another, to say they are cruel or hateful is a truth,

for that is indeed how they are expressing. That is their experience of Isness.


To say they are bad or wrong or evil in that expression is a judgment,

which becomes wholly your experience, alteredness.


No one is worth judging.

No color of skin, no action, no anything is worth altering yourself out of a state of God,

of Isness. Whoever they are, however they are expressing,

love them for the God within them that allows them to be that way.


Simply by virtue of their being, they are to be loved.

The fact that they exist is greater than anything they will ever do.


Love them for being, for as long as they are, it is a certainty that you will be.

If you love them regardless of who they are and let that love just be,

then you will always be pure in your being.


Now what is the easiest way to remove judgments from your thought processes?

By becoming aware of your feelings and the thoughts that gave birth to them.


Simply through that awareness will you teach yourself to be more refined in your thinking.


When you feel unhappy, sad, angry, fearful, harried, separate - or any other feeling that you do not like -

examine your thinking.


You will soon see the connection between your altered thinking - judging yourself or others,

or seeing life in facets or dimensions - and your displeasing emotions.


And soon, as you tire of these feelings,

you will begin to refine your thinking to remove the judgments that separate you from life.


As you do, and as you allow more and more unlimited thoughts to be experienced in your being,

you will also begin to see a connection between your unlimited thinking and the feelings of peace, joy,

harmony, and lightness in the bodily movement.


And never judge yourself for issuing forth judgments.

Have mercy on yourself and simply allow the awareness of your thoughts and feelings to teach you,

for I assure you they will.


Of all the words ever created, there is one that most fits this teaching,

and that is called being, being. And what does that mean?


It means allowing yourself to be however you are and wholly loving yourself for being that.

It is feeling whatever you are feeling and living that emotion.


Being is living wholly in the moment because you know that the Now is all there is.

It is doing whatever you want to do,

living the adventure that your soul urges you to pursue.


What is the reason for being? When you live that way,

you never judge yourself or others or the thoughts that occur to you.


Then there is neither right nor wrong, possible nor impossible, perfection nor imperfection, positive nor negative.

There is no longer the illusion of time which does not permit you to feel and savor the beauty of the moment.


When you are in a state of being, there is only the Isness of life and the ongoingness of the Now.

In a state of being, your thoughts no longer dally in the past or future,

preoccupied with guilt and remorse, musts and shoulds.


In being, you do not hold to any particular truth but are the reviewer of all truths.


You see all truths as an Isness, and allow each to be explored to determine if it is workable in your state of being.


When you live that way, then all thoughts that come to you are pondered and, through your brain,

understood in your body as feelings,

which allows more knowing, more thought, more Isness to come forth.


When you simply are, you are in alignment with the Isness of all things.


And through that alignment, you may have anything you desire,

and you have to do nothing except be.


The God of your being will draw to you whatever you think, whatever you desire, and it will come.

Those who busy themselves by trying to do every outward principle,

make a little mockery of the inward one. In being, you already have and are everything.


When you simply are, and you allow yourself to receive all thoughts, then you can hear the voice of God.

Then everything you ever wanted to know you may know in the twinkling of an eye.


When you do not judge your thoughts but allow them to manifest as emotion within your soul,

you are living as an unlimited God merely by being open to the Isness and all that it is.


Then you become a pure channel of your own God self and you come closer to the pure simplicity of the mind of God.

Learn to live by knowing and allowing. Then you have mastered the altered ego.


Then you have mastered the seventh level, the seventh seal, the seventh heaven,

for on the seventh there is no judgment; there is only the ongoing Isness of life.


Once you have mastered judgment, you have mastered the totality of this plane and can leave whenever you desire.

Unless you have the ability in this moment to clone for yourself another body -

which you are capable of doing when your brain is fully functional- don't be in such a hurry to destroy it.


Love your body. Be kind to it; nourish it; tender it. It is the pure instrument of expression that allows you,

to experience life on this plane.


Become unlimited in your thought processes but also take care of the vehicle that allows you to do that.

If you are a woman, be a woman; if a man, be a man. Love what you are.



Never abuse your body. Never deface or defile it. Do not make it do things it was not designed to do.

Look upon the grandeur of your being. Hold yourself divine.

Clothe yourself in what is the finest against your skin.


Anoint yourself. Perfume yourself. Feed yourself only what your body wants.


If you listen to it, it will tell you what it needs in order to nourish itself.

Never put into your body that which is harmful, which you know is harmful.


Anything that causes the lack of oxygen flow to your brain causes the cells to perish,

in great numbers and they will never be again, for the brain lacks the ability to reproduce its cells.


When your brain cells are destroyed,

then you lessen your ability to transfer thought into a realized emotion in your body.


Though you can contemplate the thought, it is a no-thing to you. That is when joy ceases,

for how can you be joyous over a thought unless you can become it through the feeling of it?


When you are unable to feel, you are unable to register knowingness on this plane.

That is the harm you do to your brain when you partake

of what you term your weed or drugs that cause illusions to occur.


Each time you partake of these things, they remove oxygen from your brain.

It is the dying of your brain that causes what you term the high that you feel.


That is why it occurs. Each time you do this, you restrict your ability to know.


And there will come a time when you cannot weep or laugh, for there is no longer anything strong enough,

to create emotion within your being.


To experience all-knowingness -

where you can weep over the opening of a flower or wait for the sun to come up and know every bit of its splendor -

is to have the ability to know, to compute thought into feeling. That is called ecstasy.


That is a good high, as you term it.


That which has loved you since before time began -

who has been with you in every life you have ever lived,

who is the only entity that will be with you in the death of your body,

or the ascension of it - is you.


You are the only one who loves you steadfastly enough to go through all the things you have gone Through.


When you embrace and love yourself and allow that love to be your standard,

you will transcend the social consciousness of man into the all-consciousness of God,

for what you are goes beyond beauty. It goes beyond perfection.


It goes beyond the containment of laws and dogma and social standards.


It goes into destiny, into the fulfillment of self,

which is the fulfillment of God. That is the only thing that is important in the eyes of the Isness of life.


You are all that you think you are and all that you allow yourself to know.


Know that the Father, that is all things,

is that which you are, and through that knowingness will you know and become all that is.


Know that there is no end to anything and there is no absoluteness to anything.

Everything is in the moment and there is always more to corne.


To unlimit your thinking is simply to know that there is greater truth, and there is even greater truth than that.

Know that, and it will occur to you according to your state of receivership.


Never allow yourself to be enslaved or intimidated.

There is always a way, and a better way.


Know that, and allow the thoughts to corne to you that will light your path to joy.

Face your limitations. Embrace them. Master them.


Do away with all the things in your life that keep you from knowing the totality of God.

Relinquish guilt and judgment so you can allow knowingness, answers, and joy to come forth.


Face your fears and allow yourself to unmask their illusion.

Know that you are forever and that there is nothing,

in the unknown that can ever keep you from happiness and joy.


Do away with the fear that inhibits you from knowing,

something greater than what you are experiencing on this plane.


Why, you even think those who come here from afar are scary.

Your brothers in great aero ships have incredible beauty.


Do away with fear so that you have the ability to befriend another time,

another space, another entity from another dimension. In striving to become greater,

if you look upon this plane to find a greaterness to become,

all you will ever become is what is on this plane.



To go beyond the limited thinking of man is to contemplate that perhaps there is something as yet unseen,

that is more vast in its understanding.

Be open to truth, regardless of its source, and let your feelings be your guide.


The wise man, even be he blind, knows within his soul what feels right.

Truth is even in the blade of grass that you tread upon. It is in the laughter of a child. It is in the eyes of a beggar.


It is in all places and all things, in all peoples and all moments.

He who does not know this does not know God,

for God is everything that is.


And not one blade of grass, not one whisper of a moment can separate itself,

from the Source of all that is. Learn to be wise.


Listen to truth, whatever form it comes in,

and know that you are worthy of receiving it.

He who knows that the kingdom of heaven lies within him is a wise entity.


With your capacity to think any thought and feel it within your soul,

you possess within you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, the treasure of emotion. Learn to feel.


To know God completely is to feel every thought completely until every thought that God is,

is felt within the core of your being, the soul of your being.


Don't overwhelm yourself by wanting the totality of your brain to open all at once.

Have it open up thought by thought, experience by experience, so that each thought will solidify in you.


Above all, allow yourself to be, for in being you are everything.

When you are simply the lsness of yourself,

the l Am principle, then you are in alignment with the whole of life.


Then you have transformed the alienation of yourself as man into oneness with God.


Namaste Claude

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