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That there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of, Horatio, is absolutely so, and yet those words don't begin to say enough. You would have to dream much bigger than you presently do in order to begin to glimpse the Truth.

You are on the ride of a lifetime, and you don't even know it. You think you are plunked on Earth, and that's it. Yes, you are plunked on Earth, and you also visit in Heaven, and there is nowhere you have not been, even "places" that you do not know exist. The whole known universe and unknown universes exist plumb in the center of you. You, who may often lack energy, are a powerhouse of energy. You are powerful and unlimited. When I say you are an unlimited Being, I mean you are an unlimited Being. You experience otherwise only because you have honored limits and taken them as gospel. You portray and believe in yourself as a limited Being, and therefore you live as a limited Being. If you really let yourself out of the prison of false belief, you would know the Truth about you. As it is now, you fear that, if you believed that anything and everything were possible, you might be considered off your rocker, even by yourself.

You stop yourself too quickly. You discount yourself, and you discount others, and you discount your own ideas. "That will never work," you tell yourself, and so you never find out.

There are many untold stories in your life that have not been completed. You may have discarded them. I am requesting that you open yourself to new and greater possibilities. Even if you open yourself a little, you will have opened yourself a lot. Let the light in, beloveds.

It has been said that Rome was not built in a day. That is not so. Rome was built in an instant. It was built when the thought of Rome was first thought. Rome was built in the mind of man. What have you not dared to think about?

Don't think I'm saying that it is easy to be out of the limits of time and space while you are on Earth. You have been locked in, and it's not so easy to get out. Yet that does not mean you can't step out of limitations, for, of course, you can.

You are not truly indentured to time and space. What other limits are there anyway? Whenever you say that something can't be done, you are looking at a small framed picture. Within the limits of the framed picture, there is no further you can go. But frames are a contrivance to keep your eyes fixed in one place and not further. There is a greater horizon beyond the frames of the world.

I am speaking of you as a freewheeling being and the unlimitedness of yourself. When I say anything is possible, I do not suggest that you intrude on anyone else's life and have them fulfill your desires. No, not at all. Others' lives belong to them. You are not to exert your desires onto others. You are not to turn others into what you may prefer them to be. Let others follow their will, and you respect their will. Follow your own will in respect to you.

If a loved one of yours wants to be unhappy, then you must allow them even that freedom. Hands off other people!

Within the realm of your own life, you have many untapped resources.

If you want to be happy, you can be happy.

If you want to create beauty, you can create beauty.

If you want to invent something for the good of mankind, you can invent it.

If you want to move somewhere, you can move somewhere.

If you want to stay where you are, you can stay where you are.

You are a freewheeling unlimited child of Mine. You are even capable of creating limits...

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on October 24, 2010 at 10:43pm

Comment by Besimi on October 24, 2010 at 12:36am
awww! beautiful G.Angel K.
...Thx Great guy.Namaste.

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