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You have requested a little chat about abundance, wealth and prosperity this evening. We are here to tell you that all these things reside in your heart. Yes, we know, that does not sound so helpful, but think of it as a metaphor for the ocean and how it relates to the endless rivers of water that runs into it. The ocean, which would symbolise your heart, is forever complete unto itself. No matter how many rivers run into it, the ocean is still the ocean. All the rivers of the world are like nodes of consciousness that have been sent out into the world to experience what the ocean cannot. The rivers get to see mountains, valleys and forests.

The ocean sends these nodes of rivers up to the mountains via the clouds, they are sent out to experience all that this planet has to offer. Now, to the ocean this is considered life itself and this is considered abundance to the ocean. The ocean sends itself out into the world yet constantly receiving the water from the rivers back again like an endless loop. The water of the rivers have a lot of stories to tell the ocean, and when it comes back to the ocean they merge and the consciousness grows in magnitude. The cycle is endless, very much like how your own heart works.

What your heart sends out will always come back to you. This is what we consider to be your abundance. Your heart and the ocean are very similar; vast, beautiful and adventurous. Indeed, it is something to admire.

So when you think of abundance, let yourself see from a higher vantage point, let your heart point out to you all the beauty and abundance that is already present in your life. Abundance is not something you are missing dear friend, it is something you have to open your eyes to see. Your hearts eyes if we can put it that way. It is about feeling, and how you feel tend to decide how open your heart is to receive abundance.

Now, prosperity and wealth on the other hand is something a little bit different, these terms belong in your material world. Wealth can be defined and looked at, and being prosperous is the term used for someone that is well known to the idea of manifesting wealth. Wealth and prosperity are beautiful concepts indeed, but must not be confused with abundance. One can be mighty abundant and not own a material possession. Abundance is simpy seeing all of creation as part of ones own being, it is seeing from oneness and not separation.

Wealth and prosperity, if so is desired, is something your own heart would love to manifest for you. The trick is to feel it through your heart, for if you let your heart take care of it, everything will go so much smoother. Wealth can be acquired in many ways, but wealth manifested through the heart is different because your heart knows what you want. If you allow your heart to work for you, all you wishes will come through, be it wealth, prosperity, abundance or all of the above. Truly, wealth, if enjoyed from your heart is one of the most beautiful things you can give yourself. All it takes is to open that beautiful heart of yours and accept what you have called for.

Trust your heart, because your heart is the most trustworthy piece of God out/in there. It knows only love!

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