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Trump, Tesla, US Navy & Secret Super Rich Anti-Zionists — A Hypothesis

Trump, Tesla, US Navy & Secret Super Rich Anti-Zionists — A Hypothesis


Trump the greatest actor of all time — A hypothesis

Phi Beta Iota: Utterly fascinating and very much iin the realm of the possible. Strongly recommended as a full read, amply illustrated with embedded videos. Honor the original by clicking on title above.

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Trump the greatest actor of all time — A hypothesis

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Trump the greatest actor of all time — A hypothesis

1) Trump the greatest actor of all time — A hypothesis

2) Suppose for a moment that @StormIsUponUs wasn’t exactly right.

In his superb video, “Q The Plan to Save The World,” Joe says “they (NSA + Goodies) asked Trump to run,” which suggests that they asked him recently.

My hypothesis… He was groomed since birth to play this role.

3) Suppose for a moment that this millenia-old cabal had such a tight grip on our “reality,” that the few white hats “in the know” always knew the PLAN would take generations…

4) Also, for this hypothesis to work, one must accept that idea that the alliance of white hats may not be so “white.” perhaps a murky beige, with some dark stains in its collective fabric…

After all, what if to defeat the cabal, one must have had to know it.

5) Let’s not forget that @realDonaldTrump graduated from a private military academy in New York, and then on to Wharton. His father, Fred Trump was a financier of the John Birch Society and a personal friend of Robert Welch… His uncle, John Trump examined Tesla’s work…
6) Couple of scenarios here… A) The Trumps have Scottish or German nobility, and thus were already connected to certain “societies,” or B) They were the “new money” upstarts in New York, and rubbed elbows with those who were.
7) In either scenario, one thing is certain… Consistency. If you listen closely, Donald Trump has been saying the same things since the beginning… It’s uncanny how consistent his message and politics have remained:

8) Stay with me here… This is just speculation to try to make things fit in my head…

9) I contend that the Trumps were more of the “upstarts” in New York flavor, and thus had to learn to swim among sharks–equally comfortable dealing with politians, bankers, and mobsters…

But then I repeat myself…

10) When you start playing big-boy commerce games, you better know your stuff. Better know your Law. Better know your Contracts. Better know your Trusts.

Remember Trump’s father close association with the John Birch Society? Think they know the law? Constitutionalists.

11) Politico said “Bircherism” is making a resurgence, and a large number of political analysts from across the spectrum have argued that it shaped the modern conservative movement and especially the Trump administration.

12) Do you think Trump was raised in a household, rampant with deep discussions in philosophy, freedom, and “Patriot talk?”

Want to know what “Patriot talk” sounds like?

The sound of Donald Trump… The sound of Q!

As they are one in the same person.

13) By the time a young Donald Trump–drilled in Ivy-League commercial warfare training–begins to form his first concepts of reality…

This is the time he is also informed that what we perceive as reality is not how it really works…

He is informed about the cabal.

14) But the “Bircher” influence was merely the foundation… It was what his uncle told him that etched his destiny in stone–Savior of the World.

What did Uncle John tell young Donald?

15) Uncle John told him of MIRACULOUS things that came from the mind of a miraculous man–A man who tamed electromagnetics, and whose genius may be unparalleled to this day.

Nikola Tesla…

16) The public knows this to be a sad story. A genius who died penniless, without a home, or family…

In his final days, Tesla certainly looked the part, yeah?

The Rothschilds RUINED this man through their agent, JP Morgan…

Or so [they] thought…

17) Despite Tesla’s immense “gift” to industry–First with Edison, then Westinghouse, then JP Morgan (Rothschild)–i.e. They all used his innate kindness, and then ROBBED him of his intellectual property–he still had friends.

White hat friends.

Friends like John Trump.

18) Why the heck would Tesla confide in John Trump?

Easy… Electricity… Specifically, static electricity…

This is the Van de Graaff generator, 1934.

19) Remind you of anything?

20) Did Tesla himself ever talk about Van de Graaff?

Not only did he talk about Van de Graaff and his generator, but he was also bursting at the seams with excitement!

He even wrote an article for Scientific American about it:

21) So this man–Robert Jemison Van de Graaff–made Tesla’s BIG vision a reality… Extreme high-voltage, with low amperes, can deliver WIRELESS electricity to every man, woman, and child on the planet…

22) JP Morgan shut down Wardenclyffe when [they] realized Tesla’s ultimate plan–Free electricity.

But we all know that JP Morgan only owned 19% of his own company…

Who owned the other 81%?

Rothschild Family.

Why was Tesla REALLY shut down?

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 25, 2019 at 4:58pm

John G Trump - Trump's uncle worked on Chemtrails

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