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The Iwi (Maori) and Kiwi (Caucasian or Pakeha) are at present moving through the final stages of the old nightmare dream sequence. Where past misdeeds and hurts are to be fully healed through the loving understanding of each others part in the drama, and through the sharing of their dreams for the New Earth.

Victim consciousness is to be removed forever and this will come through a total letting go, forgiveness for all the past acts of ourselves and our ancestors. The past dissolves when each of us says, from our loving heart centre, that "enough is enough". No more to the twoing and frowing of hurt and revenge. The dropping of the Karmic myth.

It ends when the Lemurian and Atlantean dream sequence that we are enacting is transmuted in the taking back of our angelic origin and truth.

It ends when you say so. It ends when you can take into your heart all peoples and say fully to all memories, all images of the past, "I am sorry, please forgive me, thankyou, I love you". It ends when you, and therefore, humanity can truly and totally let go and share in the abundance of the Earth experience and unwrap the gift of you .


I AM Nicky sovereign Being and love incarnate.
I am passionately and totally in Love with Humanity. Everywhere I look I see the capacity of the human spirit to withstand the passionless, impersonal system we have created. The courage of people facing days of stress, drudgery and boredom,  with aching bodies and hearts, and yet pulling themselves up to confront and make the best of it, is simply awe inspiring. Deep within the collective consciousness of humanity a decision has been made that “enough is enough” and I see so many people waking up to their own power. Even the masses know that this is not the way things should be though they are confused about how to change their reality.

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Comment by patrick on December 29, 2010 at 5:43pm

Iwi means a tribe, Pakeha is a pejorative meaning foreigner. A Kiwi is a virtually extinct New Zealand flightless bird. The politics of reconciliation between the NZ gov and Iwi have been dragging on for decades, but at the moment this issue is not especially in the public consciousness. So what the above means I have no idea.


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