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by Aluna Joy

During our opening circle in Villahermosa, on December 7, the Star Elders showed Aluna a large diving board, and they asked her "Are you ready to jump?" Little did we know that the diving board was going to be quite a significant symbol to us all during our pilgrimage.

As we entered Palenque for the first time . . .
The Star Elders say Palenque (and soon the entire world) is a clean slate, and because we are on the Earth physically, our energy will become a clean slate too. The energy at this time is very neutral. The only feeling that is here is that of pure energy with no definition attached to it. This is why it is hard for us to feel anything today. This energy of the cleaning has been going on since we were in Peru in September, so I am not surprised to feel this. Palenque is expressed as heart energy very much like the high, Peruvian Andes. They are similar energies.

We are sitting in the hall of records inside the main palace. Palenque is a cosmic university. The Star Elders would encourage teachers and students to stand in the center of this place and speak from spirit . . . speak from their hearts. It really put the pressure on the student, because you were asked to let something deep inside of you out. If you were not brave enough, the student would get pushed and prodded until they did. It is a little like life right now don't you think? We all know that we have this special place inside of us, that place that we have all been struggling to let out. We know it is the last piece of a grand puzzle. This is what they taught in Palenque; how to let that last piece out so we can be fully integrated and whole. As I look inside, I see a dot of light blue color . . . and when I open my eyes, all of your faces are turning gold. I hope we learn what this means as we go along (we did by the way!).

December 09, 2010 - near The Temple of the SUN
OK . . . I am sitting here in the moment, and I feel all kinds of stuff that I can't describe. I ask for help and the Star Elders say "Just start talking". And I respond by saying "What do you mean "start talking"?" And they said "Just start talking, and follow where it leads." The Star Elders say that life on Earth from this point on is going to come from a constant NOW moment. So we won't get an idea of what the next message is going to be until we open our mouths and start talking, or start taking some form of action. I told them "What you are asking is going to be uncomfortable, because I don't know what I am going to say or do yet." And the Star Elders say but that is the way it is going to be for all of us. We are going to feel uncomfortable, because we won't know what the next thing IS until we ARRIVE, because the only thing that actually IS, is NOW. Does that make sense? So they are making me talk from a very uncomfortable place for my ego.

The Star Elders are saying that the energy that we felt last March, which was 260 days ago, has already integrated. It has rebooted the site. That is why they wouldn't let me make a sacred site essence last year, because the process was not finished. They say that now it has fully integrated, and the slate has been cleaned. What is left is this pure energy, pure potential. The best way we can describe the energy today is welcoming. There is a feeling like we belong, along with a powerful heart energy, but there is no definition.

So I ask The Star Elders "Well, are WE supposed to ADD definition? Or. . . Are we supposed to stay in this place where there is no definition?" Well I didn't get a direct answer. No surprise. The Star Elders say it is all of the above. We have options . . . We can stay neutral, and stay in this neutral undefined place, and live from an eternal moment. Or we can add definition by creating something in this energy. It is up to us what we create in this energy now. The out of date history and the out of date energy of this place has been wiped clean, but the energy that was anchored in truth, that relates to the new world, is still here in Palenque and on Earth. This is for us to uncover now. A lot of events in history are not relevant for what is coming next. Even the ancients knew that at this time the value of sacred sites would change dramatically. The ancient ones anchored their knowledge and wisdom in these temples in an age long past. This is not the age that we are entering into now. There is some appropriate knowledge and wisdom here from that age long past, but it is very subtle. This truth is something that we might absorb without ever knowing it with our minds, but we will hear it in our hearts. All the words that I am using here are not working appropriately, but the heart energy, the welcoming energy, the feeling of home that this has been left for us is quite appropriate.

This new, clean energy is anchoring inside of us now, as it is with the rest of the world. From this clear, clean point, we will have the ability to begin to re-create a better world. We will apply what the ancients have left us here, and raise it to a whole evolutionary level higher. Sometimes we go to sacred sites, and we think, the ancients had it, and that we don't. We think that what they had is better than what we have right now. This is not true. What they left us is a strong foundation stone in which to build something even better. Even Jeshua said "What I have done, you can do also and greater things." Now the time has come where the slate has been cleared, and greater things are upon us, and it is our job to create them. We have the ability to do that now.

An issue which we all face today is that we are still trying to create in the ways of the past. We say . . . "Okay, what do I want to do? Where do I want to move to next? Where do I want to live? What do I want to eat? What do I want to study?" We are trying to create something new by doing it the old way. That is not going to work as we are starting to find out. We say we will do this, and we will do that, and then all of a sudden the cosmic brakes go on, and we realize that we can't do it. It is not working. We are not feeling it. We are going through the motions, but it is all feeling rather empty. Does that make sense? We are feeling a real, profound emptiness in everything, even though we are doing things which were once more meaningful. The universe is beginning to erase our memory of how we used to do things, so we can learn to do things in a new way. This is why when we do things the same old way, even if we change it up, or think that we are doing something different, it feels empty. There is something inside of us that is trying to burst forth that is different in every way, and this new way is going to relate to the new world that we are entering into. Does that make sense?

I am telling the Star Elders that we need some kind of foot hold in that new world, because we have to start building with something like a foundation stone, and right now there is only undefined energy. So, what we need to ask in each one of us is to ask for this foundation stone. We need to ask for the "constant" that exists in all dimensions. If we don't uncover our foundation stone, we will try to create it, but it will feel like we are spinning around in circles. Like a hamster on a wheel. Nothing will feel quite right, and we won't get anywhere. We are looking for a new foundation stone, a constant, on which to build something brand-new. The Star Elders always say to expect the unexpected and to keep our minds open. What we are looking for might not be what we expect. It might be a completely different direction which we never thought. We might do something which we thought we might never do. Expect the unexpected.

When we arrived yesterday, the site was completely empty of any persons, except for guards. There was nobody here. This was a great blessing and gift from the ancient ones. They began to infuse us with this new undefined energy. That is why when Donna said "I don't feel anything", it was so great, because she was speaking the absolute truth, and was not afraid to do so. What we need now is courage like that. It is going to take courage, because we are going to be doing things that we didn't expect we would do, or feel things that we didn't expect to feel. We won't know what they are, because we have never experienced them before. We are going to feel things, but we will not understand how to describe them.

Example: There is an old Maya story about when the conquistadors came over in their ships, and they started coming toward the Yucatán and the Mexican peninsula. The shamans knew something was up, because they could feel something shifting. Something was different. At first they couldn't see the ships, because nobody had trained them to see a ship. It wasn't in their consciousness or programming. So they didn't understand what was out there. So the shamans kept digging and digging, because that is what shamans do; they excavate, and they track energy. Pretty soon they got a very small glimpse of it, but it didn't make sense to them. But they had to be brave and begin to share the small piece with others, even though they didn't have the entire picture yet. The shamans started drawing what they thought it might be in the sand. Pretty soon the shamans could see the ships, and shortly thereafter, everybody could see the ships. You see this was an energy that they had not been exposed to. So that energy didn't have a definition based in their memory and in their bodies. Does this make sense? So that is where we are. We are in a huge potential of unlimited energy right now. We are getting exposed to it now. However, we don't understand it, and we can't define it. I can't imagine a more perfect or pure place than Palenque to be exposed to this new energy.

There are things beginning to develop in this new creation . . . this new world . . . , because we have been dreaming them into existence for some time now. We have been dreaming and cooking up ideas, and we have been planting them in the future. All of these dreams have started to manifest in spirit. Just now we are stepping into this new energy. The number seven, today's number in the Maya calendar, represents being in between the spirit world and the physical world. It is the doorway in between. Our group energy is seven Etznab, the mirror. And what does a mirror do? It reflects anything that you are feeling and thinking. The first thing we do before we create anything is we have an idea. Everything gets created in spirit first. So that is what we have been doing. We have been creating in spirit for years in preparation for building a bridge. I think we are crossing over this bridge this year. I think this is so because I watch. Many people are complaining about feeling bored. They say "I am trying everything, and nothing seems to be work." Many are letting go of their entire lives in order to set themselves free, yet they don't know where they are going to fly to. Remember on the first day the Star Elders showed us a big diving board? And I asked "What is it? or Where does it go?, as I stood on the diving board to look over. It was the entire universe. We have the ability to use the energy of the entire universe to create what we want. So what I feel we need now is just that one foundation stone . . . one little, tiny, eansy-beansy thing that we can grasp on to define, so that we can start building on the other side of the world instead of being the hamster on the wheel in this old world.

This is what I call spiritual archaeology. You just kind of have to dig and dig and dig with your soul, with your heart and with your spirit to find what is next. What is next is not what we will expect it to be, and we might not recognize it right away. We needed the clean slate to make room for what we are receiving now. Be choosy and particular about what you draw into yourself now, because what you will receive now will be the pieces of the construction material that you are going to need to build this new world.

The ancestors have been telling me that they got us this far down the path, but now it is on our shoulders, because we will be the ancestors of the future generations. So what they did in this age, when they built these places, was an anchoring for this whole age, which has now become a stepping stone to get us to the next level.

We have to let go of everything from this world. Some people are doing that in the physical reality. They are letting go of their jobs, their houses, they are moving, they have set themselves completely free, and they are just fluttering around like the butterfly, not quite knowing where they are supposed to land, because we don't have that foundation stone set in the new place. Because we are going to be the new future ancestors, thousands of years from now, people are going to look back and say "What were they thinking?", and "What does this mean?" The Star Elders have been telling me for 20 - 30 years that we are going to be the ones that they are going to look back on and say "Wow! What's that?" And I know it is not going to be the banking and oil companies and all the big buildings that we see now.

We were all born asleep with very little consciousness, and we need clues from the ancients to help us get up to speed. It is good that we are born with just a little bit of consciousness, because what happened in past lives was not necessarily a good thing. We don't want to stock pile all those memories on top of one another, because by the time we arrive, after 10 or 20 lifetimes, we are a mess. We have to be cleaned out. So . . . our physical form passes away, we return to the stars, and then we are cleaned up and rebooted. Then we are left with a small seed or foundation stone, so that when we arrive back here in another incarnation, we can rebuild our life without all the baggage that we collected in a past life.

So this New World which we are entering into is like another life in which we are being reborn BUT . . . we are still retaining our physical body. It is a more profound transformation, because we are not being physically reborn. We are being spiritually re-born. We are staying in this body. To do this, we have to learn to let go of the memory that we have inside of us without the assistance of leaving our bodies and rebooting. The ancestors can't help us with this process. Shamanism and ceremony was a way to help us not lose that little seed inside of us. These traditions have helped us get to this point. Now we are going to be the new shaman's and future ancestors of the next world, and we don't know what that is going to be, or how it is going to look.

So, what we are asking for is that seed, that foundation stone, to a new world that we can grasp on to. We want good, pure, construction materials for the new world. It might show up as ideas. It might just be a feeling. It doesn't matter what it looks like or where it is. If it feels right, I do it. For other people, it might be the way it looks, or the way it smells, or how it all comes together. Everybody is going to create differently, because each one of us is a different day sign. So we are all going to relate to the world in a different way. But when we all come together, and we start building this new world, we have a whole picture.

Clues I have seen in the future . . . I think we are going to end up in a new world where there will be no leaders. The only reason we allow leaders in this world now is because we don't believe in ourselves. We still are relying on shamans, gurus, governments, doctors and teachers to tell us what to do, because we don't trust ourselves. For a time, this was good, because we needed experts to help us get to this point. But now it is time for us to trust what we feel, and get out and express that piece. That piece may be different from anybody else's piece, but when you put the entire puzzle together, it will create a whole picture.

So what we can do now is to keep watching and see if we can manifest that one, little, foundation stone. Because once we have it, it is a done deal. Once we have that foundation stone in place, then we can build anything upon it. This stone might feel like it is full of love. This is the best that I can describe it. It is just pure, loving, cosmic energy. I still feel the ancients here. It is just that they cannot help us any further, and now they are waiting for us to do the greater things, just as Jeshua said. This is a big responsibility, but it is also something we must take lightly. As with lightness and laughter and silliness, it will just come out of us. Be AS a little child . . . don't be a child, but AS a child.

Our guide Enrique shared: "When the Maya's marked the last date of the calendar in 2012, they could have written the beginning dates of the next long period but they didn't. They left that empty for us. So we can make a new count based on the Mayan calendar. They left some space for us and a chance for us to feel the new things."

So stay in the NOW… Keep your hearts open, and we will automatically attract to us and express the highest. Being in the NOW and in our HEARTS is part of the new the foundation stone.

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