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To all: The promotion of awarenss

We need not to worry much about ourselves, for we are very aware of what will happen in the near future when our dimensions shifts plane. We know of the NWO, and the elitist and so on and so forth. My message to all is to spread the word via myspace, facebook, AIM, blogs, in the workplace etc. We must get as many people as aware as possible, and we must not force this upon them. They dont need to neccesarily know the theories and knowledge we do, but just try to get the overall message of the emperical oneness, spirtual awareness and most important the promotion of integrity. I've been getting my message across very firmly, and many are turning over there thinking leaf. So please express the integrity around. Remeber to always say "You can be as skeptical as you want, but at least be aware".

Be in Love and Light Friends

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Comment by Matt Wilkinson on December 9, 2008 at 4:42pm
Zell has a good point, even if we worked indirectly, like putting up mysterious posters with this web addy etc. ctc. work in the ways the multi-dimensional beings we speak to are. Just give them enough information, so that they will look and never feel like they know and stop looking. So long as we spark an interest, we could bring out some powerful people for the movement who just dont know it yet.

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