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So i was hanging with a few new faces last night @ miami beach florida (where by the way barely anything exciting happens in the sky) and as my friends and new friends are socializing, i see a shooting star... Didnt think to much of it, but then i saw two more... then another one and another one, by the end of the night I personally saw roughly about 14 shooting stars... and on the way home i get a call from a skeptical friend of mine, anouncing that he's watching a UFO hover very calmly over the moon lit sky...

All in all....

The changes in our solar system are happening.. People are awakening and through intense meditation, i feel more and more light shining through my body...

Rejoice.... and Happy Holidays to everyone


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Comment by R.L on December 13, 2008 at 4:48pm
haha wicked, the ET's are even visiting the party centrals! man I've seen a few I think in my lifetime, nothing significant really, I wish I really could see an awesome one or a few

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