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Everywhere, there is negative energy being produced out of various news threads, TV broadcast stations, magazines, scientific reports, etc... I think most of you know what I'm talking about here. Sadly, I'm sorry to say that the fact of the matter is that this information that is being fired out into the public, is constantly ushering us into more and more negative energy, trying to make us scared and easily lead right into the proverbial fire so that we're oh so easy to control! - Ok, I've said nothing thus far that we all haven't heard before or already realized for the most part I'm sure. But why is all of this happening? I have a very simple answer that I would propose to this question: Collectively, we're letting it happen, which I will continue to explain (my perspective on it at least) in this blog. Again, we may all know this already... something else that we may all notice already: All we seem to do is bitch and complain!!!

Before I go any further... This is only my perspective on things, I make no real solid reference to anything or anybody in this blog post, I quote nothing or no one, these views, suggestions and opinions are simply my own and derived from my own observation of current and recent conditions of the societies of the world as I can see and understand them. This ought to be well known before anybody accepts any of my statements as facts. If this resonates with you then great, but this is completely opinion based. Also, please note that I may make some very general references to people such as “us” or “we” implying that I refer to everyone. I strictly use these references generically and refer to only a majority or large number. ***************************************************************************************************************************************

Bitch, whine, complain, fantasize about it all getting better, research and find more dirty details of what's going on just to feed our insatiable needs for gossip and to further give us confidence that we are indeed right in our convictions that we are being wronged by our leaders, etc. – an opinion, or view point, that already seems all too common amongst so many of our peers, neighbors, co workers, etc... as if that wasn't verification enough. – Though, in the end, most of us "DO" nothing more than the actions stated above in this paragraph through various mediums.

So why is this normal behavior of most people in the world today? Large numbers of us seem to be in an agreement with each other that the world didn't exactly turn out the way that most of us had hoped it would! Large numbers of us may really wish that things would be different than they are (I'm talking with regard to issues that constrain us to living within limited boundaries of rights, freedoms, privileges, etc. Issues that are only issues, usually because of the dictating power of some governing body that the masses are subjected to the rule of). We seem to be stuck in this dilemma:

-subject to policies, systems, organizations, idealism, corporations, etc. that most of us do not agree with...

-wishing that such undesired influences on societies and people in general could be changed into something better and more widely accepted and, dare I say, peaceful (if we can even truly even understand that concept).

-not knowing how to bring about the desired results, and end up simply just complaining about the current situation, of course, to no avail!

So, those in control do whatever they want, we complain and really DO nothing and somehow, we still expect things to be different after we're all done our little rants... If we have all learned anything in the past few years of blogging, internet networking, conspiracies, etc. at all, I pray that it has been that this whole process simply neither changes nor accomplishes anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We simply turn into the next group of radicals that are just simply festering amongst ourselves and becoming the next example in society of "crazy". I hope I am making this clear to everyone and that we can all be humble enough to see whether or not we are actually putting our energies to work in the right direction(s).
(I certainly do not mean to call anybody crazy or offend them in any way at all.)

So... enough complaining already... Let's start thinking about what we can all do here.

I think the first step is to REALLY look at where the TRUE PROBLEMS are... the whys, how’s, and causes of everything we believe is wrong and try to relate it all back to as much of a root source as we can empirically and logically find. We’ve also got to start asking ourselves some questions and testing all of our own ideas as best we can to ensure that we’re not acting on impulse and that we are truly just in whatever actions we decide to take.
So what kind of problems needs solving in societies anyways? What kind of questions do I think we should be asking? Just what am I getting at here? An example… A series of people make a series of decisions producing a series of results that a series of us are discontent with to say the least... And who exactly is making these decisions? Why exactly? Why are we just being discontent and not changing any of this? Can we do anything at all about any of these financial happenings as an example(or anything else you feel is wrong in society for that matter) based on our rights/permissions/privileges within the governing political system (changing it legally)? I do, of course, refer to the average citizen when I say we... the people who have one vote and that is all the influence most of them have on "the powers that be" ... one vote, once every how many years? Fair representation? Democracy? Do you really know what's going on in the world? Or are you just told, and expected to believe? Look at all problems at the very root, you'll find easier, better and more thorough solutions there. Forget the details that one root problem causes... resolve the source and all the side effects go with it! Something to think about... something to do if you have the courage!

I'm not going to be the one person who decides what kind of action should be taken in order to get our world in the order that real people actually would like to see it in, and I don't think that any one person should be given such power at all! I think collectively we ought to start seriously talking about what the possibilities of action to take are, and base such possibilities on certain principles that prevent us from crossing the line too far. As an example of what I mean by that: you can't bring down a violent regime and expect to be looked at as a hero or expect to have made anything better or to be any different from the problem you’re trying to solve if your means to bring down the regime was violent itself. So there are definitely some issues to be cautious about when talking about taking action to bring about the world we all want to live in. We will have to practice what we preach in achieving such goals.

I believe it's time this issue (DOING something rather just complaining to each other) becomes a point of responsible and considerable focus on SOE. I really could go on for hours here with my ideas on all of this though I feel it will be better if we all begin coming together and collectively trying to find a solution to the powers that dictate our societies in such an undesired fashion. Let's stop partaking in the negative energy that we're constantly spoon fed, don't focus on these issues so much as problems anymore, lets only be concerned with staying positive (like so many of us talk about yet still fall short on and I’m no saint, I’m in this group too and trying to improve), and finding a genuine solution that everybody can be happier with and a part of!

Should there be enough interest in this idea, I would be happy to be involved with starting a group on this subject. But I'm not going to spear head this in any way unless this is something people genuinely and generally want.

So what does anybody think of all this? Where does this go from here, if anywhere? I’d be delighted to get some feedback on all of this.

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Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 4:36pm
Patrick I don't think (most) people are dumb sheep who do nothing for themselves. Your missing my point. My point was I don't see how working on YOURSELF fixes any of the problems facing EVERYONE. It only fixes your problems, and in know way tackles the bigger ones that actually need fixing.
Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 4:13pm
the fact is we already have the solutions to all of our problems, we can easily tackle global warming, poverty, water shortages, droughts, food, eduction, medicine.
We just don't have a system in place that can facilitate it.
eg, We are in a monetary system, Oil makes BIG money. Oil makes people very very wealthy with money. Oil makes lots of people very very wealthy with money. Oil is the biggest industry on the planet. In our monetary system, money = power. Oil have the most money essentially are in power of the entire world.
Now what happens when we introduce free energy? or at least photovoltaic wind wave or geothermal, climate legislation and capping, or improved battery technology?
They get flattened, by the oil industry's campaigners and lobbyist. Here is a link that shows you.

Even more alarming is the second biggest industry on the planet. Munitions! Guns tanks aircraft. Elaborate ways of killing people! So when somebody tells you violence doesn't pay. Well actually yes it does. Very much so.
So would it not be in the best interest to keep this industry thriving? for the sake of the economy?

Those are just two examples of how our system is sick! and devoid of morality. When in reality, its is money that is holding us back in every way possible.
Food for everyone easy, high rise hydroponic farming. Education easy, Internet education. Electricity easy wind solar geothermal wave you name it. shelter easy, we have been building shelter since we can remember. Clean water pshh don't make me laugh, 70% of our planets covered by it, and it takes a desalination plants to do it. Transport easy, Battery powered.

I dare you to name a problem we cant fix!
It just how to transition society to accept we don't need a monetary system. We are educated for workability. So we can perpetuate a broken system. That is our only problem! and that's why we need to educate the public on how the monetary system does work anymore.
Comment by patrick on November 3, 2009 at 4:01pm
If you go aound thinking that other people are just dumb sheep who do nothing for themselves then that will indeed be your experience.
Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 3:55pm
"we should first work on ourselves as individuals & fix our own lifes & then maybe start think tank to share good & also realistic ideas how to make positive change."

Marina Ive noticed This alarming sentence crop up all the time here on saviors of earth, and it baffles me. Your not the only person who has said this. In fact Ive seen it a million time. people spend almost all of their life fixing it. No not all of us are financially or spiritually sound. but that's OK, as long as we don't forget that there is more to life that just us.

To me it seem like an excuse. ill work on myself then ill do the world a favor.
I have a few questions. What does working on yourself consist of? how does it help the world in the large part? and when does the working on yourself end?
I don't pose that question to you, but to everyone that has used that excuse.
I want to know precisely what you all mean by work on yourself?
I also want to change the mentality of work on yourself. I think we should get rid of that all together. by all means work on yourself, to whatever that consists of, But don't forget there is a world out there in dire need.
Be the change you want to see. Dont waste time on yourself if the main problems never get addressed.

I also want to say that a lot of people refer to the government as them, or they. There is no they, they are we, and like forcertain said, WE are letting this happen. They are just a product of a system that promotes corruption.
Comment by Trudy on November 3, 2009 at 3:37pm
Yes we spirituals are really a bit light conceited, saviors of the earth, in any case our intention is honorable, at least mine is ... *L*

Improve the world, start with yourself ... nothing more and nothing less ... it sounds very wise what I read but actually there is nothing to learn from these words, for they are nothing but words, fill them with deeds every day and give an example of unconditional love to those who did not know so well. But do it in a loving and respectful way, because then the person know that your intentions are honest and sincere...

Always in gratitude for u SoE
Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 12:31pm
glad to see this blog back up and running. I hope many other will contribute to this.
Btw Forcertain, The source cause is money. Zeitgeist and the Venus project show a way to live without it.

And once i figure out exactly how, I'm gonna post a blog called, solve the energy crisis, BY YOURSELF.
Cause a wind turbines are the simplest thing in the world to make. I can make the turbine part, i just cant make the outlet. maybe someone who is familiar with electronics could help me out. You see i have copper coils running a current from the turbine, but i don't know what to do with the current to connect it to a way of using the electricity.
Comment by Lydia on November 3, 2009 at 11:47am
Just read this and wanted to share it as it is relevant to this subject.
"Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize
and repeat, over and over, is, 'what is the most
valuable use of my time right now?'"
— Brian Tracy
Comment by Lydia on November 3, 2009 at 11:38am
Hmmmm....that I totaly agree with that There is NO PROBLEM that that DOES NOT have a SOLUTION also :)
and Where People Are Willing to to FInd the BEST ONE!!!
Thanks for this blog! I think You have made great points now it is just to get motivated to DO something :0) !
Comment by forcertain on March 3, 2009 at 10:16am
"What we need is an idea to help get our point across to millions to finally stand up for the injustices" I think that is where to start... But which medium to use, right?! You just gave me a new brain wave there. I don't want to spill the beans just yet though until I do the research. I'm going to take some time to really think over this. Hopefully I will soon return with another blog about my findings. If you (vaddix) or anybody else should have some interesting thoughts in the mean time, please don't hesitate to have some input!

One more thing... never give up dude! Life is full of hardship! But the minute you give up because of some difficulties, big or small, then you fail! We might never find a perfect solution here (though I believe that we will at least come really close and get the ball rolling), but we don't have to fail in searching!
Comment by Vaddix on March 3, 2009 at 1:51am
to be honest there have been discussions before about this kinda thing and nobodies been ale to come up with an idea to get around the corruption of this world. I really dont know. Im stumped. We are kinda outnumber. You have to know the dirty tricks the elites will use to discredit everything we do. Even if we get a crowd brainstorming ideas, i dont thin we could tae them down. People have been trying ad failing fo a LONG time. Ill tell you the elite are smart. Very smart.
What we need is an idea to help get our point across to millions to finally stand up for the injustices.

But the hardest part is where to start?

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