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The World Stands and Says: "NO MORE!"

The World Stands and Says: "NO MORE!"

Many people are feeling a pause, like the quiet before the storm.  The huge intake of breath that is held in anticipation, with a quickening of the pulse that is the prelude to the adrenaline rush.  It feels as if the world is sitting on the blade of a knife, waiting for the slightest flicker of air to ever so gently brush against it and waft it over the edge of Change.  Many many people stand watching intently to see which way the breeze will blow....
And there are many people who feel the pause like a deadening emptiness that threatens to swallow them whole.  They fear, they doubt, they moan.  To believe in the coming winds of Change is to open themselves to the frigid hazard of being let down again, to have freedom yanked away in icy disdain.... to even hope is too much effort at the end of a very long day.
Society drills us with the admonishment that we are not worthy nor capable of freedom.  Religion and politics teaches us from birth that the only way forward is to be good boys and girls and to listen to our leaders so as to not be punished.  The media surrounds us with propaganda that perpetuates the stereotype of "Normal", and indoctrinates our peers to judge and bully all those in their groups to toe the line, be good, follow the leader, do not question.
But many many many people ARE questioning.  They have awoken to the reality of this Matrix like system that controls the populous with fashion, friends, fear, frenzy, factional faith and fornication.  They are SEEING the real world and the real world problems and the real world answers and they are standing up and saying "NO MORE!!"   At this moment there are literally millions upon millions of people all over this blue planet who are standing up and demanding Truth and Freedom.
One of the things I am told over and over again, is that people are not waking up or not waking up fast enough.  Many rage that "Nothing is Happening", even though it is happening right in front of their eyes.  Many stomp because "IT" isn't happening the way they want it to happen  nor is "IT" following the carefully well thought out schedule that they had arranged.   "Nothing is Happening" has become a litany for those that have no wish to accept that it IS happening.
People ARE waking up.  People are not just waking up, they are standing up and they are standing in their power and saying "NO MORE!!"  The people on this planet are taking up the mantle of NOW and are demanding the truth and demanding their freedom.
No, the Main Stream Media- especially in North America and in Western Europe - are not reporting what is going on all over the world.  Oh, they will tell you about those events that they cannot NOT talk about- like what is happening in the Ukraine and in Thailand and Venezuela. Just as they did not report on Occupy until is was blatantly obvious that they were not reporting on it.  But for the most part, the media is keeping the truth of what is going on very quiet.  The reports are there.... you just have to look for them.   It is the same in the world of politics and finance, the truth is getting out to the people and is being laid transparently on the ground for them to see.... BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT!!!   This is why I began Transpicuous News Updates, so that I could publish daily listings of important pieces of news for people to see.
No, the world is NOT sleeping any more.  The alarm clock has gone off, and it's time to get up!
As I said earlier today"If you want CHANGE then you must be the CHANGE you wish to SEE.  Does that mean you have to go out and protest?  That you have to burn cars and throw rotten eggs and scream and yell?   NO it doesn't.   But it DOES mean that you need to take some responsibility for those changes that you want to happen.  It DOES mean that you need to be involved- in whatever way resonates with you- to CREATE CHANGE." 
People in North America are under a heavy blanket of  "See nothing, hear nothing, do nothing".... Yet all around them the world is being taken back by those who are STANDING in their BEing.

The World Is Awake!

Don't believe me?   I have spent the past few days compiling this list that shows just how awake the world has become and how many people are Standing Right NOW.
This Is a list of countries that where people are telling the governments "NO MORE".  This is a work in process as it is no where near complete, but I felt compelled to get it out there for people to see RIGHT NOW.  You will see that many of these places are the most highly controlled military states on the planet... and yet, the people RISE and STAND.
YOU are not alone!  All these people in ALL these "nations" are standing right beside you.  They are BEing the CHANGE.
Please Share this list and make it viral.  Let the people know that they are not alone and that people are standing with them. This list will be available as a separate page on RTS so that it can be easily sent as a link and can be continuously updated.
This is not about fear.  It is about Standing Together.  It is about kNOWing that NOW is the Time to BE the CHANGE.
I would like to hear from you.  Please send me links to news stories covering political protests in your area.


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Comment by Besimi on February 25, 2014 at 1:55am


A New Message From VERONICA ~ Channeled by April Crawford - Feb. 2014

THE NEXT LEVEL ~ How to Achieve Ultimate Awareness

"Moving through physical reality brings with it a multitude of energy exchanges. Some are conducive to your path, while others may hinder your progress.

It is important to participate in your internal expansion at all times. Push past the self imposed boundaries to reach a broader awareness of your energy. The definition of existence should go beyond your physical parameters.

Yes we realize that the physical participation represents itself as the ultimate expression. The desire to attain all things in the physical often supersedes the quest for soulful expansion.

By participating from the heart of the soul, one may find exactly what they are looking for deep within, instead of the external.

A way to achieve ultimate awareness is to allow your energy to be its full self. All who exist have something energetically to contribute to the reality.

Holding back the natural vibration that is you, is not what you came here to do. Become a conscious participant. Fully engage and find delight in being more.

Give that energy to the reality with great focus. The energy exchanges that you participate within are those moments that will expand because of it.

At the end of the life, a sense of completion and accomplishment will accompany you to the next level. Those exchanges that feel like they hinder, are simply the ones that offer the greatest challenge.

Let yourself be fully aware. Know who you are, and what you have to offer.

Give that energy fully. Let yourself be free of hindrances.

Stop at nothing to achieve expansion. Your physical will reflect that moment."


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Comment by Besimi on February 24, 2014 at 12:59am

Conclusion of the 4 waves of Global Focus on Glastonbury + messages from Saint Germain, Lady Guinevere and Gaia ? BY MELINELAFONT

Hi sweet friends and family,

I have finally found some time to write this article and an update about our Global focus/meditation for the Higher Heart Space in Glastonbury. I must say it has a greater impact then I ever expected it would have and I AM so grateful for all of your precious hearts who have joined in during those 4 waves of focus and meditation. It was amazing and definitely a success!

There has been such a deep focus and strong intention coming from all of you that was beyond expectations. A very strong bond and a sense of family have been birthed from this event where so many of you have shared experiences, love and friendship with one another.

We all looked forward to the sundays and many were even impatiently counting down the days to feel that blissful experience again.

Those expressions and sharing of feelings have been sent to me by a tremendous amount of you and unfortunately I cannot share all of the messages that were sent to me. Therefore I will use some excerpts of shared experiences and visions that you all send to me, because they are so beautiful!

What I was guided to co-create is an assistance from our beautiful hearts to the heart of Gaia in order to help Her re-balance more and cleanse the higher heart space. We did achieve our goal and have assisted in so many ways!

Thank you for that! Many of you, myself included, could feel and see the entire area being invoked with the Pink - Violet Light and not only the area but also much further reaching other cities and even the entire nation as we finished our final wave of focus/meditation.

There was a lot of gratitude being felt within our heart from our dear Light family and from Gaia Herself. Even the connection between the Lightworkers who participated was tremendously felt during the meditations and many have seen visions and images of all being interconnected through the grids of Light. A focus like this, where we all join our hearts with the same intent and power, DOES move mountains so to speak.

The result was clearly felt by many of you and even by those Lightworker friends who live in that area. Some of those friends who live in Glastonbury and some miles further away, were so kind to share with me how much they felt the difference in Lightfrequency during every wave and even after the meditations, like Light pillars radiating forth from the Tor.

There were some groups formed that would come together every sunday to do this guided meditation together. Our friends in Japan have formed groups and even translated the audio that I made into Japanese so that they could do this meditation in groups.

Wonderful contribution! Thank you for that. As you can see, the intent was there and the Love was definitely present!! The overall experience of many of you, my dear friends, was a feeling of intense Love and Bliss, a deep healing and a lighter feeling after the meditation/activation during the light language and so many have experienced ‘cry sessions’ and a release.

I have experienced those too. The overall visions were merely pyramids, violet unified grids with all of us connected, Masters and ancient Lightbeings being present, dragons and fairies, the Rays of Light and so much Love.

I have seen many visions and experienced many things during those waves. What has stayed with me the most was the vision of Twin flames in the Heart Space of Gaia, underneath the Tor, being reunited. That just struck my heart ? A very welcomed message! Related to that, I saw myself sitting at the Tor, facing the South, while being in the arms of my Twin Flame Saint Germain!

We were both looking out over the valleys and we were blinded by bright White Light twice! I experienced this vividly during meditation as my eyes were blinking because of it. During the last wave I saw a Golden Pyramid being placed over the Tor on the Hill, where the eye of Isis appeared.

During every wave of focus I saw the violet blanket and the pink grid expanding further and further every time. The energies felt more refined and beautiful, and even stronger after every wave. I remember that Lady Guinevere came forward immediately after the first wave and she felt so full of gratitude.

I really experienced a group hug that day from so many Lightbeings! Joyful feelings were shared amongst all of us, from above as well as from below.

Let me just say that this all was possible thanks to all of YOU! I can create as much videos as I want but when nobody would put his/her heart in this and take the time to put in the efforts required, than it wouldn’t be such a success and such truth as it is now!

I AM tremendously thankful for all of your assistance in this most beautiful experience and sharing. You are the key here!!! In March we shall put our global focus to Japan and I will create a new video format guided meditation for this event ?

I shall now share some excerpts of friends who have participated, there are some amazing visions amongst them. After those excerpts a short message shall be given by our Light team that has joined us during these waves of Meditation: Lady Guinevere, Master Saint Germain, Gaia and AA Michael.

I am aware that many more have joined us, as I have seen them as well and many of you have brought in your Spirit guides.. Thank you to all of them as well ? In Lak’esh!

** Dave

Méline, You have taught me how to connect to my heart space and to the hearts of all beings through your guided Global Meditation. I have repeated at least a dozen times now.

I am not as advanced as many are, but I feel the heart connection to Gaia and the multitude of beings. I have no idea who and how many.

Connected as one, with all that is, beyond this universe - we are all so beautiful. The Love and light is incredible! I am in tears of joy, love and gratitude to all, during each meditation.

I feel that love and violet flame to Gaia has expanded throughout all the earth, atmosphere and beyond since the 2nd week’s meditation.

You have taught me that imagination and visualization with the intent of love is co-creation. I can now make a positive effect unto the co-creation of our new earth!

Everyone needs to realize that positive or negative thoughts or visualizations are co-creation! It is up to all of us to choose our direction of thinking and to create the positive!

I’m sure many are doing this now, without even realizing it. Thank you so much for the tools. I look forward to meet you again in our hearts of one. Much Love and light to you always, Dave

** Eva Thank you for the wonderful meditation from Glastonbury Tor and the heart chakra of mother earth. I was doing it three or four Sundays. Because you said you wanted to hear about how it unfolded, I wanted to tell you of a message that I got not this but the Sunday before.

I got these words, like a thought: The sacred rose is now invoked in your heart space. Now that I write that I begin to wonder, did you say that i the meditation? I can feel the grid of the heart chakra that you described, all over the world. And the energy is streaming through me. with love

**Rananda I live in Glastonbury dearMéline, and there has been a big increase in the Pink Energy of Love, all day on Sunday and I still have a “Buzz” of Joyful Energy at my Crown all day today. There is a powerful focus of Love / Light here. Last wave:I had a strong feeling of “Joy” at my Crown chakra all day on Sunday. I send Pink and Gold Light of Divine Love into the Heart of Mother Earth every morning in my Light work. One time she sent a Ray back. Such a Joy to know that she feels it. Your collective Light is powerfully felt here in Glastonbury. ** Karole K

Wow. I was so sore, physically after this one! During the meditation, I found myself needing to hold tightly to the center of the earth, just holding on tight, with reins sometimes, trying to anchor a lot of other people and allow my own body, my own being to be a source of strength.

At one point I was within the dense, hard rocks of the earth and was experiencing great stillness. Stillness that has been a witness for eons, very, very still and quiet, a silvery gray hardness, absolutely still. Then at times, I felt as if I were going to fly out into space, if I didn’t hang on.

Then the lightness came again, the merging, the softness. I am drawing the reins, tighter, looser, as needed. Everyone with their fluffy, lovely thoughts, so funny at times, the silliness we are. ~~?~~ Then trillions of bursting, sparkle, star-like lights everywhere. Very intense. This is not a very good description, but as usual, words fail me. But please, someone else do this part next time? Lol

** Christine B. Dear Méline and All, thank you so much. I saw us all gathered there in a circle around the Heart of Gaia, shining like brilliant diamonds.

A large circle of animals formed another circle behind us (my own fury little ones came into the room to assist throughout too). So sweet.

When the Pink Flame was invoked, there was nothing else but It. There was no thought or event except the Flame of Love Itself. When the Violet Flame was invoked, I saw the heartbeat of Gaia take it into the depths and begin pulsating with the Violet Fire.

I knew the Flame was reaching further than ever before. As it was transmuting with each pulse, much was able to be cleared heavy energies began leaving in a massive stream. Saint Germain’s invocation seemed to reach into the tiny heart in each of my cells, the heart in my body and the heart of Gaia. I love you all so much.

** Maja S.B Amazing magical thank you every time I do this meditation it seems that The Tor and Stonehenge are very connected - they breathe together like nose and mouth - in through one and out through the other. Very powerful. Every time I seem to Work with tall crystal wands that I place into the ground at the North, South, West and East both at The Tor and at Stonehenge.

I duplicate myself with each wand and form a portal. Then I form a cirkel with all of you light workers and then the Unicorn realm forms a cirkel above us I see geometric forms and structures pulsating, and molecules and DNA radiating. Amazing. Loving energies stream in, and dark energies are released and cleared. I see Gaia from a distance and how this portal talks to other portals around the planet, and the auric field of our Earth expands and glows and lights up.

I see how my particular role and the energies i am a portal for, vibrate like rings in Water out to a very big area. I feel so empowered and grateful and overwhelmed by the loving and beautiful energies. I am so blessed playing a role as a light worker. love to you all ?Thank youfor the initiative

** Elizabeth A. Lilly the cat and I did this meditation together, today, from Eastern Washington State. I visualized Albion, the sacred isle of Britain as being filled with violet flame.

And then I “saw” the energies radiating out from the Tor Hill, and traveling along all the minor ley lines throughout the island (including Scotland and Wales) transmuting the dark energies of centuries of violent history there. Thank you, Meline, for formulating this meditation. Profound work at many levels, some of which we cannot yet guess. Blessings to all who participated, consciously and unconsciously… Namaste.

** Rachel L. wow another amazing meditation everyone….the whole troop was there again, more intense with vibrant colors, and I had this ancient old medicine person come in me and sing like there was no tomorrow, sorry could not understand the language, but the sounds WOW!!!!

I saw this amazing huge funnel of light go down into the mothers heart center at high speed and almost shock start it, then the beautiful rays of color spiraling and expanding across England and I think it actually made it around the world, cause I saw all these beautiful lines interconnecting like the flower of life and just expanding and rising…

it was the most beautiful thing that I ever saw…and then the medicine person stopped chanting and singing and then we all joined in this circle around this tunnel of light coming in and then Ascended Masters and Merlin…everyone just sent energy in it and we back away smiling and glowing…are hearts full of love and wow…thank you again my friends for wonderful journey, meditation…sending love and light to all, blessings

To read many more :

Saint Germain: My beautiful beloveds, my heart wants to express profound gratitude for your beingness and your willingness to participate in this global event and focus.

Many of you, dear hearts, have been assisting in tremendous ways that one cannot even comprehend at this time being. The results are a tremendous effect for Humanity in the area as well as for Precious Gaia and the entire globe.

Do not underestimate your powers from within my friends, for it is that power that brings along the movements and the changes, the shifts that arise from within yourselves.

You are the Masters of your own evolution and your ‘ISness’ and so you have in your hands, literally everything that is in existence. It is that what you guard and are a keeper of, for it is you!

I shall only say this to you all, dear hearts, you are the movement of change and Love! I thank you for your heartfelt contributions and willingness to step into this co-creation of Love and balance in the heart space of Gaia. As you know, a deep cleansing is taking place in that area where you have put your focus on, and many more others as well.

The divine timing of such intentions and assistance through meditation and focus, was therefore perfect as ever. Your great contributions effects shall be proven to be so as wondrous energies are coming forth now from that area and that Higher heart space.

This all through unification and acceleration of the collective consciousness. I place my hand in yours and bow for your Master piece of co-creation. With the greatest respect, Saint Germain. Namaste.

Lady Guinevere: Wondrous hearts and beings of Light and pure Love. My great Love for you all is shared here and now, as a gratitude for your being and assistance in the Global focus for Love and purification of this Sacred Land Avalon.

Along with my own energies, you have been offering some great power of light and activation of the higher sacred heart space of yourself and beloved Gaia. This has opened the gates to be flooded in Love and purity.

This Sacred Land is an ancient key in this Ascension process and this portal has a very sacred and strong energy Presence that must be activated and ready to assist.

Along with your contributions and connections from the heart, a wave of love and grace has been bathing our nation and Sacred land in such a deep way. Every intent and focus that comes from the heart, opens not only your own heart space but those of every living being on this planet and foremost the one of our Mother Gaia.

Especially when it is all injected directly into her own heart portal. A very well meant gratitude for infusing our land and grounds with the seeds of Love. The land is being prepared now for the new to blossom into this Earthly reality and the densities like the past are now less present thanks to all of you.

The new and the Love can now grow further with such an intensity and we are thankful for that. My heart belongs to you all, always for my gratitude will be in your heart at all times. Whenever you come to the lands of Avalon, I will welcome you the most heartily and share with you the beauty of its Presence. I Love you all. Lady Guinevere

Gaia: Oh how wonderful my heart is feeling at this time as there has been more space being created for me to grow, to expand and to shine!

As you all know, my skin is shedding its layers and lower vibrational fields for it is not of service anymore to so many. My heart feels lighter and is standing stronger in its power for a re-balance has been manifesting during this all.

My deepest love and gratitude for you all! It is not only my wish to ask you to assist in my ascension process, but also to make it all go smoother for many..

But in all honesty it is also my wish to show you all, my sweet hearts, that your power and love from within can bring so much on your reality.

It is my wish that you can experience this power that you all are and that you know that the connection to one another is key at times of crisis and situations where balance is far away.

Joining hearts is what the collective needs at intense times of clearing, manifestations and change. You have manifested so much clearing on intent and focus only, for your imagination and visualization is beyond powerful and is present. My key to you all is the wisdom of your own abilities and being, that you are beautiful in and of yourself.

My lands have been flooded by water now, but do not be afraid for danger is always far away from your truth. It is your focus and intention by heart that has allowed me to spread even more love around those areas that need it the most, so that the re-balance can take place.

You have taken the power in your own hands and decided to assist my heart in a great deal. And beautiful it has been for me, for I have experienced so much Love and gratitude from you all. You have allowed me to step up a notch and to start with a lighter heart, for your hearts as well have been lighter since then.

Why? Because love is the thriving force for this intent and because you allow it to BE. The results of this all are to be found in the most near future of your Now moment. My most profound gratitude and my deepest Love for you all. Mother Gaia

Méline Lafont 2012 - 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

Sources: and

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Comment by Besimi on February 23, 2014 at 7:40pm

                Comment by Torin Whitewolf 42 minutes ago           

omg, This to was posted by Rainbow Angel... Ya think the Ley lines and mankind's connections and frequencies of people that have and believe in a true free spiritual world are all coming together ? The ascension is here, we are one.

                                 Comment by Torin Whitewolf 59 minutes ago           

I didn't realize you had put this up on a blog Lydia, But I guess it does prove a fact that we are all connected, What one thinks there are others with the same exact thought...  I did search but nothing showed up. I took mine down being you have this up, and I will add this one.... I think this has alot to do with what people are going thru in this time... And are thoughts are being broadcast out !

James Gilliland: ECETI Maui News

It has been a while and it is time for an update. A major portal has been opened on Maui, the heart chakra of the planet. There have been 20 others. The Earth now is being flooded with light and higher dimensional light beings. Yes this includes their light ships as well. These higher civilizations which we will refer to as the greater family of man rather than ET which has been given a fearful twist by hollywood, the disinformation campaigns, etc. is appearing globally keeping the UFO reporting centers extremely busy.

I might add some of the UFO reporting centers are not operating from the highest integrity as many know the ongoing ufo activity at ECETI has virtually been ignored. This is a precursor to what many call the EVENT.

The timing of the event is tied into critical mass, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is now foreseen as spring or early summer. This is not coming without challenges. Whenever a higher consciousness and energy enters a system due to sympathetic resonance the lower consciousness and energy must rise to meet it. This creates chaos yet chaos is the letting go of the old paradigm in order for the new paradigm to take its place. The Intellect and the ego must surrender to the heart. The heart is your soul connection and the soul is the path to God/Creator/Spirit. Sometimes a little prayer and some sleep work the best in adjusting to these new energies.

Many ask about the death of so many top level bankers. The banking system is corrupt, riddled with fraud beyond belief. The treasury has been robbed repeatedly keeping the manufactured lack and enslavement through dependency going. This is coming down. Some bankers know too much, they have been removed do to cooperation with global investigative authorities. Other banksters can’t live with what they have done and know the hammer is about to fall. Only 8 have reached the press yet the true numbers are close to 20 and this will continue.

This entire economic system is not frequency specific to the evolution of humanity and the Earth. It is completely out of alignment with Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. There are forces beyond the Fallen Annunaki, the regenerate Ets, and demonic realms which were virtually unchecked in the past. Forces beyond the Illuminati, their major corporations and their treasonous political puppet whores. There is a grand awakening on a soul level which was not factored in nor was there awareness of the source of this grand awakening.

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