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On the website on a page titled “Message from Tim Turner,” Tim further exposes himself and his T.R.A.P when he asks, “Isn’t it time to apply the same principles…” of secrecy, deceit and backroom politics…”to salvag[e] the law from wickedness?”

The spiritual being knows that two wrongs do not make a right, and that when we employ the same tactics employed by the “satanic wickedness” to fight the “satanic wickedness” we become the “satanic wickedness” from which we seek freedom.

We cannot overcome the darkness that lies heavy upon America today by employing the tactics of darkness. Only the light overcomes the darkness! Exposing the “satanic wickedness” to truth (Light) is the only way to make the corrections and move America into a bright future.

Tim states that “We will not make public statements which make us feel good but provoke ridicule and conflict, when in fact that is TRAPs’refusal to make any statements of fact, leaving even their own state representatives and grand jurors in the dark that has been the cause for conflict and ridicule.

Tim states that “we will not attempt to re-educate an unconscious population that was raised on corporate slavery,” when he is really stating is his, and TRAP’s belief that “We the People are too dumb to be re-educated,” that “We the People are not smart enough to know what is good for ourselves.” And that Tim and the elders of TRAP are far superior to We the People and therefore know what we need.

I see a different reality! It is not for the leaders of America to judge the American people’s capacity to awaken to truth nor our capacity to know what is good for us. When we state that the American people are incapable of learning, nor awakening to truth, nor to decide what is best for ourselves, by our very words we create that reality.

I see an American public who is awakening to truth at an unprecedented rate. I have been privileged to meet hundreds of Americans as of late whose spiritual maturity and capacity for truth and light is absolutely inspiring and far exceed the lowly judgments of Tim Turner and TRAP.

Tim Turner sees the American people as ½ empty and beyond salvage while I see the same American people as ½ full with growing capacity to move this great nation of people into a new world of truth, justice, peace and prosperity with full disclosure, openness and honor.

America does not need a self-appointed Savior who will employ the tactics of the “satanic wickedness” to save our dumb ass from destruction.

America needs an egoless leader with true vision to guide us into this brave new world.

There exists today a positive, non-abstract, and lawful method immediately available that will allow the American people to make the corrections necessary to successfully make this transition while keeping everyone in the loop.

Tim speaks of the Declaration of Independence that is the foundational document upon which TRAP proposes to restore the republic when the truth is that it is the constitution that changed the priority of the military from the original republic and We the people to the military’s priority today to serve and protect the civil administration that is waging war on the American people that TRAP is relying on to reboot the existing government to ensure the continuity of the same old same old “satanic wickedness”.

Tim talks about the District Judges being absorbed into the district courts of the U.S. who will issue mandamus terminating the local prosecution on a case by case basis thereby providing remedy for the select few members of TRAP. Tim does not suggest any remedy for the American people as a whole such as making the necessary corrections that are readily available choosing to leave the majority of We the People at the mercy of the “satanic wickedness”.

Tim attempts to make us dumb Americans believe that any question or condemnation of his secrecy, deceit and backroom politics is a condemnation of the original Declaration of Independence when these questions and/or condemnations are exactly what they are, a condemnation of TRAPSs use of the same old “satanic wickedness” and remedy for the select few that got us here in the first place.

Tim states that TRAP “is designed to turn back the clock…” “… to reboot the government to ensure continuity” of the same old satanic wickedness…rather than to rise above the wickedness and make the corrections that will provide remedy for all Americans and elevate America as a Beacon of light and truth for the entire world to see.

Tim states that TRAP is designed “to remove the corporate state from the lives of the sovereign people while most of the population continues to go about business” as usual, clearly stating that TRAP is designed for a select few while leaving the majority of the people at the mercy of the “satanic wickedness”.

Tim states that TRAP and their secretly appointed interim government is protected under the Declaration of Independence upon which it was modeled.

The sovereign rights, power and authority of any government DOES NOT come from some public declaration no matter how great a document it may be. I, too, see the Declaration of Independence as a great document that publicly proclaimed the people’s desire to be free, but, unfortunately a public declaration carries with it No sovereign rights, power nor authority necessary for international recognition as a sovereign nation state and carries absolutely no protection for the unlawfully established interim government of TRAP.

One must ask, from where does TRAP’s interim government gain its sovereign authority? It does not and cannot come from the sovereign people of America!

The first requirement for recognition as a sovereign state is the necessity of a post, or postal zone, the ONLY way that any legal fiction, or any nation state gains its sovereign rights, power and authority.

Tim, does TRAP’s interim government have any lawful post whereby it gains sovereign authority? The answer is a resounding NO! Even all of your secrecy and deceit can overcome this absolute fact!

Tim states that “TRAP’s Declaration was written to be a shining beacon of reason…” based in ego and darkness rather than a Beacon of light…”history…” more of the same old same old…and “forgiveness…” for those dark forces who created this satanic wickedness, but speaks not of debt forgiveness for the American people.

Tim makes no statements about making any corrections that will provide remedy for all Americans, and makes no statements about TRAP’s alleged interim government ending the National Emergency nor making any public Declaration of Peace.

Tim speaks not about TRAP’s interim government repealing the 1936 TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT amendment that made all Americans enemies of the state nor does he speak about compelling performance on JFK’s Executive Order 11110 that repealed the Federal Reserve Bank Act that would dissolve the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

Tim does not speak about the opening of what is known as the “suitcase”, the execution of the purported 30,000 warrants therein nor the announcements that would expose the truth to the American people and the world.

Tim offers no real solutions other than for the employment of the same dark force tactics of the “satanic wickedness” that got us here to create the illusion of change and the possibility of remedy for the chosen few.

TRAP purports to have seated an interim government of their own choosing when a true lawfully selected interim government has been sitting in the wings awaiting the proper time to step up to the plate and lead America into a new world.

This interim government consists of those lawfully selected members of the civil administration who have resisted the sins of the “satanic wickedness” awaiting the time to serve the American people in the restoration of the republic.

These White Knights remain quietly in place to this day awaiting their call into action with legitimate authority and international recognition under the U.P.U. and the Postmaster General.

These White Knights are the true interim government ready to stand tall as a Beacon of light and truth to ensure a peaceful and systematic transition.

This interim government of duly elected officials have in place an itinerary for the first 100 days that ensures that the necessary corrections are made to bring this civil administration into compliance under the direction of the Postmaster General with full sovereign rights, power and authority and international recognition.

These White Knights DO NOT see the American people as being too dumb to re-educate; too dumb to awaken to truth nor unable to know what is best for themselves.

The White Knights believe in America and the American people and SHALL RISE UP to stand as a Beacon of light and Truth to lead we the sovereign people of America into a brave new world of peace and prosperity with the full protection and authority under the U.P.U.

As of August 9, 2010 these lawfully selected members of the true interim government of White Knights have been duly seated and empowered and recognized by the U.P.U. and have full sovereign rights, power and authority under the Postmaster General to make the necessary corrections to restore the republic for and by the sovereign people of America.

The military is duly empowered with full authority to operate under the republic and are authorized to open the “suitcase”, execute the warrants and begin the announcements for the remedy of the American people.

We the American people shall rise above the “satanic wickedness” and the tactics of the dark forces! We shall stand as a Beacon of light leading the people of this earth into a new world of peace and prosperity for all mankind.

I AM The Trustee

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