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The Trustee: "I would like to address the concerns of the military in America’s transition back to the republic."

I would like to address the concerns of the military in America’s transition back to the republic.

It is my understanding that the military believes that we must revert back to the constitution so as to preserve their existence. I believe they have a misunderstanding as to whom or what they serve.

The first and priority necessary for recognition as a sovereign state is the requirement for a post. The post office, or postal zone, is the only way that a legal fiction state gains sovereign power and authority. The constitution is a mere contract and carries with it no sovereign rights, power or authority what so ever. The military exists to serve and protect the post, the source of the sovereign power. The post, failing a constitution, retains all of its original sovereign power and authority where this cannot be said for the Constitution.

So, the military exists to protect the post, the sovereign power and authority.

Today, in America, we have the postal zone, styled as the U.S. that exists within the ten miles square known as Washington D.C. that operates under the Postmaster General of the post office of the united states of America.

The problem today is that the priorities of the military have been turned upside down whereby its first priority is to the civil administration, the creation, and secondly to its Creator, the republic for the united states of America.

It is my contention that it was the Constitution that brought about this upside down priority.

Today, the militaries first priority is to the banks and corporations that have managed to seize control of the civil administration contrary to the best interests of the republic. The republic and the best interests of We the people is never the priority of the military as the civil administration has made we the people enemies of the state and therefore, the republic, the creator of the civil administration becomes an enemy as well.

It is this switch in priority brought about by the Constitution that has been the cause for the perpetual state of war in which the U.S. exists.

The corporations who have seized control of the civil administration operate for profit. Therefore, the military, under its new priorities becomes a tool for profit, employing violence and aggression to seize the property of the sovereign people of the war and by maintaining a controlled perpetual state of war.

My vision for a new America brings the military back under the republic with its first priority to We the people. The civil administration, U.S., being the creation of We the people becomes the secondary priority of the military under direction of We the people for the purpose of maintaining the peace rather than for the profit of the banks and corps at the expense of the entire world.

The International Treaty for the Americas-2010, takes us back to the principles of the Articles of Confederation and brings the militaries priorities back into compliance with natural law.

Today, the military and The Restore America Plan is operating without lawful authority as I have the valid priority claim on both postal zones under which they can possibly gain any authority and their actions at present are contrary to Prevailing Treaty and law and is a trespass on my claim.

This trespass has been reported to the U.P.U. for the corrections which simple communication and co-operation can remedy, bringing the military, the postal zones of the united states of America, Washington, D.C. and the U.P.U. together to quickly bring about peace and prosperity for all mankind.

The Trustee

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