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The Timeless Flight Through The 11:11 Portal

pyramid15Zero Point Modulator System : Pyramids, StarGates, Obelisks, ZPMs, Ziggurats


The Timeless Flight Through The 11:11 Portal a Message from Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 9, 2014
Greetings! This is the Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 9, 2014. I share a mantra. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. Satya Narayan and Narayan and Narayan. This mantra should be chanted as you reflect on the 11:11 Portal opening on November 11, 2014. The 11 and 11 represent a merging of the Twin Flames in the Clarion Call, two becoming One. And Earth and all life on Her represent the One Becoming One in Oneness Consciousness. The Kalki Maitreya it is said, will return to Earth, a future incarnation of the Maitreya, the Buddha. I am here. I am incarnate now. I assist with the many changes as we approach The Event known as Disclosure.  I am the twenty-fourth Earth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Incarnated with me now is my consort Goddess Laxmi. 
So many changes are happening on Earth. I bring you an update. If you go to Mt Kailash on google earth pro you will see a narrow lake at the top. You will see a lake on top of Mt Shasta, Mt Rainier, Mt Hermon (this was where the Transfiguration of Christ happened in the Golan Heights) in Sudan is Mt Moriah with a lake on top. They are also all throughout Afghanistan, Kashmir, and there is Mt Damavand near Teheran. These are all StarGates. There are about 50 natural StarGates on Earth. There are about 20 artificial StarGates. One is in a park in downtown Detroit. One in the Presidential Palace in Baghdad – they built the Green Zone around it. The Ziggurat of Ur is a StarGate. These are the networks of StarGates on Earth and why Earth is considered so valuable to those who use the StarGates. Go into the NYC Subway at 4:30 and decide if you want a Local or Express train going home. The StarGate is the Express train to other Stars. The StarGates are key to Earth being at Zero Point. Once we obtain Zero Point there is no turning back. We will be in control of Earth and no rogue Extraterrestrial forces will be allowed access. This is Ashtar’s part of the Mission. 
The StarGates in Space are placed at strategic places where there are dimensional upshifts. A StarGates’s job is to acclimate a Body from one energy level to the next. Visualize it like the Panama Canal. The Body goes in like a Ship and holds still while the locks adjust the levels – not of sea water, but energy. The energy of the Body is raised to a different level and then it is able to go through to another dimension. It is about not imploding. 
In mid-February 2014 Earth was set completely on its new Time Line. This has caused a series of sequential events in the months that followed. The new Earth Hologram is forming and set in it is the new electro magnetic crystalline Earth Grid. Now Earth is terraforming. Some parts are rising and other parts are falling. Lemuria and Atlantis are reemerging. September 4 there was a StarGate which was moved by me, Maitreya, from Mt Kailash to a mountain in the Inez Mountain range in central California. This has activated the Gateway of Lemuria. The land of Mu. The land of Mother. Divine Mother, the Goddess Laxmi. The Goddess of Abundance. October 19 a large Space Craft did a fly-by of Mars. There was a great explosion at surface Mars where there was a kind of seeding. Mars will terraform on the surface back to a green moon with seas and rivers and lakes. The November 6 Full Moon brought a Romulan Ship from the Orion Constellation bearing gifts. November 11, 2014 is the 11:11 Portal Opening which will lead us into the Days of Thanksgiving and the Holy Days. The next full moon of December 6 will bring massive changes in the infrastructure in Washington DC. These energies will build into a Congressional Hearing on the Extraterrestrial Issue in January. Disclosure will inevitably follow.
There also has been a lot of interference behind the scenes. These issues are being dealt with by me and others working with me. There continues to be Abductions. There is a small faction of malevolent extraterrestrials with the last stranglehold. Their time is ending now. It is being dealt with. More support is needed for those White Knights out on the frontline fighting for Disclosure. As a Member of the Ground Crew you have a responsibility to help as you are called. Meditate on World Peace. Blaze the Violet Flame. There are other ways to help. Be Creative. Pay Due Diligence to Your Duty. 
The November 6 Full Moon brought a Romulan Ship from the Orion Constellation returning to Earth one of the Black Stone technologies which transport One to the Yggsdrail Constellation for further spiritual evolvement. There were once nine Black Stone technologies on Earth. Each Black Stone was a portal to one of the nine Realms of the Yggsdrail Constellation. These are centers of learning. This is where you go to Master being Liquid Light, Liquid Love. This is an adept ability just like telepathy, levitation and teleporting. Knowing this skill makes instant manifestation possible. Only one Black Stone was left on Earth at the Kabba at Mecca. It is an Extraterrestrial technology held behind the kiswah or black cloth inside a frame. In order to travel through the portal one was to kiss the stone. On Muhammad’s final journey he transported from the Kabba in Mecca to the Yggsdrail Constellation and back to the StarGate at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The Kabba is a travel modality just like our Mer- Ka – Ba Body’s transport us around the Galaxy as we remember that special skill.

The black stone of the Kaaba

The Romulan’s from Orion who held this Black Stone in safe keeping are our Galactic Neighbors, in some cases, your ancestors.They are here at Earth helping restore Her to Her pristine beauty and power. It is inevitable that there will a formal Disclosure as these changes are put into place, step by step. A formal Disclosure makes it possible for Earth to enter a political alliance with the Extraterrestrials who are our near neighbors. Earth is found within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

MilkyWayGalaxyMilky Way Galaxy : Path Back to On : Orion Arm

The Yggsdrail Constellation is a place for Humanity to explore, one dimension at a time. It is an Initiation. It is a Mastery.  This is where the Ascended Masters go to complete their Training and Test out to the next level.

Yggdrasil ConstellationYggdrasil Constellation NASA Image
RamasBlueTree2Yggsdrail Constellation Artist Image


If you watch The Return of the King movie when Aragorn charges into the [Star]Gate of Udûn at Mordor with Gandalf, an elf and a dwarf the men are all wearing armor with a TREE on it. THAT is the Tree that Yggsdrail IS. The Constellation represents the Tree of Life with 9 Dimensions. The Tree is the symbol of Gondor. It is in the Light Matter Universe which is why its a WHITE tree. It is in the Universe of ON (we are in the Universe Nebadon) The white tree is the Door to On.




King of GondorKing of Gondor

The white tree of Gondor marks a gateway, a StarGate. As these changes take place the King will return. The King of Kings, Sananda,  Admiral of the New Jerusalem MotherShip. Code name King of Swords (KOS). The wielder, partners with Archangel Michael, wielders of Truth and Justice.

White Yggsdrail Tree of GondorWhite Yggsdrail Tree of Gondor


The network of Pyramids, StarGates, Obelisks, Portals and ZPMs are being reactivated for an Earth fully within the higher dimension. It makes space travel possible for anyone who wants it. Teleporting too. Folks will learn how to travel in their own Bodies. No Craft needed.

Its not about Disclosure, its not about the great Reformation which will follow – its always been all about the StarGates. This is your one chance to Free Earth from the Intergalactic War Criminals who have a secret empire and secretly go out to space with antimatter weapons. They are attempting to colonize and enslave other Planets. Earth’s Ascension effects everything in this Solar System and beyond. As Earth goes through this massive dimensional shift Disclosure is inevitable. Make it so.

The next full moon of December 6 will bring massive changes in the infrastructure in Washington DC. Not all too soon and in preparation for new hearings on the Extraterrestrial issue.


Both Cairo and Washington D.C. have such close proximity to adjacent cities called Alexandria. 
There is the Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. We have the StarGate at Delphi. We have the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods and the Greek Pantheon of Gods coming together. Alexander the Great knew this. The Gods of Ancient Times were Extraterrestrial Starfarers.
The Nile River runs past Giza and Alexandria and into the Mediterranean Sea. Directly north is Delphi, Greece.

correlation nile river and yggsdrail

There is the Pyramid under the Capital Building in Washington D.C. We have the StarGate directly north at Philadelphia.
St. Germain loves Philadelphia. It was at Independence Hall where he counseled America’s founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence. Elton John knows what’s what. PHILAdelphia FREEDOM Shine a Light, Shine a Light on ME! I love love love you – yes I do! Elton is singing about when he was transported through the Philadelphia StarGate. So where does that StarGate go? Alpha Centauri A. It is a White Matter Love Fest kind of Bangkok. Great Beaches. People don’t comment about it. They just giggle and give a wry smile. All pleasures are there. Elton’s kind of place. The Bird People live there.  Just like Thoth/Metatron. Guess who else is from there? Soltec. Soltec is the Commander of the Phoenix Mothership which is in charge of all Communications between the StarCrafts and beyond.
The Capital Building Pyramid is now under the control of the Ones Serapis Bey has been battling at Giza. It is being liberated. The Founding Fathers knew about the Pyramid which was yet to be discovered under the Capital Building. They marked the spot with the design of the roadways in the District. 

Washington DC Pyramid



Last year there was news that the oldest Pyramid ever was uncovered by archeologists in Crimea, Ukraine. The Pyramid just below the Capital Building is destined to be found now. It will raise Consciousness to all Humanity. It was designed into the Plan. An over lay on the map of Washington D.C. places the pineal gland over the Capitol Building. As this Pyramid and others, like one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, come into the Zero Point technology, Earth returns to the Divine Jewel in the Heavens. This will effect everything in the Cosmos. This will be the greatest event in Human History. Full Galactic Disclosure. As you cross the 11:11 portal it marks an energy under which All Things Are Possible. You are never alone. We are working hand-in-hand with the Ground Crew. Man and Woman your Stations. Your Mission is taking you places you never thought you would go. Stick together! Your large efforts bring large rewards. This is Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved.

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