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No guessing what the title is referring to. The Spotted Cow probably fits into the top ten of country pub names that are dotted around the UK and Channel Islands. However, there is one Spotted Cow which has a relevance and energy all of its own. In years to come, I wonder how much of this short story holds an irony which proves very special.

"The Meadow" novel features locations all around the world, and different times in history. Its characters are more than colourful when you consider the gauntlet of experiences they have to endure as the cosmos directs them from one life to another as though it has planned some kind of celestial never-ending journey. In a way, the main protagonists, Anacaona and Teuch, are on a cosmic mission just like what happens in the secret world of international intrigue. The only difference with our heroes is that they are never aware of what is happening to them.

In the present time, tucked away in a quaint and quiet spot of North East England is a country pub called The Spotted Cow. It is a real pub and location, used to feature a very important part of the novel. What happens inside and outside of this pub becomes a key turning point in the story of "The Meadow." Elwick is the name of the village where the pub is situated, and Ocean View is the name of the farm from where our modern-day hero conducts his life.

When Julie Peart, the landlady of The Spotted Cow, learnt about "The Meadow" and its connection with her pub, she couldn't resist obtaining her copy as soon as possible. The above photograph shows her proudly displaying her hardback with the backdrop of the pub behind. Elwick is one of the most picturesque villages in the UK and has won many awards for its floral displays and general appearance.

The authors to "The Meadow" sincerely hope that the peaceful and contented lifestyle of the villagers doesn't become too disrupted in the near future as more and more people learn about this real village and its pub and express a desire to see it for themselves to savour an unusual story about undying love. All we can ask is that visitors pay the locals the highest honour and respect their privacy. The picture to the right features the main road into and out of Elwick. There are only two main streets leading to the most beautiful houses and cottages, some of which are a few hundred years old. This picture is typical of what folk around the world imagine what an English village should look like.

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