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This is not an ADD!!! I just want you all to know about this site.

A lot of you have watched me grow and change over the years. A lot of my growing into my spirituality was due to you and the other members of my site “ Zack “.

The other close people, who held me up and saw my light, helped me become the successful healer and the successful HUMAN that I am now, are right here in Salem.

My friend Carolyn started this free internet radio. She had the most important players in my life. (Patricia and Jay especially) do a 30 min radio show. Here is a link to this show. These people are my friends, teachers, sisters and brothers. I want to share these amazing people with you.

I am so lucky that here in Salem, Oregon I have a strong metaphysical community of healers and channelers and creators. I just wanted to extend to you the opportunity to listen to my friends. It’s free and you just click and listen. No signing up I don’t think. No adds or anything. I’m not selling anything I am just wanting to share this with you.

Carolyn is a member here at SOE too! She started TSC Radio. If you have any ideas or want to hear a guest just let her know and I bet, she will look into having you or whom ever you suggest on the program. Here is her SOE page!!! Friend her if you haven’t yet. She is amazing!

AND HERE IS THE FREE Internet Radio! You can listen to it while you surf the web or work at your desk. You don’t have to download or anything. Just click and listen!

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Comment by Brenda Watts on November 10, 2010 at 2:33am
Did anyone go listen to the Radio show???
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 9, 2010 at 2:35pm
Sorry there are little adds in between the shows... But thats just my other friends like Linda and Monica who do healing and stuff... Not a big deal. I should run a add for crystal reiki!! :-)

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