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INTRODUCING>>>>>>>>My good friend Elfreda Pretorius

My dear friend Elfreda Pretorius has posted a blog about her life in South Africa, Her TIME ON DEATH ROW and her journey to writing one of my favorite books, The Meadow, by Her and Mike O'Hare. I am so happy to share one of my best internet friends with you all. Thank you E!!!

She also wrote a book called Stop Struggling and Start Living. That’s an awesome book. It really changed my life. It opened me spiritually to the truth of the universe.
She sent me 5 copies in exchange for a necklace, I gave them all away and my friends here all wanted to share them with their friends. It’s that kind of book. Really easy to read and very clear about how the universe works and how we can have it all. It will wake up the sleep walkers that are struggling to wake up.

Anyway, we all know who Mike O'Hare is. He co-wrote The Meadow with Elfreda. They never even met until after the book was published. Can you imagine, just sending a email, striking up a friendship so full of mutual love and respect that you are able to write a Novel together without ever meeting? I read a lot of books. I promise The Meadow is a good book. Its about reincarnation and souls intertwined through thousands of years.
I love The Meadow, can you tell?. I know you all have had Mike tell you about it. But I am not promoting anything, so let me tell you about it myself…. It’s a good book. :-)

ANYWAY!! I met Elfreda and just loved her instantly. I am so happy she wrote this blog about her life.

Her Blog is called,,,,

How my time on death row found its way into “The Meadow.”
And here is a Link to it!!

Please go read this story. She is from South Africa and the story here is so touching and amazing. Yes she really was on death row! :-)

I wouldn't ask if I didn't think you would enjoy it. Love and light Brenda

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Comment by Brenda Watts on November 12, 2010 at 3:24pm
Thanks Patricia and Crystal! I love Elfreda so much. She is amazing and beautiful insideout. Spirit really speaks to me through her. I can't explain it. Its like when someone here something profound to teach/tell us and we all hear the truth and feel the truth of what she/he is saying? You feel it in your soul? Thats how it is with Elfreda. You feel the truth in your soul.
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on November 12, 2010 at 11:36am
I just bought the book, that is how captivating her story.
I can't wait to read it!
Thank you Brenda

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