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Comment by CHRISTINA on October 31, 2015 at 7:09pm

What is the Astral Realm? ~ by Janet D. Swerdlow

What is the Astral Realm? 1/10

In these “End Times” the Astral Realm will play an increasingly important role.  The time lines are being artificially compressed, which in turn affects the Astral Realm. Several people have asked for a copy of this article which I wrote several years ago.  Because I think the information is especially important in this vital period, I am going to post it in several parts for your review.  The first installment begins today:

What exactly is the astral realm and why does it get so much attention?

The astral is the thin energetic band around the Earth plane that holds the collective unconsciousness as well as Earth-bound energies and entities. This energy is easy to tap into because the astral realm is like a bridge between the physical Earth plane and the nonphysical realm of hyperspace. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 2/10

Most paranormal experiences occur via the astral realm. This is why the New Age directed everyone’s attention to such activities as astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and channelling. With everyone’s attention in the astral realm, no one thought to look beyond into hyperspace. People spent decades trying to do astral projections and learn to channel. What a great distraction for so many for so long!

The astral realm is where souls newly departed from their physical bodies go before journeying on into the deeper hyperspace realms. Many who are strongly attached to the physical have a mind-pattern which keeps them in the astral realm—the true state of limbo. Their mind-patterns do not allow these souls to move on nor go back into a physical body. These souls are stuck here until the mind-pattern changes.

These astral-bound souls are often Earth-bound because of their strong attachment to activities of the flesh, including food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. They hang around unsuspecting people, whispering at them to participate in these activities of their lower animal selves. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 3/10

Part 3

These astral-bound souls want to continue to experience the flesh even though they are not in the flesh. The closest way for them to continue these experiences is to share the body of someone still living.

These astral-bound souls do not want you to quit any addictive behavior because then they lose their tie to the Earth-plane. These types of souls are often vindictive, manipulative, and controlling. They have no regard for people now or nor did they before their passing. When the physical body is left behind, the active personality remains the same—it just no longer has a physical body.

Others in the astral realm include recently departed who do not yet know that they no longer have a body, or those who have a worry or concern about those people left behind. These souls may try to finish loose ends or fix something that they perceive was not corrected before their passing. These souls usually eventually find their way beyond the astral realm and into hyperspace once they are at peace.

This is why people are told to go to the “white light”—because this will take them into the astral realm where their energy can be used by anyone who wants to manipulate it. People passing out of the physical body need to go to the violet or gold light as these color codes provide safe and easy passage through the astral and into hyperspace. (cont’d)

Comment by CHRISTINA on October 31, 2015 at 7:01pm

use of ayahuasca only under the guidance of a shaman like in the drama documentary...

I asked Stewart Swerdlow for his opinion and he said, “Aya seeks to open you up to the lower astral entities who can then possess and deceive you. It is very dangerous drug. The indigenous people only used it after many years of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic discipline. People who use this today don’t have a clue what they are doing. They are playing with fire. You don’t need drugs when you do Hyperspace/Oversoul techniques.” Originally published here.

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