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We all know that shanti (peace)
is not easy to get in ourselves as in having that lasting peace,
and also special forces, which must we endure.
To be able to experience this state of peace,
our minds and cell consciousness must be decoded,
and the energy channels open and flow.
For it is certainly necessary predispositions acquired in many previous lives.
But one day, after many incarnations, offering to us this unique opportunity.
In fact, all this travel time we returned ourselves.
A long time ago someone showed us the finger in one direction
(somewhere outside of us),
and while we have befallen forgotten Who We Are And What We Are.
With such a Forgetfulness of the Game Starts,
and Until The End Our Attention Remains On The Outside.

And then one day we ask, "Hey, Wait a minute.
What if I am in fact already enlightened?
However, assuming that I am, how is it that I am not aware of that?"

Awareness is the Key Term, and it is Inseparable
From The Experience Of The Present Moment.

The story continues so that through a long time we feel like
we are just one step away from something big, something really important.
Many begin to think about the concept of enlightenment,
but just think this is what separates us from empirical experience.
The reflection should be used as a tool to realize that instead of
constantly run towards enlightenment,
the state is already a part of our true being.
What we seek is already there, but not seen.
Here, our thinking needs to stop!

The movement of our thoughts and emotions
with which we have identified, blur reality.
We are in a constant whirlwind, karmic wheel in a game of attack and defense.
Emotional body is our connection to the past, and mentally body for the future.
We dwell in time, and time separates us from the awareness point of access
which is only in the here and now "The point here and now",
our thoughts and any form of movement in consciousness stops.

We gave up of everything, from searching and from ourselves.
And just then, through giving, we accept the present moment.
And then the true picture of who we are and what we are spontaneous and not hard unfolds.
To the physical dimension (horizontal line), we added the spiritual (vertical line).
The point of intersection of the (present moment)
formed a cross on which we crucify our own ego
(sense of separation that is manifested through the constant preoccupation
with the past or with the future, reaching ambition,
identity is based on thoughts and feelings).

It is so obvious and clear, because what we seek in lives ,
all the time were present in ourselves at the point here and now.
What a trick, what the game! Asking for it, we can not find it.
With existence, by silence the mind, it is spontaneously revealed to me.
I do not have anything to do, the Universe works for me, working with me.
I am not alone and I never was (even though I believed it,
experienced it and had the feeling that I very much try and prove
that I finally might have been awarded and then called to grace,
as it is something that naturally belongs every creature).

This is a major turnaround.
After this we can no longer be the same.
Maybe on the surface, but deep inside our quality is totally different.
This could cause a shock in our, friends,
because they will not know for their last set and the Influence of habits on us.

Furthermore, the crucifixion which results in activation of many facets ego,
which then attack us. as enemies.
Our old identity is fighting for its survival, such as the real enemy.
This can really frighten or surprise ourselves.
Seems to us to be fighting with something real beyond them.
What then happens is, that we still feel that the enemy is really something,
but that there is in us, as we are obsessed.
Then by conscious observation (not fighting!),
we separated us from the feelings,
and perceives the truth ..
Conscious observation of content, without any response,
automatically provides an opportunity for his surpassing ..
We have liberated the mind. The enemy disappears.

The question of good and evil here takes on a specific meaning:
to renounce evil (ego consciousness)
and choose the truth (the consciousness of unity with God).

We struggle with ourselves is meaningless,
since the fight automatically implies the existence of the enemy.

This is the I AM state of consciousness that reveals only a small smile,
without a word or movement.
Half-open eyes looking at the world,
but the attention is centered on the inner being.

How a mosaic is constructed we finally understand that once upon a time
(at the beginning of time) we were integrated and enlightened.
In this incarnation, this sense of unity all the time was present
deep within us and because we intuitively know, our final destination.
Because we were already there, at the source,
in that the starting point from which were manifested all the tangible
and intangible Universes.

Stopping the time again, we are at this point.
What Else is Left to us then, but Soulfully Smile?!   Divine I Am ~
Pure Conscious Being Now..In that Delightful Knowingness :)) Eternally...


Life On Earth..(Society) >>>And Your Thought Patterns?
On All Levels>> Concsious/Subconsious/Unconscious
JUDGEMENT: Shuts Down the Crown Chakra
Comparing/Invalidating everything you prefer.
When you invalidate something,
you become equal to it, and thus what you do not want you become.
When you focus on something you bring it into your life.
If you focus on what you do not want,
you become resonant with the frequency of its reality and manifest it.
You must "focus" see the reality you prefer as currently existing in the moment,
despite the apparent contradiction of its immediate lack of presence.
Hard for most people, but not impossible to do.
Furthermore, every being has their own way of exploring the idea of existence.
It does not mean you must judge the way they are living as invalid.
If you are busy judging that what they are doing,
is less than what you think they could be doing,
YOU are the one maintaining those effects,
and those realities in YOUR reality.
You are focusing upon them." 
Want a real challenge?
Attempt to attain a state of non-judgement,
while at the same time focusing on a reality YOU prefer to exist.
YOU may move to a parallel line of existence where these guys do not exist...
The Bad ones full of negativiy.
No Consciousness and Energy, they won't be shifting their perspective,
so YOU are the one who must do so.
Anything that you share with someone else, any common similar experience,
is because you have agreed to create your own version of it in your reality."
When you assume that where you are is where you need to be,
and begin to enjoy it and live in the moment,
then you will not try to be somewhere else, and that is what will let you get there."
"Allowing everyone to live the lives they choose,
is granting equality and validation to everything...
to All That Is, which means that you, as a part of All That Is,
are automatically supporting everything you do, and letting All That Is support you."
"If you believe you need to be are inviting attack."
"All situations are fundamentally neutral.
You give them meaning, 'positive' or 'negative'.
When you assign a 'meaning', you invite that reality."
" If you KNOW that you know, then by definition there is nothing stopping you."
" No one can 'give' you anything. You have to create your own version of it."
On Relationships...
" When you know you are complete within yourself, a "Unified Consciousness"
and attract a relationship to share as true equals,
each being in the relationship being complete,
then an individual can come and go in the relationship, and will feel no loss.
If an individual comes and goes, it is an accurate reflection,
of the completeness of the relationship...and it serves a purpose in the relationship,
and is not an interruption in the relationship."
People assume that you need a relationship to be complete, so what you are always going,
to attract to yourself is a reflection of your own (self-perceived) incompleteness.
You will attract someone who will act incompletely,
to remind you that it is what you believe yourself to be.
Individuals in our society say that if they could only Find their Soulmate,
everything would be wonderful...!!!
but Understand That You Only Attract What You Are The Vibration Of. 
The Love Humans Knowingly and Unsciously Withhold,
Lifetime after Lifetime is The Pain They/We Carry Now..!

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Comment by Claude on April 9, 2011 at 3:33pm

Hello Patricia ! Hope you and your Family are Well..!!

Yes to your question.

The law of karma is Self-Created to Show Us Where WE Need to Address,

Some Issue, Problem, Imbalanced Energies. and Bring that to Whole Balance.

Have a look at this

~ The Seven Universal Laws Explained by ~ Tania Kotsos

This Document Understood On Several Levels, Especially Intuitively in Stillness

Brings the Understanding on Speaking When We Are Truly Aligned, is Quite Important/Invaluable.

I know Masters have few words to speak. Words are a lower Vibration From Our Thoughts

Masters Pay Deep Attention, Being Acutely Aware of their Thoughts>>Because They Manifest Quickly.

Have a Great Now and Afternoon..



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