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Ones Who Are Working In Roles On Earth Now ~ Who Are From The Ships ~President Obama, Julian Assange

Channeler:  Beth Trutwin Feb.21.2011

Greetings. Ashtar here.

I have a message for all of those in the Ground Crew.
I would like you to consider a new perspective for your role in Earth Ascension.

There is no time in the history of Earth that the Galactic Angels
have not been here in the Ships traveling with you.
We have been known as the Seen and the Unseen.
In some times in history, before the fall into 3D we were Seen.
Our Ships were decloaked.

After the Fall, after the Angels became confined to a lower vibrational dimension,
after they chose duality, power, and control, then we were more Unseen than Seen.
Sisters and Brothers of Earth have always been in charge of
how they treat the environment.
In all of the beautiful diversity of Earth live Spirits.
There are Elementals and Divas and a lore of Magical Creatures.
These too are the Unseen.
They work with us as our partners in harmony and care of Mother Gaia/Vywamus.
There came a moment in time, not too long ago,
where nuclear bombs had been reintroduced to the atmosphere here.
( testing) (list of nuclear tests)
The last time there was a nuclear holocaust on Earth,
when the Daughters of Moab repopulated Earth,
they had to have their DNA reconstituted by the Archangel Metatron.
That time was THE LAST TIME.

Since then we have had new creation and a new reality before.
The fallen Angels continued to insist they be in control of
the Elementals of Mother Earth.
The Goodly Company, the Angels who NEVER fell,
continued to incarnate into physically bodies to help out in roles
balancing the harm done.
In time, the Intergalactic Councils decided there would be an END to this Timeline.
It was mandated to every Soul they would have a chance to return to love.
Those who are now being thrown out of office across this Planet,
have not agreed to return to love.
The little hearts of these dictators has been measured by the Silent Watcher,
the Lords of Most High, in the Highest Dimensions.
They are leaving office, they will be dealt with in the courts on Earth
and in the Higher Courts off Planet, namely, the Solar Tribunal on Saturn.
The heirarchy of Angels who NEVER fell, are the Ones incarnated now on Earth
who will be moving through legal means to arrest,
indict and prosecute the removal of the Ones
who have broken Divine Law for the LAST TIME on Earth.
Their timeline is over. Some of them have tried hard to confuse you and say the Earth
would experience the end of time.
Scientists and Public figures have used this notion to control you.
The TRUTH is YOU are in control of the end of time for the intergalactic war criminals.
Your actions determine when the time will end.
We in the skies work in tandem with you.
We nudge you with inspirations.
We talk to you when you sleep.
We Guide your every step along the way.
We live on the Ships in our Etheric Bodies.
We are able to manifest into a physical body at will.
Archangel Michael, for example, comes to Earth from time to time to meetings
where world leaders gather. St Germain, Mother Sekhmet, and others do this frequently.
It does make an impression, and so far, it has not made the nightly news.
All of the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, and others you are not aware of,
are assisting you on Earth in ways you have not so far been made privy to.

There have been Galactic Legions of Beings coming from distant shores
on other Stars, coming in waves to Earth in the past few years,
working to make all the changes.
Some of the Ones in these crowds chanting LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE
are these Galactic Beings here on Earth.
We have never stopped being here with you.
As you wake up to the unlimited possibilities the dark Ones have less effect
on controlling what you are willing to accept is reality.

Now, as we strive for FREEDOM on Earth, we MUST change it together from Earth.
What will it look like after NESARA Law has been enacted?

Just as we must, as a consensus, lawfully, peaceably remove the dictators,
we must also work together to form a new governance of Earth
which is based on truth, justice, peace and love.
There are Ones who are working in roles on Earth now who are from the Ships,
President Obama, the Dalai Lama, Julian Assange, to name a few.
They work with our Command and we work with them.
They have full assistance now.

There are many many others, as well, and they are in every walk of life,
we call them the White Knights.
In the United States, the lawmakers who have suspended the Constitution,
kept the World at War, and the Judges who have not followed the law,
need to be removed.
There will be a movement in the US as is being seen now in the middle east.
It has begun in Wisconsin.
As you make movements to change things from your position, in your role,
you make it possible for us to land our Ships.
There is one thing that can hold you back; YOU.
Everytime you cast a bitter glance, hold a grudge, have a temper tantrum,
yell at your friends, belittle your children, dishonor your Elder, you set us back.
If you are still in this late hour doing any of these things,
you are NOT following your Mission.

We can channel our resources through you.
We can channel inspirations to you.
We can assist you in bringing abundance into your personal realm.
We can ONLY do this if your heart exists in Grace.
We cannot have an open channel to help you if you take actions
from a space where your heart is closed.

If you continue to insist on living lives less than Divine Grace,
mindlessly following old patterns, there is no way in.
If you are experiencing a lack of abundance,
when you see anyone who has a lack of abundance,
you are looking at a closed heart.
Each One is being judged by the Silent Watcher,
not only the dark Ones. Each worker in the Light, each Soul, is being measured.
Many have a habit of having a public life which makes it appear
they are continuously in the light.

Behind the scenes they make nasty remarks about their fellows,
they are short tempered with those in service and when they think no one is looking, they act bitter and small.
We see this.
We hear every remark.
We capture every thought.
We are here every minute of every day, as the Angels say, You Are NEVER Alone.
We cannot help you until you have chosen as a Divine Sentient Spark

Until then you will not meet your Twin Flame, not have Abundance,
and you cannot escape judgment.
Until that happens across Earth, we cannot land.
The prerequisite for landing is having a high vibration on Earth.
We and our Ships exist in the Etheric Realm, the fifth Dimension.
When Earth has raised her vibration, when enough Souls
have elevated their Soul vibration,
I can reignite the electromagnetic force field where we will have World Peace.
Under these conditions, we can land.
Under these conditions we can enact NESARA Law.

Under these conditions the old Timeline will end.
Under these conditions we drop borders and Earth is governed from Love
by White Knights being Love in Action. Under these conditions,
we end hunger, homelessness, violence of all kinds.
Under these conditions Earth will become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.
When the Goodly Company was incarnate during the time of Jesus,
it was said, not one stone that was used to build the Temples of that time,
would not be cast down in the end.

The intergalactic war criminals were busy then trying to control the StarGates.

Now is the end of time when those stones are being thrown down.
Everything that was made through the ages to control will be torn down.
You are seeing it being torn down by the citizens of Earth
who have taken to the streets in all areas of the world.

The Mission that is to be yours is dictated by you. You choose it.
You walk it and talk it.
As your heart opens, you receive more uncreated energies from above
channeled to you to assist your progress of returning this Earth to Love.
So Mote it Be.
Salut! ~Ashtar through beth trutwin
The Love We Withhold Lifetime After Lifetime~Is the Pain We Now Carry ~


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