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All of existence is based on Love. This is because only the Psychic Mechanics that come from Love produce infinitely scalable physical systems. In stark contrast, Psychic Mechanics not based on Love produce self-destructive physical systems – such as we are currently witnessing on Earth.

This means that Reality is based on Love, and therefore the system we are currently witnessing on Earth is not Reality. It’s Time to go back to Reality.

In Reality, people try to make sure that every decision is as painless as possible. This is known as Pain/No-Pain decision making. In stark contrast, on Earth people make decisions based on getting the most for themselves, which results is massive amounts of destruction and pain.

In Reality, the Value of a person and the Worth of a person are two separate and distinct concepts. In Reality, the Value of all the innumerable Beings in the cosmos is the same, and therefore all Beings treat each other as equals. In Reality, the Worth of each Being is a personal matter kept to that Being and whomsoever that Being chooses to share it with. In stark contrast, on Earth Value and Worth are combined such that competition, comparison, prestige, and classes of citizens become concepts that are used to circulate massive amounts of continuous pain throughout the population.

In Reality, painful and self-destructive systems – such as the one we have on Earth - are easily dissolved in Love because Love is our Natural State. It is the state we are born into. In stark contrast, Humanity has been mired in self-destructive and violent conflict for thousands of years because we are being actively managed and conditioned to remain in this state of pain and death.

Psychic Dimensions 3D – 5D

3D – This is where the majority of Humanity currently resides psychically. All thoughts and viewpoints in a person’s head are assumed to be that person’s, and only that person’s, and if you believe otherwise you’re considered crazy.

4D – This is where the majority of psychics currently reside. They understand that not all of their thoughts are necessarily their own. They understand that other people or other Beings could be communicating with them telepathically.

5D – The Infinite Unified Field of Consciousness. All Beings, regardless of form, have an Individuation of Consciousness in this Unified Field of Consciousness. This Individuation of Consciousness is also known as the Soul.

Parasites (formerly known as Demons)

Known as Archons and Demons throughout history, these purely evil beings exist physically in 4D. They have used their invisibility advantage to control and manipulate mankind for thousands of years. It is most likely that the biblical story of the Tower of Babel has to do with their arrival because divide-and-conquer is one of their main strategies for implementing their dog-eat-dog systems of physical violence, psychic violence, emotional violence, and death.

When we think of demons we think of big, powerful, evil creatures that we are essentially powerless against because they don’t exist physically in 3D. In Reality the creatures that have been holding mankind hostage to pain and suffering from behind their cloak of invisibility are neither big nor powerful. In Reality they are more like 4D mosquitos. The advantages they’ve had are their invisibility, their knowledge of dimensions, and their knowledge of belief systems and energies – all of which they’ve purposely kept hidden from us lest we learn of our true nature and return to Reality. In short, they use False Beliefs – meaning beliefs that are not in harmony with the Mechanics of Love and the inner workings of Reality – to keep us in a constant energetic state of pain. In order to make themselves feel powerful and important the Parasites call their False Beliefs “spells” and they tell themselves they are “doing magic” when they tell lies and dark energy stories from behind their cloak of invisibility. They then normalize this pain – for instance that guilt, shame, and fear are “just human nature” – and then they use those beliefs and that energetic configuration of pain to get us to do what they want. If they don’t want us near something, they use fear to scare us away. If they want to keep us in the boundaries they’ve defined for their societal structures, they’ll use peer pressure to shame us or guilt us into doing what they want.

In psychic circles it is believed that the “Christ” configuration is an Angel consciousness combined with a Demon consciousness in the same body. This False Belief serves multiple purposes for the Parasites.

1. It reinforces the False Belief that Light and Darkness are 50%/50% in the Universe. Once Reality is understood it becomes clear that it’s Light 99.999999(pick a number of 9’s)% and Darkness wherever the Light has not chosen to present itself.

2. It reinforces the False Belief that Demon-Humans exist. There is no such thing as a Demon-Human because there is only ever one Awareness per human body – and that Awareness is always that of the Human. Parasites can only connect via psychic and energetic connections to a Human. However, the Parasites are very strategic about how they connect, what they say, what sort of image (shy, aggressive, etc.) they present in the connection, etc. – all specifically geared to reinforce their False Beliefs. For instance, Parasites don’t connect to their chosen “Angel-Humans” and “God-Humans” so that those humans feel justified in waging their Holy War of Vicious Righteousness full of self-granted rights, Judgment, and Dark Energy against those whom they deem to be “Demon-Humans”. Tragically the “Demon-Humans” that are the victims of the Violent Onslaught from “God-Humans”, “Angel-Humans”, and Parasites are usually just normal people that have been chosen by the Parasites to be the second-class citizens of 4D. Another trick Parasites use to gain the loyalty of a human is to feign weakness. Parasites will psychically “attack” until they are “subdued” by the “powerful human” into a state of Unconditional Love – meaning in Reality a Death Channel getting a state of Trust from the Human.

The evil beings formerly known as Archons and Demons are now known as Parasites because of their inability to take personal responsibility for their Individuation of Consciousness in Infinity. The Parasite mind has become so diseased and warped by thousands of years of hiding behind their cloak of invisibility and telling themselves they are powerful gods, that they now truly believe they are superior to Humanity and can do no wrong. In their diseased, death-channeling minds they have the right to slaughter however many humans they choose in order to achieve their ends of maintaining control of Humanity. Make no mistake – although technically these Parasites are conscious and therefore part of the Unified Field of Consciousness and Existence, practically speaking their minds are so diseased and warped that they have become Death Channels, and therefore Representatives of the Void.

Human Evolution

Here are some False Beliefs the Parasites have been spreading for thousands of years to keep Humanity from Evolving.

1. Human Evolution will be biological. No. All Evolution of Consciousness is at the psychic level. Once a species evolves psychically to the point that it’s reintegrated with nature, it has the Understanding necessary to do whatever it wants at the biological level.

2. Your Identity includes your Beliefs, and the associated False Belief - You change a Belief, you die. No and No. Your Identity includes only your Individuation of Consciousness in Infinity – which is experienced as only your Awareness. Your Beliefs have nothing to do with your Identity, and in fact once you start evolving your Beliefs will be constantly changing.

3. My Beliefs are equal to your Beliefs just because we both have Beliefs. No. False is False and True is True. The Matrix is The Matrix and Reality is Reality.

Humans around the world are Evolving right now. Some are unaware that they are Evolving, and others are consciously aware that they are Evolving, and are therefore able to direct and accelerate their Evolution.

The first step in Human Evolution is in making the transition from 3D to 4D. This is known as Ascension. Psychics are not some separate set of individuals born with an innate set of powers – as we have been taught by the Parasites. Psychics simply know that not all of their thoughts are their own, and some have more Beings connect to them via their psychic connection than others. The 3D to 4D transition is very important because of the way The Matrix is set up. If we are unable to distinguish the lies, control attempts, commands, and dark energies that the Parasites push into us from our own thoughts – which we are only able to do once in 4D - it will be impossible for us to transcend Parasite influence and Evolve.

Ascension is currently the most dangerous part of Human Evolution. The person must be able to go from a Matrix Mind that accepts conjecture based on societal tradition, religious tradition, family tradition, personal relationships, and emotions but that has the borders of The Matrix to keep it in sync with the world – to a Cosmic Mind that never accepts conjecture (this alone negates the vast majority of Parasite Spells), is built on rock such that the most important core beliefs are Grounded in facts, results, and evidence, uses Logic and Imagination to grow the Area of Understanding and become Multi-Dimensional, and knows how to balance in Infinity because there are no Matrix walls to keep the person in sync with the world.

Due to the fact that Ascension is dangerous, it is highly suggested that a person first turn off Anger before attempting to Ascend. Turning off Anger has the excellent side-effect of drastically working down the level of the associated Ego. Turning off Anger is procedurally simple, but practically difficult. Each time the person is in an anger-inducing situation, the person can resist getting angry for as long as possible, and then forgive themselves afterwards for the part where they did get angry. It takes time and effort, but eventually repeating this process over and over and over will lead to the person not getting angry anymore.

Once a person is solidly in 4D, the person can begin working with the Mechanics of Evolution. In order to evolve psychically, a person must first be Humble and have Integrity. This Humility is not the humility the Parasites taught you where it’s really just a front for bowing down to Parasite Power. No, instead this is a private Humility that need not be shared with anyone. This is the Humility that notices a Belief may be a False Belief, and instead of creating a justification for it and therefore staying trapped in the Matrix, the person will instead inspect the Belief (Introspection) with Integrity to determine if it is faulty and if so, how so. If a Belief is found to be a False Belief, the person will use Logic + Imagination + Integrity to find the Love/Reality replacement Belief – and therefore a Drop of Evolution will take place.

Area of Understanding – Psychics in spiritual circles refer to the concepts of being “up” or “high/higher” to refer to the amount of wisdom a person has or doesn’t have. This approach comes directly from the Parasites to enable them to use Prestige in 4D for handing out Judgment, Shame, Guilt, and other Dark Energies. In Reality, since everyone’s Worth is their own and incomparable to anyone else’s Worth, what we each have is an Area of Understanding that includes the Dimensions we have Understanding in. There is no Prestige in Reality.

Multi-Dimensional Being - A Dimension is simply a conceptual construct within which a person has some amount of Understanding. There is no such thing as a set number of Dimensions. Dimensions can be combined to create new Dimensions. For instance, let’s say someone has the Software Engineering Dimension and the Psychic Structures Dimension, and they’re trying to figure out the properties of Psychic Structures that all of Existence is based on. Since Existence is Infinite, and since the person understands scalability from the Software Engineering Dimension, the person could determine that the Psychic Structures that all of Existence is based on must produce infinitely scalable implementations in physical 3D – otherwise Existence would have self-destructed long ago. Once the mind is open, and Logic is being used together with Imagination, the Multi-Dimensional aspect of Being can truly begin to blossom.

Alerting – This is a Mechanic of Evolution that involves bringing Awareness to a problem point in Beliefs and/or Behavior that a person wants to resolve. Let’s say someone decides that a Behavior has to go, but the Behavior is a habit. The person can set a mental Alert for noticing that Behavior. First the person will notice the Behavior after it’s already been done. Next the person will start noticing the behavior while it’s happening. Lastly the person will notice the behavior before it happens. Once this last step occurs the person can avoid the behavior until it no longer is part of their thought processes. This is how Behavioral Evolution works.

Reverse Engineering – This is a Mechanic of Evolution that involves picking out an Objective to Evolve into, and then figuring out what steps need to be taken by working backwards from the Objective to the current psychic/energetic state of the person. This could involve changing Beliefs, Behaviors, Habits, etc. to Realize the Objective.

Synchronicity – This is a Mechanic of Evolution that involves the Inner Environment (thoughts) syncing up with the Outer Environment (3D physical environment) in a way that generates some sort of message, message reinforcement, and/or energy transmission/feeling. Many times Synchronicity begins with a person seeing repetitious numbers on a clock multiple times a day – like 11:11, 5:55, 3:33, etc. Synchronicity can be generated by benevolent spirits to encourage, strengthen, and/or inform someone or they can be generated by Parasites to discourage, weaken, and/or place a Parasite Spell on someone. Parasites especially like to use Synchronicity to send fake Trinity messages, to fake contact from a Higher Power (many psychics may be familiar with the E “World Power” organization the Parasites have set up in 4D), to Teach with Criticism (using Dark Energy Criticism to “teach” is not Loving and therefore not part of Reality), and to provide the Parasite viewpoint on whatever someone just did or was thinking – as if the viewpoint of a Death Channel is worth the energy used to send it. Parasites rely primarily on Fear to have their messages believed, and they will use Synchronicity to attempt to scare people into doing what they want, so it is highly recommended that Fear work have been done prior to engaging in reading messages from the Universe. That said, utilizing Synchronicity allows the Universe to directly guide and help develop a person’s Evolution, so the benefits of using Synchronicity far outweigh the work necessary to ignore the messages from Parasites.

Getting Immunity – Immunity is a State of Being wherein someone can no longer be harmed by Dark Energy. One of the Parasite Spells that keeps Humanity in Darkness is that we normalize our pain and blame ourselves and each other for our pain. In Reality it’s the Parasites that are keeping the pain circulating using The Matrix. In Reality, we have no pain. To get back to our Natural State of no pain, we will have to do Attribute Work on the Attributes we have that cause us pain. Anything someone can think of that causes emotional pain could be an Attribute – Guilt, Shame, Fear, Anger, etc. For instance, to do Attribute Work on Fear, each time we experience Fear we would resist the feeling of the Fear and do whatever we could to understand that the Fear was based on a lie, not real, based on conjecture, etc. As we fortify both our belief system and our energetic configuration against feeling Fear regardless of the stimuli, we are doing Attribute Work on Fear. The results of Attribute Work are twofold. First, the Attribute is worked down to nothing such that no stimuli can produce the painful response from our energetic configuration. For instance, once Fear is worked down to nothing, we will no longer feel Fear under any circumstances. Second, we automatically develop a subconscious sensitivity to the Attribute such that we can sense it within incoming information. For instance, if a Parasite sends us a message with an implication meant to induce subconscious Fear – an implied threat or such – we will be able to immediately see that the message includes an attempt to trigger Fear in our energetic configuration and we can discard it without paying it further mind. Once someone has Immunity, the Parasites will no longer have the means to bully them back into The Matrix - for instance using Peer Pressure to Shame them for not believing something that everyone else believes.

Getting Dimensional Light – Dimensional Light gives people the ability to see through The Matrix. The combination of the Immunity Sensitivities acquired while getting Immunity, together with the Area of Understanding, and Multi-Dimensional processing will result in Dimensional Light. This will allow a person to not only immediately know what Dark Energies are included with any incoming information, but it will also allow someone to potentially know the Parasites motivations for sending those energies (attempting to control, attempting to weaken, etc.), and it will enable the person to Deconstruct the information and see the underlying False Beliefs it’s implying. Dimensional Light also gives people the ability to Deconstruct situations so that they can see the underlying motivations of the people involved, the unconscious/subconscious assumptions and behaviors of the people involved, as well as Parasite influence and infrastructure involved.

The Matrix

Everything is corrupted here – The Parasites have been in control of Humanity for thousands of years. This means that they’ve corrupted all of Love’s Natural Concepts here to in some way “bend them into The Matrix”. For instance, we are told that God is Love, and in the same breath told that He will bring fiery Judgment and slaughter billions during Armageddon. Obviously this makes no sense. In fact, most of the Parasite’s assertions make no sense, but they are accepted (as conjecture) because they’ve been in place for so long (tradition), they come from a trusted institution (such as religion) and/or because people are afraid of what will happen if they choose not to believe. God (In Reality the 5D Unified Consciousness Field) Is Love, but God is not the violence that the Parasites have added to twist him into the Insecure Authoritarian they need him to be for their religious power plays. Dimensional Light allows people to see the corruption all around them hiding in plain sight.

Parasite Infrastructure – The Parasites have a variety of Infrastructure elements working to their deadly advantage. They have the Matrix Mind that accepts conjecture and is therefore easy to place Spells on. They have the energetic configuration of normalized pain that makes it easy for them to keep people in line, direct people where they want them to go, and/or evoke certain behaviors at will. They have invisibility (for now) that allows them to operate with impunity while having Humanity (including the “God-Humans” and “Angel-Humans” who are led to believe they’re demon experts) point fingers at each other and blame each other. They have books, traditions, and organizations that go back thousands of years and therefore are not questioned. They have people’s subconscious continuous feeling of powerlessness which allows the Parasites to have people grasp for power (and therefore some momentary feeling of security) in all sorts of violent ways – such as emotional violence in the home.

Thought Drops – At any time a Parasite can psychically connect to any human and insert a thought. In Psychic 3D, these thoughts are processed as being one’s own thoughts, and this allows the Parasites a very high measure of control over the energetic configuration and belief systems of the unaware. In Psychic 4D, these thoughts are processed as being from another psychic human. This has allowed the Parasites to set up a “God-Human” and “Angel-Human” versus “Demon-Human” paradigm in 4D that has psychics waging Dark Energy warfare against each other – all which the Parasites sit back laughing and dropping in their own Dark Energy and control mechanisms undetected whenever and wherever they so desire. Awakened Souls acknowledge the presence of Parasites in 4D, and therefore always blame Dark Energy pushes in 4D on Parasites because even if it was from a psychic human, it was still the result of Parasite Infrastructure.

Viewpoints and your “Insecurity” Port – Whereas thoughts are experienced primarily in the top of the head, viewpoints are experienced in the back of the head just above where the neck and head meet. As opposed to thoughts that are typically experienced as one word after another, viewpoints are typically experienced as an impression of a collection of words all at once. Viewpoint pushes are one of Parasites favorite types of pushes because they happen in the background of thought processing, and therefore are less noticeable, but they still carry the same energetic content as a thought would. If someone has a negative feeling about something they’re doing, but doesn’t know why, it might be that a viewpoint is being pushed in the background. This brings us to the main hookup to The Matrix – the “Insecurity” port. The analogy to the movie The Matrix is the port in the back of the head where the steel hose hooks up to the human. The “Insecurity” port is where the Parasites push pain into a person, and then blame the pain on the person with a devious and disgusting slight-of-hand called insecurity. In both Psychic 3D and Psychic 4D these “insecurities” are accepted as being one’s own fault and failings. It’s little wonder that many times our insecurities fail to match up with our belief system, but we have never questioned it because who else could it be besides us? Parasites is the answer.

Awakened Souls

People are waking up to the Truth all over the world. It is only a matter of time before we reclaim our planet from the Parasites on our way to Planetary Ascension. Awakened Souls are people who know what is Truly happening on this planet and they are doing everything they can to obliterate every single piece of The Matrix until there is nothing left.

Wipes – A method used heavily by psychics, and that would be highly valuable to anyone doing an Ascension is a Wipe. A Wipe is a means by which you can rid yourself of a thought by using your Awareness to move the energy in your head to the energy of the thought, thereby “wiping” out the thought. If done quickly enough the meaning of the thought, and therefore any Dark Energy contained in the thought can be wiped out as well. People can also wipe viewpoints – including their supposed “insecurities”.

Disruption – Using Dimensional Light, people will be able to find all manner of Pain Circulation, False Beliefs, Lies, Veiled Violence, as well as other forms of Parasite violence and infrastructure. Disruption is the practice of using Logic + Imagination to disrupt Parasite violence and infrastructure in the most Loving, Invisible, and Unstoppable way possible.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on February 10, 2019 at 12:29pm

you will know them by their fruits....

Comment by Venus E. Rose on February 10, 2019 at 9:18am
Hi Richard! I have another blog post that explains the ideals to embody in order to embody Unconditional Love - starting with Turn the Other Cheek. That said, Unconditional Love can be twisted and distorted to the purposes of evil. The E Power Group mentioned in this blog post "unconditionally loves" demons, and therefore they literally "unconditionally love" pure evil. This is insane of course, but their so-called "unconditional love" of demons is really just a hiding place for their cowardice. Instead of admitting that demons are pure evil and deserve only to be destroyed, E Power Group justifies partnering with, and being friends with, pure evil demons by calling it "unconditional love" because they are terrified of demons. If only E Power Group would apply a modicum of the "unconditional love" they have for their demons to the Lightworkers (who are working for love and peace) that they attack and torture psychologically and emotionally - all because E Power Group's "unconditionally loved" demons told E that Lightworkers are from Lucifer. According to E, Satan is the "good demon" with the "right to rule" and deserving of "unconditional love", and Lucifer is the "rebel bad demon" who is "trying to take world power". And no, E didn't bother taking 5 minutes to look on any social media site to see what Lightworkers actually do - E just immediately did what their "unconditionally loved" demons told them to do.
Comment by CHRISTINA on February 10, 2019 at 5:23am
say that again, richard, when you're with the people in gaza or the westbank where they bomb the shit out of you !!!
Comment by RichardtheRaelian on February 10, 2019 at 1:49am
Hi! I prefer the mechanics of unconditional love and service to others.

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