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Existence is Love
The Psychic Mechanics of all of Existence are based on Love. Psychic structures must be infinitely scalable in Reality. Peace is infinitely scalable, War is not. Peace is from Love, War is from self-destructive Fear.

5D - The Unified Field of Consciousness
Existence and the Void. Existence is the Unified Field of Consciousness within which all Individuations of Consciousness reside. A person’s Individuation of Consciousness is their Awareness.

Pain/No Pain
Ensuring that every decision made causes ideally no pain, but otherwise as little emotional pain and physical pain to self and others as possible.

Value/Worth Split
Value (Quantitative) and Worth (Qualitative) are split such that all Humans are equal to each other based on Value, and Worth is individual, personal, and unique. This is opposite of inside the Psychic Prison of the Matrix where Value and Worth are combined, which leads to Prestige, Comparison, and Competition, and thus emotional and physical pain.

Mind is an Environment Navigation Tool
A person is their Awareness, not their Mind. The Mind is a tool that the person uses to navigate their environment. This means that Beliefs are not part of Identity, and thus are only as good as their ability to help the person navigate their environment with as little pain as possible.

Analyze and Respond Data Processing
Incoming communication is always analyzed for validity and implications. Outgoing communication is consciously chosen. In the Psychic Prison of the Matrix incoming communication is typically automatically accepted and outgoing communication is typically the result of an automatic reaction.

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