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~The Power of Divine Perception Now ~

            The Power of Divine Perception
This focus is combined with planetary service to assist the transcendence of duality.
  Where is the Real Spiritual Teaching Found?
            Leaving Duality or Feeding Duality?
             Good and Evil are Interdependent
             Walking the Middle Way with God 

                                                                                           The Power of Divine Perception

perception_300This Equinox, we are concentrating with our family of Elohim
as great emphasis is placed upon the development of our Power
of Divine Perception.
 We are invoking the transmuting Sacred Fire from the realms
of Illumined Truth to assist our passage out of the duality matrix
and into the crystalline grid of our true nature.
At this time of golden opportunity,
much greater responsibility is being asked of Planetary Light Servers to uproot
all falsely held perceptions while deeply contemplating if our current actions are sincerely contributing
to the New Creation or if they are continuing to spin the wheel of illusion.
May we take a serious look at what we are doing and how we are doing it,
and then make any necessary adjustments to insure absolute alignment to Divine Will
and the highest service to the Earth.

The following sections gives a few ideas to support deepening processes of self inquiry.

Where is the Real Spiritual Teaching Found?
It has been prophesied by numerous sources that, in this time of planetary shift,
many people including the most spiritually sincere would be lead astray.
Predictions warn of many false prophets appearing on the scene.
It has been said that certain energies in opposition to Earth's Divine Plan
would cleverly manipulate those whose mission was to either ascend
and/or to help forge the new pathways for Humanity.

Truth or fiction, all one has to do is observe the plethora of conflicting speculation
about what is to come and how it will unfold.
There are a growing number of people proclaiming to channel great cosmic beings.
Many promote new techniques to, supposedly, instantly activate the DNA strands
and even to access levels of dimension far beyond where our current shift is taking us as a collective.
We have numerous teachers of Christ Consciousness who have not made the transition themselves.
Much of this has a hefty price tag to partake in these often guaranteed methods to ascension.

If we have even a small understanding of the laws of nature or the initiatory pathway of soul evolution,
these types of spiritual teachings and their claims are to be greatly questioned.
This is especially important if the messenger still lives in duality,
which the vast majority of people (and Light Servers) are.

Further, while our extra sense faculties are quickly opening and new voices are being heard,
not all energy streams are benevolent.
Many preying inter-dimensional entities (including mass thought-forms) are quite skilled
at masking their identity to be from the light and give intelligent metaphysical information
in which to purposely interfere, confuse and distract.
Some of these malevolent energies can even appear to perform miracles
in order to win over the faith of the crowd.

There are many people, including those among us,
who are totally unaware that they are being used as a host for shadow forces.

In the type of transition that we are making today, the great Divine Beings
who are in assistance to the race are,
most often, making direct contact through the Law of Impression.
This type of radiation is received by the human senses and then comprehended through
our Divine Intuition.
It is only through the clarity of a balanced, peaceful mind and the selfless purity of a humble heart
that we are able to be reached in this very safe and assured method of pure energy transference.

The Great Ones come to us... not with faces or emphasis upon their individual identification,
but as a collective Cosmic Christ force-field and one consciousness representing
the mind and heart of God.
This unified consciousness delivers guidance and messaging to the Planetary Light Servers
who are also bonded in group formation as one collective consciousness with resonant intention.

From Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe,
all life is in a grand bridging process of unification...
from the One, with the One, as the One.

We are leaving the world of personalization.

As sincere seekers of Truth, may we contemplate that the greatest,
most authentic teachings always come from within and as a result
of our total self sacrifice to the Will of God.
Our Truth will always change in accordance to the expanding levels of self realization.
In evolution, we cannot ever skip any of the necessary steps associated with
our own level of soul initiation, no matter how much light is entering on to the planet.
All is guided, and only guided by the I AM God Presence of our being.
                                                 Leaving Duality or Feeding Duality?
Most everyone reading this communication has made a commitment to the return to Oneness.
We all yearn for that, yes, but how many of us can truly release the " i " from the equation?
How many of us can let go of all perceptions of the self identity and its desires, completely?
How many of us can walk away from everything that is not aligned to Divine Truth?

According to every great way-shower before us, this is what it takes to truly liberate ourselves,
and the world, from the matrix of opposition and suffering.

It is the duality within us that is in resistance to another aspect of itself due to a mindset still perceiving from polar opposites.
From this perception, we formulate self attaching desires and opinions; all from the separated self.
As the pendulum of thought swings in one direction,
it always comes back to the opposite direction to balance the pole.

This is the Law of Duality. Imagine if we carry strong views.
The further the pendulum swings in favor of our view,
the more intense its action is on the other extreme.

Good and Evil are Interdependent

Another important example to look at is the interdependency of good and evil
at the level of human emotion.
If our perceptions are constantly exaggerated upon the concept of  goodness... being good, doing good,
doing the right thing, overly positive, everything is love and light... then,
the pendulum always swings back to the other side to bring balance. 

In an overemphasizing effort to do good, as this comes from a binding emoting attachment,
we are essentially feeding the other side of the pole (evil) due to the balancing nature that happens.
This could be what "eating from the Tree of Good and Evil" is all about!

The same illustration can be used for other polarities as a result of imbalanced thought and feeling perceptions.
We can contemplate peace and war, love and hate, right and wrong, heaven and hell...

This tendency to go off in one of two opposite directions along the same spectrum of polarity,
is how the false matrix has been continually fed and maintained throughout our being and our world.
Some people have described this distortion as the programming of the alter ego, or, Lucifer's agenda.

It is this dual nature within us that we can more deeply cognize
in order to halt
the extreme movements of the swinging pendulum.

Walking The Middle Way


"When we make the two into one, then we enter the Kingdom."
Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

The Source of all is God, or, Oneness.
This means that all pairs of opposites have the same foundation.
Light and dark are from the same Source. Good and evil are from the same Source.
While different in frequency, they live on the same polarity spectrum,
are extreme manifestations of the exact same energy
and are deeply interdependent upon the other at the human level.

Divine Truth just might lie in the absolute middle... in complete neutrality...
neither negative nor positive.... zero charge.
Divine Truth is not for or against anything, it just IS.
This may be why the Buddha taught his disciples to walk the "Middle Way".

Our complete transcendence from duality is paramount to help bring about
the new creations that are needed in the world today.
When we focus all of our thoughts, words and actions on the highest good of all (
whether good, bad or indifferent)
we are operating in alignment with the Universe,
and we begin to live, perceive and create from the Divine Consciousness within.

Know God to know Thy Self

May we all be blessed with much deeper union with God. Divine Love knows no opposite.
By placing all attention to be consciously merged with this Source of our power,
with this Source of our every action, we can more easily transcend the illusion of separated identity.

May we contemplate full acceptance of evil, hate and darkness also as God and also as who we are.
May we enfold it all into our heart, forgiving all of our past misunderstandings and sufferings.
Likewise, let's return all of our overly positive exuberances,
noble causes and exaggerated spiritual ideals to a calm middle ground.

One of our greatest services to our race is to simply be a bright beacon
and neutralizing pillar while selflessly invoking Divinity...

to be in this world, but not of it.

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