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Japan Is Investing 8 Trillion Yen In New Energy Technology ! No More Nuclear/Oil Use!

Japan Is Investing 8 Trillion Yen In New Energy Technology;

Weekly Geopolitical News

  Oil and Nuclear Power Will Be Phased Out.
The Fukushima nuclear crisis is turning out to have a silver lining
because it has convinced the Japanese political and business establishment
to phase out nuclear power and oil as energy sources.
In particular, Japanese tycoon Masayoshi Son has teamed up with Prime Minister Naoto Kan
to invest 8 trillion yen or about $100 billion to develop alternative energy technologies,
according to Japanese government sources.
Also, in yet another sign the old world order is ending,
the US and European governments
are having to dip into emergency oil stocks because their fiat currencies
are no longer being accepted as payment for oil
This is What The Real War Is About People..


The reason behind that is the petrodollar scam for oil.

The following will explain you everything clearly


 The Imminent Economic Collapse is Coming!



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