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This is for those who believe that the LORD does LOVE US and involved in this NESARA program.

Check this current 'Real Time' Message from OUR LOVING LORD,


Phyllis Ford
Carpenter’s Touch Ministries, Arlington, Texas

Word for September 2009


Quoted from the above Ref.

"The next 26 days (from August 27th to Sept 20th) there will be some significant changes and challenges that will be coming upon the land. You must be prepared, ready, and prayed up to deal with the things that this land must face. Pray around the confrontation that is about to face this nation, and pray that my wisdom will come upon the leadership of the land. Because decision must be based upon the wisdom that comes from heaven and not which comes from the egos of man. Much is at stake, and divine timing is key to everything right now."

"And I will open avenues and pockets of resources so that my plans of preservation for my people will be implemented and established. This will not be finances released for the sake of building one’s own personal wealth, but I am placing resources in the hands of those who will reach out to others and implement plans of survival, places of refuge, and food-for-life projects."

Prosperity Packs being distributed ----- OK GOT THE MESSAGE!!!!

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