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The more I learn about ascention, light, everything, the more i realize that maybe Im not ready to ascend. I know deep down in my heart i want to experience something that amazing, becoming a whole being etc etc. ever since i was young and first questioned my existence and purpose and all the philosophical unanswerable questions followed, i knew i would never stop asking, never stop searching for the truth.
all of the information i have come across since 2 days prior to the 10 14 08 event up until now has made so much sense. the illumaniti and blue beam, etc etc etc it all makes sense, and some of it seems like it might be blown out of proportion, i dont know, its way too much to analyze. i just know that i want to experience ultimate existence as a being of light and love and this world continually pisses me off day after day. then i log online and find hope, here, with you people. i want to ascend, but the more i learn, the more i feel as if i need to experience more here in 3D. but then immediately feeling that i want to say NO! i deserve truth, i deserve to experience that because it is what drives me day in and day out, the idea that i might get to know, just for one second, the truth behind it all.
the more i learn the more it makes my life seem like its not important and im just waiting for shit to go down.

any thoughts?

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Comment by DanBal on December 10, 2008 at 4:34pm
thanks everyone for your comments it really helps. i think there was just a lot of negative energy surrounding me because its finals week in school, stress, i quit my job, etc etc etc. after reading all of your responses i feel much better about myself and my situation. thank you all for your guidance and wisdom, the world needs more people like us. =)
Comment by caro on December 10, 2008 at 8:25am
Hey Danbal, I kind of know what you mean, feeling similar things. We focussiing on love and light, and all these shit feelings no love keep on coming up... I guess it's part of the cleansing process. The more I learn and envision about how I am as a lightbeing, the more I see of what's between me and that. And I know that's the real problem, it's that I still thinking me and lightbeing are not one, me and that irritating thing in the world not one. I mean we have to change our thinking radically! Unconditional Oneness, equality, truthfulness in each moment...! Knowing that it's virtually impossible other than fleeting moments on the one hand, and on the other hand we are there already, perfect and complete! Yikes!!!
Comment by Dana on December 10, 2008 at 1:28am
One thing I've come to feel about ascension is that it's not like one day... okay it's time and then poof I'm in a different density :) I think a lot of people are looking toward a certain time when ascension is going to happen, when in reality, we are in ascension right now as we speak.

That is the point of being in the moment and making the loving choices for yourself to really experience that moment. The changes that we've made in our lives to live more consciously and to allow love into our hearts, to be kind and supportive to one another. Those are all very important aspects to ascension and cannot be separated from that process. As those things develope inside of us our energy is under constant change, always growing and expanding. We are in ascension. Keep true to your path and love and you'll be there... as will everyone who's made a conscious choice for that.

We sometimes look too hard for answers when we think something is beyond us, but there is nothing beyond us that we can't reach for. There is no logical answer here. Just feel and know that it's truth.

love & joy :)
Comment by Ted on December 10, 2008 at 12:51am
A good starting point is "The Law of attraction". First you should start beleiving you can ascend if thats what you want. Everything you want can become a reallity if you beleive it can. I know most of us have been trained to think with our brains in a logical way but ascension has more to do with thinking with the heart than with the brains.. Ive been in the same process, looking for the truth, never realy satisfied with the answers I was given.. thing is that you know the truth (its hidden deep inside) but for some reason you need someone to answer all those questions. If you joined this network and post such a message I would say your on the rigth path.. Ascencion is not just about seeing auras and being a channeler, its about loving yourself, beleive in yourself, beleive you can become whatever you want. I see the world for what it is and pretty much feel like you about this world.. But now things are changing, lots of people want the truth to come out.. This 3d world is about duality between light and darkness, truth and lies, right and wrong, love and hate.. What side are you on? I think you learned the lesson from this world if this world is pissing you off. But as of today we all need to start thinking in a positive way, stop living in the past, live in the present and beleive in a better future..

Hope this helps.

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