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~The List Of Changes Leading Up To 2012~

In the next stages of Light you will merge with your core essence and the universe
will now support your true way of being.
As you reach the cosmic alignment of 2012 you will awaken to your latent spiritual talents
and abilities and all of your senses will become heightened.
This galactic core alignment of 2012 will be just the beginning of living a life of your true design.

Your Christ Body

You will be able to live more comfortably in your earth bodies.
Your earth bodies will be able to carry more of your true essence as your light quotient increases,
enabling you to embody more of God in form - "the ascension".
This process of light is the way of Christ through Mary Magdalene that has been hidden from you.
These lost teachings of Christ will be revealed.

Your Earth Bodies a Secret Star Gate

You will work with your sacred divine blue print and merge with the cosmic
and planetary forces of light for support and knowledge.
This will enable you to work with all soul beings of a divine higher frequency
to bring powerful sacred healing and alignment to Gaia.
This awakening will occur on a mass scale showing you how the unity of creation works
and of what the souls together are truly capable.

You are the Gods, Returned to Activate the Pyramids and Sacred Sites

Many of you have been here before and worked with and created the sacred temples
and pyramids that were instruments of the divine, to heal,
travel through dimension and space and maintain communion with your sacred lineage.

This is why many of you are drawn to sacred sites and vortexes to experience
these energies that exist in the other realms.
You will be a part of reactivating these sacred sites and pyramids
and you will also sense and activate new ones that will emerge.

Are You Ready to Be Who You Came Here to Be?

The List of Changes Leading Up to 2012

· Sudden awakenings, beings that have not been on the path will awaken to their star lineage.
· Changes in your spiritual work, you will refine your skills and new ones
  of your core essence will surface and take precedent.
Many healers of the blue ray will retire and be drawn to a new way.

· Change of jobs, careers and long-term relationships will end
  or shift dramatically, and new ones will begin.

· Feeling sick and exhausted especially during influx of energies around solar and lunar eclipses
  and cosmic alignments as your body will go through frequency refinement.

· You will not feel comfortable in the old energies, bodies and situations;
  you will no longer be able to tolerate lower vibrating energies.
The universe in many instances will take care of this for you.
If you force your will, your body and health will suffer.

· Your body and being now run on a higher frequency resonance so what you did
  in the past may no longer work now.
You will find new ways to support your highly tuned sacred vehicle
which will continue to shift and change.

· Dietary changes to assist the increase of light for your body and being.
· New ways and guides to assist in connecting with your spirit;
  these are part of your soul's lineage that will empower and expand you.

· Feeling cut off from God and your guides.
  The way in which you received divine guidance and inner knowing has shifted.
You are actually at a master level. Know you are in a readjustment period
where your connection will become even stronger.

· Faster manifestations with periods of breaks that seem to keep you in a holding pattern
  then mysteriously the energy shifts.

· Strange body shifts and occurrences as you receive new insight and higher vision;
  this may occur with head pressure. Feeling your head is in an energetic vise
  and then suddenly its release will alert you that your implants of the veil are being removed.

· Waking up tired. Your higher self and guides are working on you being extra kind to yourself that day.
· Times of being super sensitive to energies and vibrations.

· Sleepless nights. Power surges of cosmic frequencies to earth that interface
  with earth energies causing restlessness.
You as divine anchors of the cosmic light source are balancing and realigning your energy fields.

· Sound frequency resonances will become a powerful method for healing transformation,
  communication and entrance into the sacred realms.
· Heart expansion and awakening.

· Feeling more emotional with emotional releases.
· Meeting others of your same lineage.
You will come out of your long hibernation of being alone
and slowly come back into the world as you will have a group anchoring of
sacred energy to feel more alive and safe.

· The animals and living beings collectively and individually will act as a barometer
of what is really taking place in your world. Watch for their signs.
Start communicating with them, as this ability is innate within you.

· You will be drawn to and work with crystals and the crystal beings.
The crystals have encoded information to share with you and will assist you
in balancing your frequency and being more grounded.

· Great return to the Goddess and interest in the Sacred Divine Feminine.
· Opportunities will magically present themselves that were not available to you before.

· You will begin to feel happier as you experience more of your true essence.
It will feel like a long lost friend has come home.
The Blue Ray and ultra-sensitive had to shut parts of themselves down
so as to not be overwhelmed with energies.
This happy shift will bring more openness and receptivity.

What you can do to bring the new frequency alignments of 2012
into your life for balance and harmony.
Use your sacred tools, your gifts from spirit that you already possess now.

Your Gift of Your Super Sensitive Nature
My Beloved Light Bearers, there is a reason for your super sensitive nature.
The true human is a sensitive empathic being that is in harmony
and sacred communion with Nature,
the wind, water, earth, plants, trees animals, other humans, the cosmos, and stars.
This is your "Divine Original Blue Print", the Divine original intent of Creation.
At one time when many star seeds from the Galactic core came to earth it was this way.

You Light Bearers have this powerfully encoded in your soul ray that activates
the divine original blue print.
It may not always be comfortable for you to be this way here on Gaia though this is changing.
Your ultra-sensitive nature is your intuitive empathic knowing that is of your true soul origin
and will be your guide in the coming changes.
We suggest that you begin to work with your sacred divine temples, the bodies,
and honor this divine trait that will become invaluable to you in the future.

Your Gifts of Expansion, Continuous Change, Transforming and Evolving

You are programmed for expansion as this is how the universe works in constant plenty.
It is the reason that you do not like labels; restrictions are found in organized religions.
You feel it takes away your sacred power.
You already know how to work with the universe and creation.

· Letting go of lower energies and thought forms.

· In times of doubt, in becoming more secure in your new foundations of true essence
  and as your world systems go through many changes, look for the truth in Nature.
She will start speaking to you even louder and clearer than before.
· Feel more in your Bodies the way of the sacred divine feminine.
By being more aware in your body you will know what is real divine guidance and what is illusion.
· You may need more rest and minerals and properties that assist the body in becoming Light.
REST will be needed in between the times when the star gates will bring an influx of energies.
Allow yourself to rest even if it does not look like you have been doing much work to the outside world.
You are on a sacred path of light that needs to be honored.

· Play more, have fun and enjoy; movement, rhythm, music and dance will be especially helpful.
The Blue Ray has been diligent at their spiritual work and it's time for fun.

· Work and play with the devic and fairy kingdoms, water spirit and plant medicines.
You are in this together and they have much to share with you.
· It is time to build and reestablish a relationship with the Angels of Life,
known as the elements and four directions.
You will begin to awaken to this sacred relationship and inner calling.
· Align to Divine Will; this will completely free you
and bring to your life the absolute highest good without you needing to try.

· Work with your body elemental, your health assistant for your physical vehicle.

· Allow yourself to be creative as it assists you in being in the flow and in the sacred rhythms of the Creator.
· Clear yourself of all unnecessary, unneeded and outmoded energetics.
The very stage you are in now is showing this in every way and form of life - Free yourself!

In your world there will be shifting and continual regrouping until there is a settling.
It could look like chaos until the realignment takes place.
You will be the anchors though the storm, and yes you are ready and prepared
as your soul has been in readiness since the beginning of time.
By realigning your self on a daily basis to the flow and rhythms of Source/Creator "Divine Alignment",
you will live a life of grace and ease now and in the future.

We will continue to bring updates and the ancient sacred technologies as you are ready to receive them.
We are your brothers and sisters in Light.

"I am one with thee, you live in my heart, I caress your soul with every pulse of life."
Your Mother Goddess Shekina.



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