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The Illegal Federal Reserve? Nothing Federal About It?

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Comment by Mr.Moet on February 9, 2011 at 4:22pm

These Websites are controlled by Illuminati New-World-Order Puppet Masters: Beware of social conditioning and censorship at these forums and websites.

These poor hacks think that they are some special community of opened minded conspiracy theorist. When in fact they are neck high in classic subliminal and suggestive programming. There is no dissension or contrary opinion allowed here. Contrary belief to their subscribed Hive Mentality is met with verbally violent and classic NAZI type behavior. Members in this Forum are notorious for infiltration and web-sabotage of other sites. Many authors and independent investigators have had their work stolen and twisted by the ATS mind slaves.

Of the same Ilk as ATS. But with a more Evangelistic Doom-tard outlook. Closed minded. Intolerant. Cultist. Bible in one hand and a white sheet and rope in the other.

Alex Jones the other Face of the NSA controlled disinformation machine. Alex Jones mantra is 95% bullshit and 5% half-truth. The final ultimate truth is just around the corner with this guy… except there never is and end to the corners of bullshit and new Inside information that can never be verified and backed-up. But hey… buy the DVD.

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