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Captain Ashtar, The Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation
The Ones working for Ashtar are the Ascended Masters. The Admiral of the New Jerusalem is Sananda,
who is a higher form of Jesus. Commander Ashtar and the millions
in the Galactic Federation do not wish to be seen as different than you or I.
They like to be seen as equals. Many of us have our Twin Flames working in the Galactic Federation on the Ships
and we are all on the path of evolution.
Much of Ashtar's Mission involves helping woman and mankind remember the Galactics and also in protecting the Planet
as well as the Solar System from negative extraterrestrials groups and their desire to control Earth and other Planets.
One of the most important roles Ashtar has played in recent times with Earth and other Planets in the Solar System
is to keep her inhabitants from destroying themselves and their Planet through the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Even though Captain Ashtar is in charge of the Space Fleet in this Solar System,
he is not limited to this sector of the space for his Service.
Ashtar represents our Solar System in the council meetings of our Galaxy, and Universes throughout the greater Cosmos.
The Ashtar Command On Earth and in the Skies

On the MotherShips and StarShips under his command, there are 20 million Crew on the Ships.
Working with Ashtar is KOS (King of Swords). KOS is in a physical template, as we all are,
and we all are stepped-down representatives of the highest Source levels...with internal connections to much higher levels:
Mother-Father, God-Goddess, All That Is. KOS with St Germain, was appointed by the ICJ ( International Court of Justice in the Hague)
in 1999 as head of the 4 million man, world-wide militia, and pro-forma President of the U.S. He supervises Faction 3 Intel.
KOS is an enhanced Galactic-Human with a 3D job heading the Secret Service with President Obama, a wife and he speaks 23 languages.
Appointed by the World Court in 1999, he has martial law authority to ensure NESARA Announcement and Implementation.
KOS was given his authority in 1999 by the World Court and Lady Master Nada.
He and those who work with him and the Galactics are at 38 levels above the President of the US.
King of Swords actually has been the single planetary leader and he wears at least two hats.
He is also put in charge of Galactic-Human adepts who now number about 16 million
and who have all been trained on the StarShips
and have full telepathic connectivity and are shape-shifters with enhanced abilities.
Barack Obama is here representing both the Sirian Council of Nine and also, on assignment from the Great Central Sun (Alcyone)
and has assistance and protection by 16 million galactic-humans working for KOS
and the 4 Million man world-wide militia.
Their task has been to coordinate the removal of the 40-50'tall dragons (renegade Annunaki) working in government,
and in various powerful roles around the Planet .
The CIA was originally formed as an Executive Order, to deal with the negative extraterrestrials making Treaties
with the U.S. Government. Now we have seen this organization searching for StarGates, committing War Crimes,
and Blackwater Ops designed to control Earth.
There are also reptilian renegades living within vast caverns and underground areas deep within the Planet
these adepts have worked to remove. KOS works with Ashtar at the AICO.
As we Star Seeds unite with our Mighty I AM presences those communications conduits are automatically 'involved'
and will gradually become more conscious, stronger and directly connected with Source Intelligence/All That Is
(The Great Eye of Ra, This Represents The Law of One).
Now we connect with 12D and that level steps down the energetic messages from 100D, which is the Godhead.
So, on this level, KOS and his Twin Flame, Lady Master Nada, are very elevated souls with direct responsibility
as the Hosts of Heaven and all Councils in charge of this World's Ascension, as well as other Planets in our Solar System.
Lady Master Nada has several powerful hats she wears. First, She is the President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn.
Through her position as International Court of Justice and as International Special Prosecutor
with extraordinary powers to dissolve courts, arrest judges including our Supreme Court Justices or anyone else.
She is our NESARA 'Postal Lady' in charge of the Announcement and Deliveries. She is also Twin Flame of Admiral Sananda.
She was originally from Lebanon and is quite familiar with all the mid- Eastern/Asian cultures.
She traveled extensively with the Dalai Lama. She is an Ascended Master.
She foreclosed on our Corporate Government on 30 September 2008 when Bush defaulted on his payments.
The King of Swords then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stockmarkets from crashing.
She and St Germain are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization
to prepare us for Ascension's reunification with Source. The Ashtar Command works with GAIA/VYWAMUS

Another important role the Ashtar Command has done is working with GAIA/VYWAMUS
in the clearing and resetting of the Earth Grid.
Metatron heads up this work with Mother Sekhmet.
There are certain grid points on the Earth similar to our acupuncture points on our physical bodies.
When one of these points gets blocked in our physical body there is a stagnation of energy flow which eventually leads to disease.
The same is true of the planet Earth. We have seen recent massive Earth changes
as the Separation of Worlds continues and the Old Timelines are erased.
There are special Crews within the Galactic Federation working on this task.
Mark and Beth have done extensive work with the Earth Grid and erasing of Timelines.
The Earth Grid is the electromagnetic crystalline connection to the rest of the Cosmos and connects through Earth's portals
and StarGates with StarGates which connect our Galaxy to other Galaxies.
One of the important things to understand about Commander Ashtar and His millions of workers,
and fleet of extraterrestrial aircraft, is that they are etheric in nature.
They do not have physical bodies like we do, however they are able to manifest physical bodies and StarShips
or project into physicality and time they want. Most of the life on the other Planets in our Solar System is Etheric in nature.
The Ashtar command also has MotherShips that are anchored in space that are as long as 100 miles in diameter.
These MotherShips contain entire cities with literally millions of people and a thriving society.
Mother Sekhmet's MotherShip is Nibiru. The Ashtar command is part of a great Confederation of Planets,
first in our Solar System, and then in our Galaxy.The Ashtar Command is in charge of our Solar System.
Then you have the interplanetary confederation which is a larger group of local Planets in our sector of space.
Then you have the Galactic Confederation of Planets.
Then still larger there is the Intergalactic Confederation of 7 Super Universes.
Admiral Lincor is in the head of Star Fleet through several universes.
Each of these Councils work in conjunction with the Planetary, Solar, Galactic, and Universal Spiritual Groups.
The Galactics and Angelics Work Together As One

Commander Ashtar also works closely with the Angelic Kingdom, and with the Protective Forces,
most specifically with Archangel Michael. Commander Ashtar is an extremely loving and gentle man
but stern and adamant in His Mission to Serve.
Many of the Ashtar Command walk among us on our streets on Earth without us even being aware of it.
One example is Tom the ringtail Cat Paschat, another is the Poppy Lady, and also the King of Egypt (KOE).
The Ashtar Command serves in a certain sense as Heaven's policemen and they are placed in many roles all over the World.
The Galactics, however, cannot override the wishes or the free will of those living on Earth.
One of the challenges the Ashtar Command has is that if our government has in the past made legally binding Treaties
with certain negative extraterrestrial groups, they are not allowed to interfere with our free choice,
unless we are endangering our Solar System and Galaxy.
The only path to PEACE is Justice and a Just World is a World of PEACE. KOS, Admiral Sananda, Lady Master Nada,
Ashtar, St Germain, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone,
work together as representatives of the Ashtar Comand to restore PEACE to Earth.
The number of negative extraterrestrials is small in number compared to the vast number of christed extraterrestrials, however,
the negative ones are quite dangerous and have tried very hard to control Earth and her resources,
control Earth's population and kept most of Earth poor and in servitude.
What we are seeing in January 2010 is the final maneuvers of the last negative ETs leaving the Matrix.
None of the Ones here today are originally from Earth.
All of us here are Star travelers and here to do a Mission as Earth evolves.
We are all extraterrestrial Galactics. We are all Divine Angelics.
We are all wearing human bodies. Ashtar and the Galactic Federation Work Within The Office of the Christ

Ashtar and all in the Galactic Federation work from the Office of the Christ.
When the term Christ is used here it is not meant in the Christan sense, it is used in the Universal sense.
All spiritual paths lead to Christ and the Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
Vishnu being the equivalent of the Christ in Hinduism. Krishna was also the premier Christ of the eastern world.
All religions also lead to the God/dess. Lord Maitreya, Kalki Maitreya, is known as the Cosmic Christ.
The Galactics and the Angelics work together. There are different levels in the office of the Christ.
There are the Planetary Christ, Solar Christ, Galactic Christ, Universal Christ, Multiversal Christ and Cosmic Christ.
Metatron is at the level of Cosmic Christ.All Masters of all religions and spiritual paths help their students become the Christ,
it is not in truth a Christian term, it is a living presence which you can call any name you want: Sanada/Jesus, Lady Master Nada,
Lord Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tse, Zoroaster, Kalki Maitreya, Melchizedek, Ra, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone, Archangel Metatron,
Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Helios and Vesta,
St Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Lord Arcturus, Ashtar and Athena, Commander Hatonn, Commander Soltec,
Commander Korton, Commander Monk ka, Tom the Ringtail Cat Paschat, Ka tar tek, Tek Ra.
These spiritual Masters are all members of the Galactic Federation and all work from the Office of The Christ.
You are created by God as a Christ. Planet Earth is already in the 5th Dimension.
It is only when we work from the 3rd Dimension that we forget. Remembering is about waking up.
Every Planet in every Galaxy and Universe call this a different name.
All of the members of the Galactic Federation are what we call Christed ETs.
When we have Decloakings and Landings we will get to see our Galactic Family.
These Ones will be returning to Earth to live with us here and together with us, build Terra Nova.
by Elizabeth Trutwin 1/21/10 Beth and Mark
The Recent History of Negative ETs in the US by Elizabeth Trutwin January 15, 2010

The United States Government first learned of German scientists working on copies of Alien Technology
when they invaded Germany during WW II. In 1936 Germany had recovered a crashed UFO.
In the 1940's there was a great increase in extraterrestrial activity.
The single most important event was probably the Roswell crash.
The Roswell crash occurred on July 7, 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico.
A UFO crashed and the bodies of four dead extraterrestrials were found. These four were Zeta Reticulans.
There was a Zeta Reticulan Scientist named Sanni Seto on that Craft and she survived and is fine.
The radar the U.S. used then caused the Craft to go off course and crash. Between 1947 and 1952
the United States Government obtained at least 16 crashed or downed UFO crafts and 65 extraterrestrial bodies.
One live extraterrestrial was recovered. A UFO was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near Aztec,
New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1949 in White Sands, New Mexico.
It was over 100 feet in diameter and a total of 17 extraterrestrial (ET) bodies were recovered from the two crafts.
Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles.
This was coded as "Ultra Top Secret" because of the perceived panic that might occur
if this information leaked out to the general public. The United States Air Force and the CIA controlled the Extraterrestrial Secret.
The CIA was originally formed by Presidential Executive Order for the Singular Purpose of dealing with this ET situation.
What they didn't say is, those running the CIA were indeed time travelers, ETs in human bodies, who came here from the 24th Century.
The live ET that was found had been found wandering in the desert from the 1949 Roswell crash and was named "Ebe".
Ebe stands for extraterrestrial biological entity.
Ebe had a tendency to lie and would only give answers to questions that he desired to answer. In 1951 Ebe became ill.
American doctors had no idea how to medically deal with Ebe because his system was chlorophyll based
and processed food into energy much the same as plants do. On June 2nd, 1952 Ebe died.
In an attempt to save Ebe and to gain favor with this technologically superior race.

President Truman had been keeping our allies, including the Soviet Union, informed of the developing ET problem.
This had been done in case the ETs turned out to be a threat to the human race.
During Dwight Eisenhower's first year in office, which was in 1953, at least 10 more StarShips
were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live ETs. Eisenhower did not reveal the secret to the Congress.
His friend, and fellow member of Council of Foreign Relations, (Secret Government) Nelson Rockefeller.
The Secret Government (CIA) began covertly planning a Secret Group to supervise this ET situation.
This group became known as the MJ12. The Movie "Close Encounters" was a fictionalized version
of a meeting with US government officials when an ET Ambassador stayed behind in a pledge with the President
and the Secret Government to make a Treaty.
In 1953 astronomers discovered large MotherShips in orbit around Earth.
Project SIGNA intercepted alien radio communications.
Project SIGNA, through radio communications using the computer binary language,
was able to arrange face to face landings and contact with ET Beings from another planet.
This initial group of ETs were from Zeta Reticuli and have often been referred to as the "Greys".
They are very small in stature, about four or five feet tall.
They looked nothing like human beings of the Adam Kadmon style as we are used to.
They had big heads, more almond shaped eyes and long arms.
A race of human ETs landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida,
and successfully communicated with the US. Government.
This group warned us of the Greys that were orbiting the equator.
They were warning us of the 'Greys', and a reptilian extraterrestrial race from Orion.
The reptilian race have a reptilian looking head with a human looking physical body.
The Galactic Federation offered to help us with all our technological and spiritual problems,
however they had a requirement.
They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons. Our Secret Government refused.
A third landing occurred at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954.
The base was closed for three days and no one was allowed to enter or leave during that time.
Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day he was spirited off to the base.
The excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist. Five UFO craft landed, and Eisenhower met with the ETs.
All these landings were filmed. This alien group again was from Zeta Reticuli.
During this time, the Galactic Federation was trying to help, but the Secret Government
refused to end the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
The Cabal, those human looking ETs from the future, the Fallen Angels,
had no intention of giving up their power and control of Earth.
They were interested in not only conquering Earth, but many other Planets as well.
To this day, President Obama is meeting withpositive ETs from the Galactic Federation.
The most recent 'excuse' was an injured child during his Christmas trip to Hawaii.
It is easier to hide his comings and going when vacationing in Hawaii, "The Rock".
A Formal Treaty between the Zeta Reticulan Star Nation and the United States government was signed.
We officially received our first ET Ambassador from Outer Space who was the same Being who stayed in the first landing.
His name and title was his "Omnipotent Highness Krill".
The treaty, basically stated that the ETs would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs.
We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with our advanced technological development.
They would not make any treaty with any other nation on earth.

The treaty included a selling of Souls. The Zeta Reticulans were granted, by this treaty,
permission to abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purposes
of medical examination and monitoring of our development.
There was a stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, and would be returned to their point of abduction,
and that they would have no memory of the event. The Zeta Reticulan Ambassadors would remain on Earth.
The human "guests" would go to their planet, and then return and then an exchange would take place.
This was re-enacted in the movie "Close Encounters".
It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground in the United States for the use of the Greys
and that two bases would be constructed for joint use of the Greys and the Secret Government.
Exchange of technology would occur in the jointly occupied bases.
These ET bases would be constructed under Indian Reservation in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado,
New Mexico and Arizona, and one in the Mojave Dessert near Yucca, California.
A secret military fund was put together to build 75 deep underground facilities.
The excuse was that these were needed in case of Nuclear War!
It became obvious by 1955 that the Greys had deceived Eisenhower and broken the treaty.
The Secret Government had basically sold out the American people without their permission.
Abductions were occurring at hundreds of times the rate agreed upon.
There were reports of human mutilations occasionally happening also, although this was much rarer.
It was also suspected that all abductees had not been returned.
The Soviet Union were also working with The Greys and were using humans and animals
for a source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood plasma and genetic experiments,
including hybrid pregnancies and babies. The Greys said that this was necessary for their survival.
They stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated and that they were no longer able to reproduce.
They said that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure, their race would soon cease to exist.
The Greys were also found to be impregnating human females and somehow causing an early termination
of the pregnancies to secure a hybrid infant.
They were also implanting humans on earth with both mechanical and non-mechanical implants
for biological monitoring and tracking purposes. I trained with Arcturus on his Medical Ships.
We have taken some of my Healing Clients there.
He has shown me the surgical scars made by the Greys during their surgeries.
This was meatball surgery and all experimental. Arcturus and I have gone in and done Light Surgeries healing the wounds.
He has taken me back in time to the moment of the surgeries so I could watch how the Greys did their work.
They did heart and lung surgeries and bone and muscles surgeries.
I also saw many Clients who had hosted pregnancy implantations from the Greys.
I went back to the time of the induction to take the baby, with Arcturus.
Archangel Michael always accompanies us as well.
I have seen a place where these orphans go to be adopted within the Grey Community.
There are many children in this Group who were implanted and inducted.
They are considered outsiders in their Own Society and they all live in an area together,
where there is a community of these Ones living happy lives.
Often when I tell my Client the information about their experience, they are angry, sad, and do not believe me.
I explain to them what Arcturus told me.
These Ones are hybrids themselves and agreed to these things before they incarnated into human bodies.
There is no judgment here. It is time to forgive and move on into an Attitude of Love.
These horrific things are not happening now.
The last negative ET was removed in November 2009 and nothing like this will happen on Earth again.
Over 18,000 Greys lived at the Dulce, New Mexico underground base alone.
Some of the technology in these bases was provided by the Greys
and is far beyond the understanding of the Secret Government.
There were terrible sciences practiced here, remnants of Atlantis,
experiments included mixing human and animal genetics.
Over the years the Reptilians and Greys became more and more bold in destroying life for their own purpose.
The Secret Government has had over 70 species of ETs trying to contact us.
We have obtained and have in our possession over 40 flying StarShips,
many of which have been reproduced and are testing and flying ourselves.
We have over 100 bodies of dead ETs.
The Secret Government at this time, in partnership with the Soviet Union,
worked with these Negative ETs in the colonization of the Moon and Mars.
They launched their equipment for this from a portal in the Indian Ocean at Deigo Garcia.
This happened long before our first official public landing on the moon by astronaut Armstrong.
Another plan of the Secret Government was the use of nuclear devices to blast holes in the stratosphere
to let the greenhouse heat and pollution escape.
The Earth Cooling and poison with pollution was to depopulate the Earth's population.
As part of this plan there was the implementation of birth control, sterilization,
and the introduction of deadly microbes to slow the growth of the Earth's population, including AIDS.
The plague of AIDS was created by the Secret Government with the Negative ETs as a form of bacteriological warfare.
It was purposely given to specifically selected targeted populations including Blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals.
One of the ways they did this was to lace hepatitis vaccines with the virus.
The Secret Government (CIA) and Politics
The One President that wasn't under the hold of the Secret Government was John Kennedy.
When he found out about a lot of the Secret Government activities, he cooperated with the Galactic Federation.
President Eisenhower had approved 13 Million dollars for the Negative ETs to install Nuclear Weapons in Cuba.
They worked in alliance with Nikita Khruschev. The 13 Families, time traveling ETs, were trying to control the Planet.
They were using nuclear weapons to make false reasons for arms and war.
They used this backdrop of staged Wars as they continued to look for StarGates.
The Galactic Federation thwarted the nuclear missiles in Cuba.
It was his cooperation with the Galactic Federation,
that had the Secret Government remove him and his brother, Bobby.
President Kennedy is with the Galactic Federation now and will return with landings scheduled this year.
One of the main ways the Secret Government has financed all their projects is through drug money.
George Bush was one of the original people that was approached to help the CIA start their program of selling drugs.
His former Secretary of State, James Baker is even higher up in the Secret Government ladder than George Bush was.
George Bush, as you know later became the head of the CIA.
The fact that these men and the entire corrupt staff have been voted out of office marked the beginning
of a great awakening for the American people, and the beginning of the end for the Dark Brotherhood's reign of control.
The Secret Government, or Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission were in complete control
of the ET Technology before last summer when Mark and I with Rama worked with the Galactic Federation on the Ops
to clear the Planet of the Negative ET technologies, their Ships, and the remaining reptilians and Dragons.
These ones are less than 100 individuals controlling our Planet,
they and their families are also connected into 35 other Planets.
This is the reason WHY the Galactic Federation is involved. This problem effects our entire Local Galaxy.
We are a Galactic Society. What happens here effects Ones on several local Planets.
There have been reports that we will "soon" with the new telescope "See Earth-like Planets that are inhabited".
This is not joyous news. This is a realization that the Secret Government has HIDDEN our Family from us.
The arrests of these individuals are in their absolute final days.
Ashtar announced on January 12, 2010 the arrests are complete.
Our Work with The Galactic Federation Secret Forces Mark and I work with Captain Ashtar,
the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation, and the Admiral,
Sananda Kumara with the Secret Forces to clear this problem.
We work with the Secret Forces of the Galactic Federation which include Commander Hatonn from the Protection Forces
and Commander Korton with Monk Ka from Mars and King of Swords (KOS) on Earth.
Our communications are coordinated by Commander Soltec from Alpha Centauri.
We work with Tom the ringtail Cat Paschat. Our Ops are coordinated with Mother Sekhmet and her Paschats. R
ama worked with us on all of these Ops.
We coordinated several Ops from June until November of 2009 to remove the Negative ETs.
Because of our work and successes we were targeted by negative ETs.
We worked with Metatron and Archangel Michael, and with Tom the ringtail Cat Paschat
to make electromagnetic light shields around our homes.
These were designed to keep the negative ETs out. There were infiltrations.
We received our intel from the KOS and he coordinated efforts between us and the Secret Forces.
We have participated in several Ops we have never spoken of.
These were the Ops we spoke of that cleared the Planet of the reptilian race, the Greys, their labs,
underground experiments and extensive network of destruction.
Mark and I trained individually for years before we met.
We were both trained by the Secret Forces independently before coming together for the final Ops.
There have been many attempts to keep us apart and keep our joint work hidden.
We chose to broadcast our Ops on the internet and on radio.
Mark finally mentioned the Op where one of the last MotherShips of the Zeta Reticulans was removed in November.
I was in a Craft with Tom the ringtail Cat Paschat and I was beamed from the MotherCraft.
I had extensive injuries, but these improved in a matter of days.
I had several treatments from Arcturus which healed me quickly. Mark was so concerned, he spoke publicly of it.
This surprised me and I was too concerned to comment, but did recover in a few days.
Mother Sekhmet took out that final Negative ET Craft which was miles wide, very very large.
We were told a few days later all Negative ETs have been removed from Earth[Nov 2009].
It was that final Op that made it possible for the work that is being done now.
Now the arrests of the Secret Government agents, Negative ETs, themselves, are now complete.
The Spiritual Awakening of Earth has been the final key marking the end.
The Galactic Federation, with the Secret Forces, with Soltec and Korton, and others,
have worked together and stopped the Negative ETs from controlling other Planets in our Local Galaxy.
We are now able to Image more of Space and the Truth is being revealed more each day.
The mass decloakings and disclosure are key and will begin with the United States President,
Barack Obama, the Sirian Commander.
The Time For Peace Is Now. by Elizabeth Trutwin 1/15/10 Beth and Mark
Starseed Claude

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