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The Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions October 27, 2015







Join us at any time TODAY for 22 minutes to help initiate
sweeping change in the world's educational system.







The Full Moon Unity Transmissions 

Today ~ October 27, 2015     


New Format! 

This is a 22-minute transmission. 

Join us at any time of your preference.









As one voice, join us as we invoke a massive expansion in the field of holistic education for our transitioning world.


The highest purpose of this transmission is to initiate swifter acceptance of holistically based education in academic systems around the world, especially bringing great reformation in both public and private schooling.

While this field of education is gradually emerging, we are setting into momentum a more accelerated transition and with much greater acceptance as the world's standard curriculum.


We are empowering the Educators

We are calling in Divine Intervention

We are strengthening the field of Unity Consciousness


We are seeding the Outcome Realized





Help us to initiate sweeping change to the educational system in all world nations.


 © Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. You have permission to share our free public information as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credt is given to this Foundation.     



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