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There are 4 kinds of power animals, the first is what I call the Physical totem, it also, generally, suits your personality, traits and build etc, the animal that is closest to you in every way. I am a cougar; I look like a cat, and move like one, and lead a charmed life like one . This one usually stays with you for life, although it has been known to change. The second kind is yr personal power animal.

The one that stays with you for life, a bit like your Physical totem, except that it contains the traits you don’t have, but can call on, that is why the second one is there. It is usually the animal you most want to be, for in your subconcious, it will tell you the strengths you lack, and so give you the image of the animal you need mostly, for its wisdoms and strengths. Mine is a bit of a is a crow.

The third kinds are animal helpers those that come when needed in difficult times, or times of choice. They will stay until it is resolved, generally about 3 months. A creature will come forward, to lend you the traits and strengths that are unique to it, the things that are happening in your life at the time of the animal coming forwards, will influence the kind of animal that you will receive. At the moment I have a horse with me, horses never get lost, and know the way so I guess what I am doing tonight is a result of that.

The fourth kinds are messengers, they appear in dreams, visions meditations or when you are journeying. You may never see them again so listen to what wisdom they carry, for it is a good clue to what you need to prepare yourself for over the next few days. They may only appear once. On many occasions I have missed the message so I’ve learned to be vigilant.

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on November 3, 2010 at 7:19pm
Hi Turquoise, the author does not make reference to it, but check this relating blog if it can help you,


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