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My theory is that all is consciousness. Matter, energy, space, time, light. It is said that space and time is fluid like and can be distorted by a sufficiently powerful enough gravitational or anti gravitational field. Dark energy, although it is no certainty yet as to what affect this energy has on certain elements in the universe, outside of a mathematical equation that seems to fit the unusual behavior of such energetic elements, that are going on in the universe.

It is in this manner that most of science research is done by what is referred to as inference rather then by actual proven physical fact. Any and all theories (theories are no more than propositions to the reason for a specific behavior) are in a constant flux or are predisposed to change or alteration in order to give way to a new discovery within this however slightly altered behavior. Possibly new data can be fed to the high tech computers as to why the universe has not yet started to retreat upon itself.

Dark energy they think repels regular gravity like an anti gravitational energy or something to that effect, I don't remember the exact terminology. On the other hand a black hole has the opposite affect exerting such a tremendously powerful gravitational pull that even light can't escape once it traverses event horizon. It is also postulated that if it were possible to survive and pass through event horizon of a black hole, time would slow down as you get closer to event horizon until it would stop upon entering event horizon. As you plummet past event horizon you would find that time would be moving backwards.

Let us leave the hypothetical levels of astrophysics for now and just concentrate on the level we reside in. Every single atomic particle, micro dust particle, and visible as well as invisible waves of energy and light, and other vibrational ripples spreading outward and overlapping one another, like the ripples created by raindrops on a pond, all of these make up the ethereal grid which is the fabric, the cohesive, if you may, which binds together all that is in the universe.

One could liken the universe to a tapestry which is woven onto fabric that connects all of the layers of the quantum grids of all the realities or dimensions as one . With this evidence of intelligent design, even the lowly worm has a complex matrix or grid constructs that just can't happen by chance. Then if this is so would not the universe be the consciousness of all as One within the Oneness of Consciousness?

Now could it be that each quantum level of reality or quantum dimension is structured similarly with their own ethereal grids, each a microsecond out of phase from one another, an infinity of veils, one upon the other, like the pages in a telephone book? As the ancients use to depict on cave walls, circles within circles. These are quantum realities, one upon the other.

The sum of all these quantum levels, each like one page of that infinite intergalactic telephone book, ***The veil***
that separates us from the other realities or quantum dimensions and the sum of all conscious beings as one within the Oneness, and yet another infinity. Where does a thought come from? I do not speak of the process of that thought through the biological brain, but it's birth. Instantaneous? If a thought can travel instantaneously then why not telepathically anywhere instantly upon the fabric, or ethereal grids, as I have referred to it on occasion, the Holy Ghost of universe.


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