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The Finders (pdf - 90 pages)
The Finders is a CIA front established in the 1960s. Members are specially trained US government child kidnappers. They have top clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexually abusing them, involving them in Satanic orgies, bloody rituals and the murder of other children. The Finders are known sexual degenerates who use a fleet of unmarked cars to grab targeted children from parks and schoolyards. The Finders use their own child members as decoys to lure other child victims close to their vans. It is thought that The Finders network closely with similar groups internationally, are covertly supported by the Illuminati's Committee of 300, and may have been involved with the Dachau-based Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in the Madeleine McCann abduction in 2007. More background here and here.

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