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The heart exists in the now. It doesn't need time; it doesn’t need analysis or processing. It needs no thoughts; it just feels, sensing its environment. This is the power of love. This is the power of magnetism. The heart pulses, alive with this power, constantly. These pulses are not heartbeats, they happen in the moment between heartbeats. It’s the pulse called consciousness or, in short, love.

Stillness is not still at all, just like a wave can never truly be a wave but water expressing itself. Water has the ability to do this because of the magnetic pull of the moon. She is the reason why a wave exists to begin with.

Did you know that the moon is in love with the Earth? Did you know that this is why there’s such a magnetic and gravitational pull between them? The Earth is in love with the moon as well, that’s why they circle around each other throughout eternity, with grace, never touching. They choose to discover one another again and again, for the moon understands that the Earth is always new. The Earth understands that the moon is always now. They understand that whenever they observe each other, they are always different for no moment is alike.

If indeed the waves are created by the magnetic pull of the moon, then the waves are truly the result of the moon loving Earth. It is possible to create your reality by being in love with everything around you. Look at creation around you in stillness.

You will never hear the moon and the Earth talk, they don’t need to. They understand each other; they have an agreement, a relationship. They gravitate towards one another and yet their incredibly powerful gravitational field, a mass bigger than anything you can imagine with your mind, does not crush each other. In this huge force called gravity they have found balance.

Reality around you resembles what you are. There are huge forces inside of you. You are planets revolving around one another; you are universes making first contact at all times. In touching, you often try to put your energy onto something, some person or object, and this is something you cannot do. It will always create unbalance. It will always upset the other system.

What if the moon got greedy, what if the moon felt she needed to penetrate the Earth, touch the Earth, become one with the Earth? She would destroy the Earth and all life.

And so these two great lovers choose to do their eternal dance, hence creating a reality where consciousness can thrive.

You have all done this; penetrated one another energetically. Everyone, at some point in their evolution, has tried to posses the other. You have destroyed originality in others, while having been destroyed by others in your original authentic state.

How is it possible for someone to do such a thing? The answer, as seen from the perspective of forgiveness and truth, is simple as always: only because they thought this was love. They thought it was the only way.

It’s missing the mark of existence though, trying to put your energy onto another life form. It’s the result of mind creating thoughts because of which you think the other life form is not you.

If you go into the stillness of the heart, the moment between the heartbeats, you will know that all this other life around you, all these other objects revolving around you is really you, just you!

The moon understands that the sun is a reflection of the energy of the Earth. The sun understands that the moon is a reflection of the energy of the Earth. The Earth understands that the moon is a reflection of the sun and the sun understands that it is a reflection of Mars and Mars understands it is a reflection of yet another planet and so this entire solar system exists in balance.

If you are reading this message, if you have put your heart in the position to find these words, then you’ve gotten to a point where you can be like the solar system. You can enter into relationships and exchange with another, by just revolving around the other, by just using the gravitational field that exists when two magnetic fields, two spheres of love, come together and dance. Do you see?

If you raise your consciousness you will see the entire planet and all life entranced in a dance. The drops of water forming the waves and waterfalls don’t destroy each other; they just dance and play around with all the elements. They end up as they should and as they can. Take your examples and lessons from the world around you. Take them from the earth and from the light of the sun and from the water. Take your lessons, why wouldn’t you?


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