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The concept of beauty was one of the most important cornerstones in the whole of Lemurian society. Beauty was considered the end result of all creation, much like it should be today. Frankly put: if something is not going to turn out beautiful, it is not worth creating.

Anything less than beautiful is something which is not fully believed in at the moment of creation. Do you understand this? If you do not believe in your own creation it cannot turn out beautiful because the way a creator perceives its creation is what generates beauty in the linear realms.

Q: Would this mean that linearity and beauty are opposites?

In the linear realms, beauty cannot exist by its own volition. Beauty is a state of perfection without a beginning, middle or end. In this way, beauty is quite similar to the concept of infinity. It can only be created on an akeneic level.

Once a thing of beauty is created its presence actually runs back and forth through the timeline, whether it exists in physical reality or not. Once a creator generates a thing of beauty, it exists forever. From the initial moment, it literally has always been there. Hundreds or even thousands of years before its actual physical existence, people can feel a thing of beauty ripening in the air. This is the reason why humanity can fall in love at first sight with anything they experience as beautiful: when they see what they ‘always knew they believed in’, they immediately recognize it. That’s the beauty of creation, isn’t it?

One of the most beautiful creations to have ever emerged from this universe is planet Earth. It is the original Council of Beauty of the first Lemuria that is partially responsible for creating Earth, but once something is manifested it no longer pours out of its creator alone. The original creator of anything, including Earth, is a channel or vessel through which the original thought flows forth. Once the creation is being experienced by other akeneic creators and once they choose to express within that creation they are now co-responsible and co-creative. The same can be said of Earth. There has never been a human or any being which has walked this planet that is not considered responsible for Earth’s continued creation.

There is indeed something to be said about leaving a place in better shape than you found it, even within the tachyonic confines of this hologram you call life. Earth’s creation may have poured out of a certain group of creators, but in your experience she pours out of you continually. The whole universe is watching as you remember your intimate relationship to beauty and as you move into joy forever. Consider beauty in all you do.

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