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Our perception of TIME is a very interesting phenomenon. We perceive time to occur in the sequence of past preceding present, and future a thing to occur as though the fabric of time were a linear stream flowing from our past. In reality time is not at all that way. The time-space continuum occurs future preceding present, as the expanding universe creates this rift of time and space at its farthest frontier, manifesting the fabric of dimensional space. At the relative beginning of our universe known as the Big Bang there exist a singularity having no dimensional existence, and yet at the outreach of the cosmos the same singularity exists, being devoid of the same dimensional properties. The effect of this expansion is an introverted rift headed to the singularity in the beginning. Quantum theory postulates the existence of infinite probabilities, an unlimited futurity, and I believe this to be directly correlated with the time wave that is being created perpetually by the ever expanding cosmos. I personally conceive that our perception of time as being linear is due to our consciousness inherently streaming into this wave as a coherent element of the cosmos and its creation, thus causing infinite waves of probability to collapse into definite realities manifesting our state within the present. I also consider our past to be anything but linear under the same rule. I believe that we are as much of a homogenous entity as the universe itself, and our absolute life state if we were to see it would be a seeming cosmological absurdity. To arrive at the present we have not followed one singular probability, but a multiplicity of them. We shift within this dimensional fabric, passing through dimensional transits above the 3rd dimension, veering and branching at many points, able only to perceive the 3 dimensional existence of our current state.

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Comment by Trudy on February 17, 2011 at 12:32pm

Time doesn't exist... time is created for keeping us sheeps in line...
when you are in space time isn't an issue anymore ...


That is why Patricia you were able to do what you were doing... stop the time ... yes we are able to do that ... but many are not aware of it or don't know how to manifest it ... well just by mindpower ... you can put your thougths were you want them to be ...

Namasté dear friends :)))

Comment by patrick on February 15, 2011 at 6:25pm
Does this mean that in the 3rd dimension universe, the future in all it's probabilities, exists far away from us at the expanding edge of the universe and that if a man could travel to the edge of the expanding universe then return to earth, he would find himself in our far 'future' ? Thank you.

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