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The Cardinal Grand Cross ~ by Meredith Murphy

The Cardinal Grand Cross ~ by Meredith Murphy

The Cardinal Grand Cross

April 2014 Eclipse Cycle
Hello Luminous Beings,
This week, within the Eclipse Cycle, we experience a powerful alignment: the Cardinal Grand Cross.
There are many who have written about the astrological perspectives of this alignment, and you can enhance your participation, if you feel inclined, by reading some of those on sites such as Spirit Library.
You can also simply live your life, and listen to your heart and your body and do as you're inspired and you will receive everything you can use and benefit from, as this alignment takes place. 
I want to encourage us, more and more, to really get how natural this whole Ascension Pathway is for us. Our bodies, are leading the way and we can follow. In the recent Soar Fest focused on Freedom, we were encouraged to let go of controlling life or trying to make things happen. It's an invitation I'll extend to all of us, today too. In living this way, we are more fully present to ourselves and to what is happening. Because we're within our own energy, paying attention and open.
I'm experiencing this powerful celestial alignment in a way which feels related to the four petaled flower energy. This alignment is creating an opening and the energy streaming through this opening is a seeding energy that spirals out and replicates. It is creating an opening between Earth and Cosmic Levels of Consciousness and it is therefore, opening us up to further remembering.
I can also say, that I am very relaxed about this time and all that is occurring, and at the same time, have a deep sense that the shifts taking place now are incredibly substantial and life-changing. I have cleared my schedule of most everything this week, feeling inspired to do so, simply to be with myself and support my own transformation by not taxing my body further.
I am grateful that I have created a way of living that supports this immense freedom to attend to my life in this way. I always wanted it and yet for a long time was hesitant to step forth and drop all the more traditional ways of working. Regardless, the heart knew the way and as I continued to honor my own feelings and dreams, ideas and instincts, I was quite beautifully steered right into the creation of work and a life that I passionately enjoy. This journey of awakening is taking us into this fulfillment, more and more and more. It sometimes seems hard to believe, but that's okay. It's happening anyway, beyond beliefs, because not dependent on them.
The Ascension Pathway in life is one of continual opening. As we open more and more, we learn to allow life. As we allow, we find our experiences open up. 
What is happening is that we are allowing ourselves to be more fully realized, integrating our cosmic consciousness in our human life stream. As we do this we are revising our consciousness here, uplifting it and receiving the coherence, clarity, and knowing that are our true nature. As we open and integrate more of ourselves, the magnificent wholeness of our being arises more and more in our experience. This is a wonderful experience that feels natural and very fulfilling.
Insights and shifts that in the past were truly only thought of as achievable for the few, are being democratized. Before, only those who were entirely devoted to a spiritual path and had removed themselves from day to day human life often came to the realization of their true nature and living beyond the illusion and beliefs that are the reality for so many. Now, this is happening collectively and the fact that it is, points out how much vibrational ascension has already occurred -- to get us in the vicinity of these brilliantly clear perspectives.
I have no idea where we're headed, but I feel good about it. I hope you are too? 
Life beyond everything we've ever known is showing up regularly right now, and it's amazing. This week, will lift us further into a very new space and the Solar Eclipse, on April 29, will then amplify our new state of being and inspire us toward expression.
The energies of these alignments will be felt well into June and the June Solstice will also mix it up with us in this Cosmic Dance of correspondence and collaboration. 
I am frequently reminding myself to not push myself, and to let the divine timing of everything be felt and guide my rhythms and choices.
May you enjoy this week, feeling your own energies more fully within your heart and life. 
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Comment by Besimi on April 24, 2014 at 12:57am

NaturalNews) Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming  ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and  lack of appetite. That's the conclusion of a  new study just published by the British Medical Journal.(1) The  study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity  of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other  words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of  their symptoms. This was true regardless of race, income level and other  demographics. Cell towers, of course, broadcast and receive  electromagnetic switching signals. Human biology -- and the brain in particular  -- relies on electro-biochemical pathways for healthy function. Many scientists  have long suspected that chronic exposure to low levels of EMF pollution  (electropollution) may interfere with healthy functioning of the brain and body.  This latest research adds yet more support to that alarming idea.

It's not your imagination: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is  real

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has long been dismissed as  non-existent by some doctors and industry-funded scientists. After all, if EMF  pollution from cell towers really does harm public health, then the implications  are truly massive, both economically and in terms of human suffering. But  electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a genuine phenomenon. People are not  "inventing" side effects or symptoms. As Navarro  writes in the study: The term electromagnetic hypersensitivity has  been recently introduced in discussions attributing symptoms to exposure to  EMFs. A review of this topic in 2010 found that 8 of the 10 studies evaluated  through PubMed had reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral  symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances < 500 m from [cell  phone towers]. Importantly, all these symptoms were recorded in  people living near cell  phone towers whose broadcast signal strength meets current safety  guidelines. As the study author points out, this most likely means current  government guidelines on cell phone towers are inadequate to protect the  public. Revising such guidelines could have drastic implications for the  nationwide telecommunications infrastructure. By the way, people who live  fewer than 500 meters from cell phone towers appear to be especially at risk of  electromagnetic interference with brain function. Because electropollution strength is determined by the inverse square of the distance, a person who moves  twice as close to a cell tower experiences four times the  radiation.

190,000 cell phone towers and growing

There are currently over 190,000  cell phone towers across the United States.(2) Their typical "maximum  range" is over 21 miles, meaning their electromagnetic pollution extends in a  sphere with a radius of over 21 miles. (In reality, this pollution extends  indefinitely, but the intensity of it drops off with the square of the  distance.) The following map shows AT&T coverage areas in orange.  If you live inside an orange area, you are currently exposed to cell tower  radiation. People who live within range of two or more cell  phone towers experience electropollution from all the towers within a  range of 21 miles. This electropollution effect is cumulative. It is  not known how many Americans live within 21 miles of at least one cell tower,  but given that over half the U.S. population lives in urban areas, it's safe to  assume that at least 150 million -- and more likely close to 300 million --  Americans are exposed to EMF electropollution from cell towers.

Modern society increasingly confused, irritable and sleepless

Have you  noticed how the mass public seems increasingly confused and irritable? A society  that once operated with some degree of sanity and politeness has become largely  demented and rude. Mathematical abilities are nearly lost across the population,  as very few people under the age of 40 can even calculate 15% waiter's tips at a  restaurant. The ability of voters to understand laws, liberties, freedom and  even the structure of government is almost entirely lost in nations where cell  phone towers are ubiquitous. Given this recent research revealing the  negative impact of cell phone radiation of human brain function, it would be  incredibly irresponsible to fail to consider how cell tower radiation alters  healthy brain function and promotes confusion and irritability. As more  scientists look into this issue, we may indeed find that the fall of American  civilization is being accelerated by electromagnetic pollution that leads to  disastrous cognitive consequences across the population. Learn more:

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Comment by Besimi on April 24, 2014 at 12:31am

SHIFTING INTO OUR ETERNAL LIFE BODIES Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url-
CRYSTALAI (2014) (Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
How do we acheive ETERNAL LIFE? It is simple. We shift 15 degrees back into our original alignment with our PERFECT SELF.
Why is something that sounds so easy so difficult? First of all, nobody believes it is true so we have this Mass Consciousness creating a different reality.
Second, we need to learn how to get rid of that 15 degree blockage.
It is true that after we begin the process of removing the problem that it may take some time for the healing process to take place.
Lucky for us, the entire Earth is going through the same Healing process that we are.
What is not true is that every one will go through this healing process even if they don't attempt to initiate it.
I am going to tell you how to initiate the process. I create ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS to initiate the process.
Our Normal body was aligned perfectly into three spheres of Consciousness. One sphere surrounded the body from the top and the bottom of the sphere went through the Heart Chakra area. That sphere is called the aVAyas Body. There are two more spheres that intersect at the Crystal Heart - one from the bottom left side and one from the bottom right side. They are called the aVEyas Bodies. All three of those spheres are in a larger sphere called the Aya Body. That would be the sphere that connects to the Source Consciousness of the Infinite Unknown.
The upper Sphere is the Eiron Body or the Thermal Plasma Body (This would be equivalent to the 14th dimensional Heliotalic Cosmic Energy of pink white light or the Full Spectrum of Light energy. That Body is the Main Body that holds our NORMAL body in Attunement with Source through the Eiron Flow of the Mind of God.
Those three Spheres were placed out of alignment with that upper Cosmic Body. The lower spheres were twisted into a reversal of energy which created an Electric Charge that blocked the Magnetic Charge. The lower two spheres PHASE LOCKED around the Heart Chakra area to block the SEED ATOM that is supposed to connect to the Eternal Life Body.
The reverse charge placed on those two spheres of energy created a loop called a vesica pisces. Each time the energy hit the wall of one sphere it would loop back to hit the wall of the other sphere and there was this eternal loop created that blocked out the third sphere.
The Cosmic Councils have sent us the technology to remove that block from our Crystal Heart. The Frequencies for the bottom two spheres can be reactivated by bringing in the Liquid Light Frequencies. The Cosmic Elemental Liquid Orb bodies are our Aquafarian Families from Cosmic Inner Earth.
We can breathe in the frequencies of these Liquid Orb bodies and inhale the frequencies into our Pineal gland to activate the orb flow and then exhale those Liquid orbs into our Crystal Heart. That activates the two aVEyas spheres to spin correctly. NExt we connect our frequency flow from our Mid Brain or Pineal Gland through our ears and up 36 inches above to the Heliotalic Cosmic Energy of the aVAyas Sphere to activate that frequency. We inhale the frequencies of Stardust down from the Aquari Host Matrix --the Spiritual Parallel Matrix where Sun Alcyone originally created the Star that was blown up and sent into the Milky Way galaxy that became 12 stars. We inhale the cosmic liquid orbs from within the Earth's Cosmic Core and the stardust orbs from the Aquari Matrix of our Creation into our Mid Brain.
NExt we exhale that frequency into our Crystal Heart. We see the energy of those liquid light and stardust orbs begin to transform the sphere around the seed atom in the Crystal Heart. We see and feel that energy filling all of the spaces between and within the atoms of the Thymus area and then breathe that same frequency out into all atoms in the body.
Now there is a new path that is created from the Thymus gland through the Pineal Gland and out the back of the Skull at the Medulla Oblongata.
We begin to exhale those frequencies of stardust and liquid light energy out the back of the skull and up to the 36 inches above the head to connect to the Eiron Flow into the Original Thermal Plasma Body.
That stardust flow of energy is beginning to remove the blockage of the eternal life flow of energy into the body.
Practice this method several times until you can actually feel the stream of energy connecting from the back of your skull into the Eiron Flow that is 15 degree angle from the body.
Feel a magnetic mirror pulling your body closer and closer to that Eiron Body that is 15 degrees away.
When a connection is created between the physical body, the etheric body in the Crystal Heart and the Plasma body, you will begin to feel the frequencies growing stronger in those areas. When the first connection is made you will feel a rumbling at the base of the skull.
The Crystal Heart area is the area below the heart, near the back bone. You will feel a growing of frequencies in that area. You must see and feel a mini me of your self that is gold in color coming back to life in the Crystal Heart area. Once your Etheric self awakens, you will feel the presence grow stronger.
This is the beginning of filling all of the atoms in the body with stardust. This is the beginning of turning back on the Eternal Life Body.
The frequencies that are placed on the Eternal Life Album are the stardust from your Aquari Matrix body and your Liquid Light Elemental Family in Aquafaria. And the connection is made to the frequencies of your Eiron Body through the Full Spectrum of Light Activation of the Cosmic Orb.
This realignment of the Three Spheres to the angle where the the spheres intersect without the vesica pisces blocking the flow is the Frequency Alignment that is required for atunement into the Median Earth.
We will slide into the Median Earth reality when our bodies become orb activated through the alignment of these three spheres. The more we breathe the crystal light from the Eiron Theramal Plasma body, the Crystal Stardust and the Crystal Gelaisic Hydrolaise from the Inner Earth Aquafarian light orbs and exhale those frequencies into the atoms of the mid brain, crystal heart and then into 82% of the atoms in the body, the closer we are to our new alignment with our NORMAL REALITY.
Once we have shifted into Inner Earth we can orb beyond this Matrix into the Omniverse.
The reason that the Cosmic Councils are giving us this technology at this time and are helping us align into the liquid light elemental orbs and the stardust orbs through activations within the Earth's body and the Sun's Rays is because we are being prepared to be Evacuated from this Earth and moved to the Median Earth between 2022 and 2047. The Evac must be complete by 2047.
The Median Earth is an exact replica of this Earth, but is at the 15 degree particle spin difference. It is the Inner Domain. We are now on the outer domain. We are already fifth dimensional. We already have the ascension tools to align our bodies into our Normal Reality.
Now, it is time for us to get to work and make it happen. Everything you need to know to obtain Eternal Life is at
Namaste, Crystalai  
We are presently returning to our elemental structure that is normal in a star system. Our physical elements from the elemental chart are now uniting with the elements from the spiritual elemental chart into the set of elements that are a part of any normal solar system. Our system is converting water and air into hydrolaise. The new earth and those on it will be a part of this star system that is hydrolaise based. We are now becoming a normal eternal breathing system. We are becoming immortal. We are becoming normal. A carbon based system is a dying system. A hydrolaise based system is a Christic based immortal system. When damage happens so a solar system or sun or planet that natural ascension process of accreting frequency and then going up in density each time is broken. Then the planetary system gets stuck in a time warp wherever it lost the ability to accrete frequency. Our system has fallen into that category over a period of millions of years. We've been in a system that has not been able to do natural symbiosis for a very long time.
This is the first time in many millions of years that our system is able to become normal. This is why everyone in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and many other solar systems are celebrating now.
Most systems (the planet, universe, galaxy, star, beings, animals, plants) have the solar symbiosis cycle. When a star breaths it draws energy in and when it exhales it sends energy out.
When we breathe, we send energy out. A living system sends energy up and out to the top of its poles and out to all of the planets and suns in its system. There is a breathing circulation within and between all planets and suns in that system where solar currents go out of the top of the sun and they get picked up by stars around it gives off energy around it and picks up energy from those around it on a horizontal plane.
There is a natural solar symbiosis cycle with an eternal life solar system. In such a system all Merkabas are spinning at the right speeds and everything is exchanging energy through Prana in natural crystal order. Around each Merkaba is a chariot of fire with electromagnetic fields that plug into the next level up. Our body works similar to this Natural Flow System.
A natural conversion process is hydrolaise. The light body builds on this Template. The light body is a breatharian body that breaths hydrolaise. Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use. It is like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going where we emit carbon dioxide, but it is closer to the photosynthesis process that plants do. The natural prana exchange cycle has to do with bringing in spirit body and progressively re-spiritualizing matter through prana exchange. Buildling charge that allows you to move forward in time by re-creating your spiritual body frequencies through the Eiradonis.

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Comment by Besimi on April 23, 2014 at 11:56pm

Carl Boudreau, “The Astrology of May 2014 – Balance and Stability Ahead”

Carl Boudreau, “The Astrology of May 2014 – Balance and Stability A... . This video has a great perspective on the changes in attitudes and approaches of many previously politically “strictly aligned” people. Somewhere between 5-7 minutes is where Carl points out some of these changes.

This change in attitude and approach to “challenges” was pointed out in his April astrology

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Comment by Besimi on April 23, 2014 at 11:53pm

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