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“ET Divine Intervention on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada!”

“ET Divine Intervention on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada!”

From Alexandra Meador's Galactic Connection

“ET Divine Intervention on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada!”

Tue, April 22, 2014
This is a must read and it is crystal clear that Divinity is calling for ALL of us to educate ourselves on true COMMON LAW procedures so we can finally take back our rights, power, and sovereignty! Right on!!!-A.M.
Michael Ellegion “ET Divine Intervention on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada!” Hello, this is Michael Ellegion.  I get really tired of how the [corporate controlled] mainstream media always likes to put a spin upon so many events that threaten their corporate, fascist cabal interests—like people daring to stand up to and protect our constitutional sovereign Rights, and our property, when the cabal and the corrupt government agencies who are controlled by them attempt to take more of our freedoms away.
The recent events in Nevada, on the Cliven Bundy ranch, is just one more of many recent examples, of the “powers that were” who are desperate to steal as much land as they can from the people, and to force federal, and unlawful and fraudulent jurisdiction over anyone who stands in their way. 
I also get tired of how the corporate/cabal controlled mainstream media also loves to stereotype and demonize those who organize to protect those Rights of the people against the agendas of the cabal.  I Am specifically referring to the various states militias, who have been arming themselves against this encroachment and destruction of our sovereign Rights and Liberties.
The typical image that the mainstream media has always portrayed of the militia, is that they are all just a bunch or “red neck, chauvinistic and racist white men”, and even attempt to label them as “dangerous extremists” & “domestic terrorists,” etc., etc.,
But when one really has the chance, as I did, back in the late ‘80’s, early ‘90’s, to meet and interview many dozens of those who are members of the numerous state’s militia’s, at many of the very popular “Preparedness” Expos and Conferences that were held at that time, I found a totally different opinion of most of those who I met and spoke with.  And while there might have been a few individuals who may have been alittle “racially prejudice”, which I have found have existed in almost every segment of society that has nothing to do with those who are members of the various state’s militias.   Most of them I did not feel or detect were in any way “racist” or “bigoted,” and in fact, I also met a few members of the militias of various racial nationalities, such as blacks or African Americans, American Indians or Indigenous Peoples, Asians, etc.  I specifically mention this, because of the extreme bias, disinformation and propaganda, which the mainstream media attempts to program everyone who are really ignorant of the true facts of who most of the militia members really are and what they believe in and stand for.
It was quite revealing, to have a chance to personally speak with and get to know these very patriotic and courageous men—and yes, even women, who I also met, who were very proud of being associated with their male counterparts.  I actually asked these women, some “personal” questions, such as do they consider that those men who they had met and got to know, as being overly “chauvinistic and controlling”, as this is one of the many “stereotypes” that [ignorant and programed] people who have never met and really got to know them, would normally assume is the case.  But they were being very candid with me, and stated that if anything the men tended to be very respectful and courteous to them, and it bothered them that they were portrayed in the way they were, just because of their strong stand on our Right, as guaranteed in the original U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, of the importance of the 2nd Amendment.   This has been grossly [and purposely] misinterpreted by the cabal/corporate forces controlling the mainstream media and most modern day agencies of the Federal government—like the BLF or Bureau of Land Management, Homeland [In-] Security, the BATF, etc.  If they all had their way, our Right to protect ourselves, which is [supposed to be] guaranteed thru the 2nd Amendment of the original U.S. Constitution would have been destroyed long ago.
I would like to make a strong statement here, is that as a “Rainbow Warrior of Peace”, I do believe that ultimately this entire planet is going through a very accelerated Ascension, which will bring us, within the next few years, into a Golden Age of peace.  Weapons of any kind will not only not be needed to protect one’s self against those fascist forces of the cabal  (who will be totally gone by that time)l, and in fact, weapons will not be able to even work or function within the Higher Energy that will be present upon Earth in the 5th Dimension that we are rapidly merging into.
But—and this is the big “but”, one cannot ever “legislate” true peace, or the feelings of really, truly feeling safe and secure, as long as there is still existing certain forces upon this planet, of the cabal, who would—at least as of these recent days, still are determined, until they are totally gone, to control and manipulate and even steal the personal property of those who have been peacefully living on lands that belong to them, so that they can then build whatever huge corporate industry, or fracking plant, etc. that they want to.
This is a very important point that I just made, that as much as I, like all peoples of this planet, are looking forward to the time that is indeed fast approaching.  Where total peace exists all over the Earth, and where there is no longer any crime, or any dangers that have threatened us up until now.  With the cabal and their many hence men in the many Federal government agencies, as well as the numerous “black op” secret government agencies with all their very advanced exotic weapon systems being finally no longer existing.  Well, then, all people’s of Earth, will truly feel safe and secure, and not because of it being legislated (which is always done by the cabal under false and misleading pretenses). 
As stated, when the people, and those who are drawn to fulfill  their rolls (and missions for being in Earth embodiment) of being the “Guardians of our Freedoms and Liberties” are naturally no longer feeling in any way concerned and/or threatened by the very obvious misuse of power of the present day cabal, as has been demonstrated too many times by such examples as Waco and Ruby Ridge (and more recently on the Bundy Ranch), then these ones will no longer be drawn to have to arm themselves.  And this was why, very simply, that our Founding Fathers made sure that this natural inherent Right, to protect one’s self, if ever the government overstepped their authority and became too corrupt and controlling, then the people would have the Right to defend and protect themselves from such activity.
I understand, too, how there are many who somehow believe—or want to believe, rather, that if we, the peaceful and “law abiding” citizens would just turn in all the guns, that then we would suddenly be living in a totally peaceful society.  Unfortunately, because we are not—yet—living in this upcoming Golden Age of peace, and because there are—still– some criminal forces on the planet, who would take advantage of this fact.  And it doesn’t matter whether they be the “criminal on the street” or the cabal, itself, who has been attempting to disarm this country through many “false flags”, such as the Aurora theater shooting, Sandyhook [hoax!] school massacre and other related ‘lone nut gunmen” events.  These have always been secretly planned and carried out by mind controlled victims and agents.  These events have definitely been designed by the cabal to cause the average, ignorant person to emotionally react in horror and F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real”) to demand that more restricting and unconstitutional gun laws would be passed, until the citizens would be unable to defend themselves against the REAL criminals.  And there is plenty of documented evidence and videos on the internet, through alternative media, which documents this fact (which is also why the cabal has been attempting to control the internet by forcing laws upon us that are designed to restrict free access to such important information).
As a UFO researcher, contactee and channel for the Galactic Federation (“Guardians of space”), it has always been very obvious to me, as I was constantly informed of this agenda of the “powers that were”, by Ashtar and other Guardians of the higher Realms.   Of the cabal’s determination to totally disarm the citizens, by secretly creating these type of false flags designed to cause the mass population to be fooled and manipulated into believing the “official explanation” and so-called “investigation” afterwards of each of these events.   Rather than the real, covered up facts of what occurred behind the scenes.  Ashtar and all of my space contacts have continued to inform me of these facts, and later, various whistle blowers have exposed these same facts in more documented form. 
On the very day that 9-11 occurred, within minutes after hearing about this event, I was specifically told by Ashtar that it was, indeed a “false flag” by the cabal, and that ultimately all of the true facts would be uncovered and documented.  Which has indeed occurred—for those who are willing to look at the huge amount of documented evidence.  Ashtar also told me that most everyone who was in the World Trade Towers were actually beamed up aboard a mother ship moments before the buildings collapsed.
And in the many years prior to 9-11, I knew that such events as the Oklahoma City bombing, were definitely planned and carried out by forces within the government, while falsely blaming those who threatened to stop their hidden agenda, of what has been termed the “New World Order.”  (I like to refer to this as the “old world Odor”—because they “stink” and they and their plans for ultimate world control is now getting very “old and moldy”) Yes, to first blame these type of events on “domestic extremists & terrorists” (which were aimed directly at those such as the militias who were well armed because of their strong belief in upholding the 2nd Amendment), so that they could manipulate the ignorant public against those who they called “dangerous extremists”.  And they made so much stuff up, as I later learned, about those who belonged to the militias really were as far as “personality types”.  And, of course, when this very biased, negative “propagandizing” didn’t completely work, to create the fear of “domestic terrorists & extremists”, they next started to create [& fund] the newer “international extremists & terrorists” so that there would always be some kind of enemy to continue to fund their endless “cash cow war machine.”
But back in the ‘90’s (right before the Internet really started to gain popularity), and after very biased articles were published in such publications as Time and Newsweek, which were designed to horribly and unfairly “demonize” the militias, the exact opposite occurred, after people, from many different walks of life, personally decided to see for themselves who these individuals who belonged to the militias actually were, their ranks suddenly swelled to many hundreds of thousands and millions more new members, scattered in all fifty states of the Union. 
It was not surprising when I first heard about this incident of the federal agents of the BLM attempting to kick the Bundy family off of their property, and of how the true facts of why the government was doing this were being manipulated, so that they could gain control of his land for their own purposes.  As I also learned that this “land grab” agenda, of suddenly showing up to take control of a person’s property in the more rural areas, is becoming a common occurrence.
In fact, a personal friend of my girlfriend, Laura Legere, and myself, who lives in southern Oregon, between Grants Pass and Cave Junction, just experienced several days ago, federal agents busted down the fence on her property, and with a tank, and heavily armed swat team, they forced their way onto her neighbor’s property.  Under “common law” Land patent, they were not allowed to trespass, but they did it anyway, to force illegal/unlawful jurisdiction over them, and arrested them under false pretences to gain control over their property.  This is happening all over the U.S., in the more rural areas, where there is not so many people living, and under constitutional common law, these federal agents are guilty of committing a felony, in these illegal/unlawful land grabs.
And this was what was being planned at the Bundy Ranch, of taking control of their property, by force, if necessary, to secure it, and even to use deadly force against the Bundy family, just as the federal agents did on the neighbor of my friend in Oregon.
The forwarded email below, which contains a video produced by Col. Potter and a militia leader is quite revealing about not only what the militia personally had experienced when they were confronting the federal agents on the Bundy family property.  As is mentioned by Col Potter in this video, of how extremely tired and exhausted they both were when they filmed this video, because of not having gotten very much sleep during the several days since the militia had first arrived at the Bundy Ranch, in order to protect both the Bundy family as well as the many protesters that were there to support the Bundy family.  Prior to the several hundred militia members arriving, there were many incidents of the BLM agents beating and roughing up many of the protesters who were there to show support for the Bundy family.  But, of course, after the militia arrived, the BLM quickly backed off, just like most “bullies” do when one strongly and firmly confronts them; they always back off and are forced to be more “civilized”.
But what is most significant about this personal testimony as is shared first hand in this very revealing and insightful video, of the kind of people that most of the militia members are really like—as verses the very biased and distorted version that the mainstream media tries to convey about them and what kind of people they really are.
I remember having heard many times from the various militia members who I had met and interviewed in past years, and they had emphasized this point very strongly many times, that the last thing that they sincerely hoped and prayed would ever happen, is that they would actually have to take up arms against a tyrannical, fascist out-of-control government, that they had observed was slowly forming over many years.  That even though they had been training for many years, for just such an occasion that the government, did, in fact start to be too controlling and tyrannical, and they were forced to finally act, they still, really did not want and glorify in having to really do so.  But they felt that “patriot duty” to protect one’s Constitutional Rights, which have been slowly eroded, had called them to act as “Guardians of our Freedoms and Rights.” That, if necessary, they would be willing to lay down their lives to protect the rest of the people against the government, just as the early colonists had to protect themselves against the British troops that were occupying early America in the prerevolutionary war of 1776.
And unfortunately so many of those who are supposed to be our “guardians of this land”; that is our “public servants”, which all politicians and other “elected” officials are supposed to answer to the people, and uphold their [sacred, constitutional] oath of office, which includes the local sheriffs, are not doing their duty.  Instead, they have betrayed the people’s trust and have become corrupted, bought off by the cabal, to fulfill their agenda of control over this country.  Unfortunately, corrupt local Nevada sheriff Gillespie, made such a deal, behind the scenes to let the Feds come in and steal the Bundy’s cattle, and to take control over his land, and to even kill or murder his family.
Recent info. that was released by a whistleblower within the BLM, verified that this was, indeed the plan—if it had, indeed worked as planned.
Col. Potter and the militia leader, even though they were extremely exhausted when they did this video, they were still able to express their intense feelings and insights about how they suddenly realized how they had been tricked and set up by the local sheriff, Gillespie.  And how they “felt the presence of God” that had protected them from acting in such a way that would have caused the exact outcome that the cabal had planned for them to do, of firing their weapons at the small group of BLM agents that were standing in the area below them.  Even one bullet fired at them would have caused the gas tanks in the vehicles parked beside them to blow up and the agents would have been killed instantly from the explosions.
The militia was not planning to do this, of just indiscriminately  firing at the agents, unless they were fired at first, only to defend themselves.  But what neither the several hundred militia members, or the small group of BLM agents knew at the time, was that there were several government black op snipers hidden in secret locations (with silencers on their guns), planning to fire at the BLM agents.  This would have been officially, publically blamed, of course, upon the militia, and their deaths were planned to be the excuse that the cabal wanted, to have then sent in the military to massacre the Bundy family and kill as many militia members as they could.  This was to also have been the excuse to force official “martial law” upon the entire U.S. and start to arrest and round up all “extremist domestic terrorists” like the militias, and anyone else who believed in defending themselves and upholding the 2nd Amendment.  At least this was their PLAN.  And as the old saying goes, “there’s plans….and then there’s life.”
But it wasn’t just the more “normal” guns that these black ops were planning to use, in order to “guarantee”—or so they thought, of blaming the deaths of the BLM agents upon the militia.  For they were also using, in conjunction with their  normal guns, some kind of “exotic”, psychotronic weapons system, that once it is pointed at their target, or in the general area of their target, in this case, the militia, they would suddenly start “acting out of character”, in very violent and paranoid emotional ways, and they would also start firing their weapons as well.
But, our “Friends Upstairs”, the Galactics, who have also been given much more recent mandated authority to Divinely Intervene, to stop any and all plans and agendas of the cabal, especially where loss of life and the loss of our freedoms are concerned.   And they waited right up until the hidden snipers started firing their weapons at the BLM agents and militia.
One could imagine their sudden surprise and total disbelief,
when as they pulled the trigger, which were aimed at the BLM agents (and the gasoline tanks of the vehicles beside them) by the cross hairs of their scopes on them, to discover that no matter how many times they pulled the trigger, their guns would not work.  And then to their even greater surprise, as they then observed a number of militia members start to suddenly walk straight to where they were hidden from sight.  They continued to attempt to then fire their guns at the militia members who were walking straight toward them, but to no avail.  The fully armed militia members all walked up to each of the hidden snipers and calmly pointed their own guns at them and firmly told them to get up out of their hiding place and to go with them back to where the larger group of agents happened to be.  These snipers, being too shocked at what had just occurred, of none of their weapons even being able to work, just meekly got up and allowed the militia to take them back to where their main encampment was, and they dropped them off and turned and returned peacefully back to where their fellow militiamen were.
Col. Potter and the militia leader, in this video, despite them both being extremely exhausted from not having had much sleep, still were able to convey how they had suddenly “felt the strong presence of God” over them. 
One of the things that Col. Potter also shared on this video, was that all of a sudden, in the midst of these events, as they  suddenly “felt the strong presence of God” over them, they observed a whole swarm of Canadian geese fly overhead.  What was significant to them and the Bundy family, was that they had never seen Canadian geese ever flying over that area of the country before.  But it was not just this point that made this incident so “unusual”.  As the geese suddenly flew overhead, they were also flying in a prefect “V” formation, and that after they had flown over this way, they actually came back more than once and repeated this same formation, as this was, in fact, some significant “sign” that they were all supposed to see.
Ashtar told me that there were definitely several cloaked
Light ships hovering right overhead, who were “Spiritually Overshadowing” all of the militia, which to the men on the ground, who did not know this, but they did feel very strongly this Higher Spiritual presence of the Light ship, and just interpretted it in a more orthodox religious sense, of “feeling the presence of God”.  And Ashtar confirmed, also, that they had telepathically guided those Canadian geese to fly many miles way out of their way, to purposely put on that little “V for Victory” sign, for Freedom and of the upcoming “Victory of the Light”, as the people of Earth are freed up from the forces of the cabal.
Thank God our Galactic Friends Divinely Intervened to “head off at the pass” the corrupt federal government and their evil plans.
It has also been uncovered, that this whole incident was partly because corrupt politician Harry Reid had made a deal behind the scenes to build a large “solar plant” on that property, and the government had bought off all of the other 50 ranchers who used to live there in that area.  The Bundy family was the last ones left, and they were in the way of this occurring, so the BLM were ordered in to chase him off of these lands so that this plant could be built.
This is only one of many recent incidents of the corrupt, out-of-control government pushing it’s weight around, and ignoring everyone’s Constitutional Rights.   They are attempting to force us all under “Agenda 21”, which is the cabal/power elite’s plan not only to steal everyone personal property, but force unlawful, unconstitutional control upon us.
I wanted to share something that my girlfriend and I are very excited about, which will help to cause this overreaching of the cabal’s control upon us all, to be stopped and turned around by “we the people”, as was intended for the citizens to participate directly with the lawful constitutional process, and force Accountability back upon all “public servants”, from the corrupt judges, police and anyone else who has broken their Oath of office.
This has to do with what is shared in the other forwarded email, about Laura and I just signed up to become members of the numerous citizen’s Common Law Grand Juries that are in the process of being formed all over the 3000 counties in the U.S., and already 136 counties have signed up in recent months to form these citizen Common Law Grand Juries. Check out the organization, National Liberty Alliance, at:
And please forward this other email containing this very important info. to as many other people as possible.  Because as my girlfriend, Laura Legere, mentioned in the other email, these citizen Grand Juries (unlike the normal courts, which are controlled by corrupt judges and lawyers [who are under “British Maritime Admiralty law” jurisdiction]), these “people’s” juries are under common law, the original constitutional law of the land.  
And the criminal and unconstitutional activities of the BLM, corrupt Sheriffs like Gillespie, and others who not only do not uphold their Oath of office, but who are also guilty of felonies under Common Law, will truly have to answer for these crimes and face the consequence of their actions.  And, it is not only what “we the people” can now do, here on the earth level, by taking action and responsibility thru peaceful lawful action, but our “Galactic Friends” will also help us to rapidly restore our numerous Constitutional freedoms that the cabal has taken from us, so that we can truly help manifest and being in the Golden Age of peace.
For once all of the corrupt forces of the cabal are removed and replaced with others who truly take their Oath of office seriously, and this also includes removing all corrupt bankers, and those unlawful and unconstitutional agencies, such as the IRS.  In fact, if the IRS still exists once the RV has occurred, they would still be able to get into people’s bank accounts and illegally and unlawfully put “notice of liens” upon people’s accounts whenever they want to. 
By the way, a “notice” of a lien, is just that; merely a NOTICE of such, but the banks and credit unions always very ignorantly somehow falsely misinterpret these “notice of liens” as a  real, Bona fide “lien.”  In order for such to be truly “valid”, even under “Admiralty Maritime Law jurisdiction”, and so-called “lawful” (but not under common law), the IRS must actually go to the trouble, thru a court, of obtaining a court order first, and then they would, supposedly have so-called “authority” to place a real “lien” upon a person’s bank account.  But even then, they are supposed to always contact the person, as well, ahead time, to “warn” them, to “give ‘notice’ to them that they are going to do this, to let them know that they are planning to do so—and to also, within a certain number of days, to allow the person to have the chance to dispute this “notice” or “plans” to put a lien on their account.  But they never do, they just do whatever they want, because they know that most people, as well as all of the banks and credit unions, are totally ignorant about “laws, jurisdictional authority”, etc.
And under common law, not only has the IRS committed Fraud and are guilty of many Felonies, but so are all of the banks and  credit unions, because they, too, are totally ignorant of the laws, and as a result, constantly place millions of their customers at Fraudulent financial risk.  Not only have millions of Americans had their bank accounts seized unlawfully, but if this problem of the IRS being allowed to do this is not stopped, if the RV were to actually happen while this is still being allowed, then what would be the use to have huge amounts of money going into one’s account who invested in the various currencies, and the IRS would be able to seize all of these funds, just as they did until now.  This is also one of the many reasons that the RV has not yet occurred.  And all of those who have invested in the currencies need to realize this situation and help do something about this.  Becoming a member of the various citizen Common Law Grand Juries would definitely help to finally force the “will of the people” back into the system, and this would ultimately expose these unlawful and illegal, fraudulent banking procedures.  This is definitely a very important and critical point that has to be officially taken care of before the RV can occur, just as all these corrupt officials and agencies of the government must be brought under control of, and Accountable to the people, rather than the cabal still being able to control and manipulate the system in any way they want to as they have done up until now.
Michael Ellegion
From: Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:46:28 -0700 Subject: [ecotruthseattle-discuss] ALERT Sheriff Gillespie Seeks Slaughter Mon, April 14, 201

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Comment by Besimi on April 24, 2014 at 12:29am

America Has NO Troops”… VIDEO from “The Word-Prophet”

“America Has NO Troops”… VIDEO from “The Word Prophet” . This, I found, was a clear and concise explanation about the difference between “the united states of America” republic and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” DC-located corporation is about, and it’s relationship to the London and Vatican corporations.

This fellow has a “Christian” perspective, but truth is truth. And recall that when he mentions the USA CORP representing “Satan”, many of the practices in which cabal members are involved, revolve around “Satanic” or “Luciferian” practices.

Found this via Dahboo7.

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Comment by Besimi on April 24, 2014 at 12:24am


Awesome Update With Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors!

Wed, April 23, 2014


AWESOME Update from Kevin Annett – April 22, 2014 from galactic connection on Vimeo.



Featuring Kevin Annett, 3-5pm PST

Transcription of this April 15, 2014 show with Kevin and Alexandra here:

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