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I had this interactive vision after I asked for guidence from God. I was sitting silently with my eyes closed. There is this flash of light, and then there was piles of books. Many of the books had white covers, or kind of looked like that 1960's paper backs, lol. Anywho, I was thinking I didn't know what that meant, so I went to reach for the first book that was closest, and I read the title it said "Lies about the End". I knew exactly what that meant, is that we don't really know for sure what will happen or fold out before us, b/c there is just so many possibilties for every single moment.


Then I read some stuff latter about Deepak Chopra, and he mentioned that on the road of "Enlightenment" being the person half way there is different then the person of the final result. When a person reaches God/Christ Consciousness there is no fear or duality. 


He also mentioned a Master was once asked if a person could be Enlightened quickly, and he replied "It could be done in 30 days, but you would need 30 men to hold you down". That just made me laugh, lol.


Just do what you have been called to do. It is the same, but slightly different from other people; oneness. Although, I would take extra precautions personally, yet talking about it just creates fear within most people, and thats not the point at all, nor is it going to help the whole. Worst case scenrio, I end up in Heaven. Like is that really something to fear? Just live in the moment, and cast away those pre-programed thoughts, b/c like others here have noted, the ride is about to begin and its going to be beyond what we possibly think about it. Its a happay, loving, peaceful one :).




Going back to living on the tree tops :) Can I hear a "woot, woot" lol :)

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