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Thank you all for the very warm welcome

Hi friends

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I would like to say about any posts I make, that I am under no illusions that I’m telling anyone anything they don’t already know. All I’m doing is putting my thoughts into words so that others who understand can agree or disagree (and if you disagree then please tell me, but please please be specific on why).

I am very big on hearing other peoples opinions, knowledge and experience. It is a trait that society seams to be lacking. I love hearing philosophies that are different from my own, it’s what makes life so very diverse.
But what I love the most is when someone recognizes that I’m grasping on the fringes of a concept and they decide to educate me or open up that concept to me or even give me a subtle hint and point me in the right direction.

But what I hope to gain from this community is to be amongst like minded people, who recognize that our race and our planet are in trouble and that we all need to set aside our petty squabbles and realize that we all breath the same air, we all have the same blood in our veins and that deep down all any of us really wants is to be loved.

Peace love and blessings


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Comment by Besimi on November 23, 2009 at 6:11pm
..welcome Home :):):) lovely friend.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on November 23, 2009 at 5:12am
Welcome aboard and yes were all in need of each other to stay focused and aware but by know means alowing fear dictate our reality to us anymore,I do know with out a doubt that we are on the winning side ...

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