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Hi all you people who think outside the box, all you people who see the darkness of our own race and seek to join together in peace, hope and love.

Let me tell you what I’m all about, so that any of you who have the same thoughts, or any who understand where I’m at (and maybe have some revelation to change my vew) can contact me.

I like technology. I’m a trained and experienced sound engineer and I know enough about computers to be able to repair or even build my own (not a big thing) I am also a qualified personal trainer so I’m well integrated into modern life.

But I hate our dependency on technology. Not only that, but our taking that technology completely for granted. All we need is a solar flair of sufficient magnitude and all our beloved technology is gone in the time it takes for energy to travel from the sun at the speed of light (7 minutes for those who don’t know)

The current school syllabus teach kids how to use technology, how to be a PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY and how to be a cog in the machine (named financial slavery) oooh a bit controversial.

What would be the problem with teaching teenagers first aid (4 days max), rudimentary self defense (maybe not eliminating bullying, but certainly leveling the playing field) and how to make fire without matches or a lighter (well there is the scouts, which I feel is a very worthwhile organization).

Basically our race is being prepared for technological dependency.

Also, the technological developments of the last five years have not been for human development. With less money being spent on space exploration, solving famine and more being spent on developing the next generation of tv with ultra high definition, it makes me realize that technology has become circular. The primary reason for technological development is for the generation of profit with no mind to the biosphere.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on December 2, 2009 at 8:54am
very true
Comment by Kal'Narred on December 1, 2009 at 10:16am
I agree. I think that a large proportion of us are already behaving like mindless consumers judging by the way that I've observed lots of people behaving. Isn't it funny that during the season of good will people behave very badly towards each other in shops? It's like courtesy and mutual respect has been replaced by more basic brain functions like "Ipod, X-box, mobile phone"
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on December 1, 2009 at 9:12am
true. true. i have a theory on why we are so dependent on technology - its just part of the cabal's plan to make us mindless consumers. thats why its so important in our work to offer healthy alternatives :)

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