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Suzanne Lie: The Return – By The Creators of Our Reality August 10, 2015

Suzanne Lie: The Return – By The Creators of Our Reality August 10, 2015

Steve: This is a super article by Suzanne. Especially relevant to those who serve others.

Dear Readers,
This message was written on the last night of a three-week vacation, which ended on July 28, 2015. Because we are coming into so many changes, it feels like I need to put a date onto this. When I first wrote this I kept changing from “you” to “we’ and back again. I left the combination of you and we because YOU are becoming WE and WE are becoming YOU.

In other words, the barriers of separation between people are beginning to dissolve. Those of us who have chosen to walk this Path of Return to our SELF and to our higher frequency realities are releasing the strict differentiation between YOU and ME to become WE.

This is the last night of a very important initiation. I do not know what will happen and the Arcturians will only say: “We don’t know. You haven’t created it yet.” This vacation in the woods has been an amazing experience. It allowed and assisted me to be able to feel that something is different now.

Those of us who want to know this fact can feel it. Some people will float in unawareness as if they are asleep. In fact, they are asleep because they are asleep to the higher frequencies that are now swimming around them. They will awake to a different reality than the reality of those who have been able to accept that something is very different. But we won’t know what is different until we create it.

Those of us that can feel this shift are the Ones who have been serving others. We have created the reality in which this 3D version of the planet is on the edge of a frequency reset. However in order to know what frequency it is resetting to, we need to take a long look at the creative consciousness of humanity within this Collective.

Within this Collective of humanity we are moving beyond the polarities of good or bad, smart or dumb, rich or poor. In fact, we are releasing all of these polarities. We are creating a NOW in which there is a great deal of creative attention on receiving that which is channeled through us. What we are channeling through us is actually from us.

Our channeled messages are from us because we are channeling from the fifth dimension and beyond where I, me, you, are all US. That is the “us” of our SELF that we have not met- yet. Yes, that us, that me, that you, is our higher dimensional Self, who is Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan and/or our Angelic, or Elohim Self.

All of our higher expressions of SELF are connecting with this particular collective consciousness in which we (the members of the Awakened Ones) are realizing that we chose to incarnate in this NOW. We chose this NOW to incarnate so that we could pull together all of our alternate, simultaneous, parallel, past and future lives.

This version of reality is shifting into a higher frequency, and we have no intention of visiting this frequency again. Therefore we are in the process of connecting with all of the versions of our Multidimensional SELF.

We are moving, and we are not coming back. Therefore, we are going into every cupboard of our Self. We are going into the attic, we are going into the cellar, we are going into the garage, we are opening boxes, we are finding who we want to take and who we need to let go.

Yes, some components of our Self will need to be released, as they are unable to change. Therefore, we must let go of those energy patterns that were once important to us. However, we will transmute these patterns with our Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, as we are assisting Gaia to release ALL lower dimensional energy fields.

Hence, we need to let go of all of our third and fourth dimensional log-ins. A log-in is what we are called when we log-in to that third dimensional reality. We logged into this reality as candidates for return. We use the word “return” because we will return our life-pulse back to the One. Hence, we are collecting all versions of our SELF that have ever logged into this reality.

We are returning to the ONE. The 3D party is ending, so we must clean up ALL our third and fourth dimensional remnants of Self. Gaia has been a wonderful hostess for our adventures in form and we do not wish to leave a mess behind for Her to clean up. We are especially careful to clear and release any lower frequency energy residue because She is moving too.

In fact, all who wish to participate in this RETURN are welcome to join us. All they need do is expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions and give service to others in preparation for this shift. We are leaving the frequency of service to self, because we are moving into a frequency where “self” means “our collective SELF.”

Some of us, the humans on Gaia, will continue within the component of our Self that is consciously moving into the higher frequency reset. However, other humans may wish to continue to resonate to the third/fourth-dimensional wheel of life and death. Hence, they will need to relocate to another planet because Gaia is returning to Her SELF. She can wait no longer for Her service-to-self humans.

Those who wish to join, and assist, Gaia in Her transition are collecting all components of all our incarnations, energy patterns and thoughtforms. We are leaving the 3D party and cleaning up our own messes before departure. We are collecting all the versions of our Self, which our fifth dimensional consciousness reminds us is every one, and asking them: “Would you like to return to the One?”

And we have to give them the choice because Earth is a free-will planet. We are asking them NOW because we are ready to submit our “Petition for Ascension.” We have passed the first part of our Ascension because we remember that it’s NOT about us. It’s not about our personal life. It’s about something much more important.

This life, this incarnation, this beaming down, this bi-location onto Earth and going back Home, this in and out of the wheel of life/death, life/death, life/death is closing. Therefore, we need to turn around now and look inside of ourselves to see our own Multidimensional SELF in our Home.

With this reminder that our 3D Self is a member of our Multidimensional SELF, our SELF can send Unconditional Love to our Self. This Unconditional Love for our “individual, collective and planetary Self” is the key to our return.

At first we might think that we did something wrong here, but then we realize that everything we did, we did because we needed to learn something. Indeed, we did learn many things. Then, we stopped learning, then we remembered again that we came here to learn.

One important thing that we learned was to catch ourself in the act of being our Self. We learned to stop and observe our Self in the act of being human. In this manner, we learned to feel our reality. Thus, we could remember to look into our life to see how we’re doing with our 3D experience. It is this observation of our own Self that has allowed us to remember who we are.

It was our ability to say, “Wait something is wrong. This energy field is not the energy field in which I wish to live.” Then we stopped to look at the energy field and say: “Did I create this energy field?” The answer is – of course. It is your energy field that you are seeing. Maybe it is not just your/our personal energy field, but if you/we are participating in the energy field, it is the reality that we are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to live in.

As we move into our fifth dimensional Self we will not have that separation between you personally and you the person across the street and you the person in another country. You is becoming We. You/we are One. We will be the group of the Oneness returning to SELF.

You will realize that you took a physical form in order to be a Portal opener and to allow your Multidimensional consciousness to flow through the Portal of your Multidimensional form and into the Core of Gaia. In this manner, you have merged Spirit into matter. We have merged Spirit into matter. As Spirit increasingly merges with matter, the separation between you and we diminishes because we and you have become One.

The differentiation between saying we and saying you has no meaning for We and You are One. And, what we/you remember is to keep our Portal opened because WE came for Gaia. In other words, we must expand our consciousness from personal consciousness:

to family consciousness
to community consciousness
to state consciousness,
to country consciousness,
to hemisphere consciousness and
to planetary consciousness.
But that is not where it ends. That Planetary consciousness then keeps expanding into

Solar System consciousness and
Galactic consciousness and
Universal consciousness.
It is then that WE just begin to be our SELF.

We came to open the Portals of Unity Consciousness. These Portals were closed by a collective consciousness that chose fear rather than Truth. You might say that Truth is not a thought or even an intention. Truth is mental and it is loving. Truth is a decision to return home.

That Truth tells us whether or not we are ready to RETURN Home. But where is home? What is home and how can we get there? We spend life after life after life trying to find Home. We have searched this planet and other planets and we followed Saints and Multidimensional Selves but we could not find the location of home.

When we finally gave up looking out there for Home we had to accept that that which we had treasured, that which we had so wanted to remember so that we could fulfill it – we forgot. We forgot because we became lost in illusion. Within that illusion we have had long, beautiful, or horrible and everything-in-between lives, journeys and plug-ins into the body of Gaia.

Some of us forgot everything – that is everything beyond the lower fourth dimension. But now more and more of us are remembering. At first there were just a few of us that remembered, but now the “cakes are in the oven and will be soon be ready.” More and more, that treat, that sweet treat of remembrance is cooking its way and being prepared. The “treat” is almost ready.

Now, WE, your higher dimensional family asks that you, who is a member of We, release your “our” attachments to all that is past and all that may be future, to live within the NOW. This NOW is so sacred and important that we do not want you to miss a moment of it.

When this energy hits you, and it’s not if but when, you will instantly (and almost unconsciously) say Yes or say No. You will say YES by being loving and you will say NO by being fearful. Within that millisecond that it is there YOU will be within the NOW of the ONE. You will not have “time” to make a decision.

It will all happen so fast that all you will be able to DO is just BE your Self. You will be the YOU that you have created as your SELF. You will just BE Love or you will BE fear. There is no judgement. It’s just that Love is Yes and fear is No.

Every perception that you have goes through an invisible filter, which is the state of your consciousness. Every thought, emotion, creation goes into the filter of your consciousness. This filter can take you into the second dimension, the third, the fourth and/or the fifth.

If you go to the second dimensional filter,
then you are on flat land and there is no volume.

If you go into the third dimensional filter,
then you go into must, should, guilt and time.

If you go into the fourth dimensional filter,
you have creativity and great amplification of emotion.

If you go into the fifth dimensional filter,
you have the TRUTH. And, the Truth will set you free.

But isn’t Truth different for everyone? Yes, the Truth is different for everyone but remember you/we have come for Gaia. Therefore, you/we (Humans, Galactics, Celestials) CAME FOR GAIA. WE all came to Earth because it is Gaia’s Now for us to serve Her. Gaia has almost sacrificed her life force waiting for the Keepers of the Land, humanity, to unite and Love Her land free.

But, beloved Mother Gaia can wait no longer. She cannot heal Her planetary kingdom at this low frequency. Since humanity created this planetary problem, humanity must be the one to fix it. Therefore, whether you remember or not, YOU did not come for yourself. YOU came to BE among the ONES who help Gaia.

Gaia needs You/We/Us to transmute our human form into our fifth dimensional Lightbody of NOW.

You have all volunteered to lower your frequency into an Earth vessel in order to assist Gaia. You are awakening NOW. There are those who have already awakened and have been serving Gaia for decades. There are also those who have become lost in the battle for Truth.

What we (meaning those of us who are here for the Truth – not your or our Truth, but the Truth) must remember is that

WE are all so much more than we think we are.
We are the Portal openers, and within our Portal is the TRUTH
WE are the TRUTH of our 5D Lightbody SELF
WE the Truth of the Light that we pull through ourselves
WE are the Truth that we share with the body of Gaia
WE are the Truth that we plant into the Core of Gaia
WE are the Truth that we ground into her Core Crystals so that WE can assist GAIA.
Therefore, as we return, we assist Gaia’s return.
AND as Gaia returns, she assists our return.
As we return we realize that we are not alone.

As we return, we remember that we are our Multidimensional SELF who includes:

OUR Personal Self,

OUR Family,

OUR Community,

OUR State,

OUR Country,

OUR Hemisphere,

OUR Planet,

OUR Solar System,

OUR Galaxy,

OUR Universe

WE are all one NOW!
And WE are the creators of OUR reality.

Blessings, WE are YOU

Energies of Change

Source:The Return – By The Creators of Our Reality. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 9, 2015.

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Comment by Besimi on August 13, 2015 at 12:51am

A Foundation Upon Which We Can Build Nova Earth August 10, 2015 By Steve Beckow

I think I can say with a great deal of certainty that there never was a time when so many people, serving the Light, coordinated together towards a common purpose and grew stronger every day.

I studied to be a historian and I can’t recall such a time in history. Not in any historical period that I can think of have there been so many people aligned on … call it what you want. Global peace. A world that works for everyone. A higher-dimensional world. Nova Earth. Nova Being. The name doesn’t matter. And their numbers swell every day.

It’s an evolutionary shift for the whole human race and we – you and me – are leading the way.

I remember what it felt like to fully realize what a program I was attending could mean for me. I was enrolled in a three-month, residential, human-growth program at Cold Mountain Institute on Cortes Island, British Columbia (now known as Hollyhock) in 1976/77.

When I saw that we were exploring everything from our deepest secrets to everything about our sexuality, from art therapy to meditation to raw encounter, when I realized that anything went and all was grist for the mill, something exploded inside of me. I hung from the cross for a day. I joined a threesome. I can’t remember what I didn’t do.

We learned about integrity the hard way: by being called in encounter groups on our actions, attitudes and intentions.

This whole behavioral laboratory had been set up totally for exploration, for breaking down walls, for letting the sunlight in to dark places.

And I was ready to explore. I grew more in three months than in my life to date. That was the beginning for me of all this.

Fast forward to the present and here I am again, about to enroll in a human-growth program of vast expanse and global consequence. And really all I’m being asked to do is just be myself as I go about gargantuan responsibilities. And just being myself was all that those days were about.

It isn’t like Cold Mountain today because there all we needed was seen to. The seclusion that this service provided us with was complete. And that really allowed us as a group to go as deep with each other as we could bear. (1)

Our present situation isn’t like that. We’re not being asked to abandon ourselves or drop our masks and faces and fronts. We’re not being asked to bare our souls (or anything else) or cough up every withhold.

We’re being asked to organize a global effort, both in the inner and outer world. We’re being asked to build a new world, one that works for everyone, and that has physical, emotional, and mental components, which we lightworkers have agreed to supply. That’s a big task.

It starts inwardly with the intention. It grows through the mind’s and heart’s investigation. It matures into action. And its consequenes ripple through the outer world.

The Cold Mountain experience called for letting go. The task ahead of us financial wayshowers requires a decent amount of vigilance. Things that matter rest upon our decisions. Our actions carry weight and consequence.

But what unites the two times is that this is still a time for exploration. Within the boundaries of the need for prudence, we can still strike out in any direction we please. Think of it as having a gigantic palette of true colors and being able to paint in huge brushstrokes. Give us the tools and we will finish the job. We can make a difference in our world and we will.

If Cold Mountain was the dancers, we are the orchestra. Each of us is playing a musical instrument but in tune with each other, in a coordinated fashion. It’s coordinated by the commonality of dedication to the Mother’s service. All else flows from that.

I hear you. You’re not religious. Well, then, call it dedication to the highest potential that we as humans can reach. To the utter unfoldment of the human spirit. Because that’s what it is.

Cold Mountain and other human-growth centers (notably Esalen) were the lightworkers of their day. They broke the glacial ice in which our society was frozen. They and their cohorts laid a foundation of openness and awareness, warmth and authenticity, upon which we can build Nova Earth.

This generation of lightworkers is forging a new life in the space they created. We need to bring forward their emphases on transparency and integrity. But we need to apply it not only to creative expression but to creative construction as well.


(1) I’ve written about it here: “Last Lunch at Cold Mountain.” at


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