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Always lost, always grieving… a victim of my own creation. I think I finally got it towards the end of my time. I gave myself permission to let go & move on. Though my conscious mind let go, there was still BEING… Always found, always jovial… A product of my own creation. We’ve always known the questions & answers to all, because all there is lies within us. All is within & without. Everything has passed, touched, tasted, lived and died with each other… together as One. This is the togetherness of force itself. Elements are unified, weather measured scientifically or spiritually… the collaboration of certain elements creates the possibility of life, but this collaboration is a result of consciousness.. it is still us.. the I AM. And no-thing can truly be measured, because measurement is still illusion.. this manifestation of ‘reality’ is still something we perceive to support us in the moment. All things work together for infinity. The coming & going of…past , present, future… all is NOW. All is happening and not happening right this very moment, simultaneously. We perceive one perception for a time, only to recognize another in different time, dimension or reality… and realize that time is relative.. and we can be anywhere and nowhere, when we choose, where we choose, who we choose, because it is all us. Do not do yourself the injustice of comprehension, because comprehension implies an ending of a thought or movement. One cannot comprehend, but only BE. Comprehension implies limitations & boundaries; where Being is with & without. Do not contain yourself, for you are of everything & everything is of you. All is forever… without walls. Be the macrocosmic & know Love. Beauty of everlasting is God, Spirit, Source. The merciful force of love. To experience all & nothing always, now… moving in and out forever. There is no form or formlessness. There is only love & light.. the space between.. all is consciousness. We designed this to challenge ourselves conceptually & experience the illusion of separateness while still being whole. Once so lost & seemingly trapped in certain dimensions.. making it difficult to pass through. Can we see past our own self-imposed illusions? Can we see what we the One aligned God has done here on Earth? Our form is a product of our true selves, but to see past the perception of separateness can be challenging. All things are valid, yet not valid. All elements are useful, yet of no use. If we believe, we will be. We are this. We are what we believe. Pure essence.. I am the One Spirit. Together we are the everything and nothing. We create, for creation is possible of one and of all. Without one tone, or particle, we would not be. Because we are all particles of the driving force.. when we see, believe & Be this responsibly with trust, love & light.. we see we are God. The air we breathe shows our invisible connection. We are in the image, because we are it, and we can create just like the massive infinite force itself.. we are it, remember truth. Be eternally grateful. Love yourself. Love the force you are. Love your neighbor, for they are God as well. Respect everything, because when you disrespect even one thing.. you are disrespecting yourself on a larger scale & causing more hardship to yourself & the wholeness of the process & your own evolution & ascension. Respect all & you respect the driving force.. you respect God.. allowing this to flow much easier with more beauty visible to you, full of life & love.. things will work to your liking more effortlessly.. fluid. Life is still a choice. If you choose to be happy, you will be.. and despite all unhappiness surrounding you.. if you are the light.. light will spread & darkness will have no place to enter. Love is contagious. Be what you want. Live in you heaven HERE & NOW. Everything being vibration, be it physical or not. The beautiful sound, to be perceived, created & recreated to & by the collective consciousness. Work together, but do not work for it is effortless. Be responsible, but do not respond with judgment.. for nothing is good or bad.. it is only something in comparison to something else.. but honor what is best for your highest good in the present moment. Everything that is, has been, is being & always will be. Therefore, we can only be a product of this because it is what we are. We are of this eternal everything & nothing. We must trust & be what we truly are. We must be Love. We are together, with supposed separate minds .. always dreaming together, but waking to the illusion of separateness. Live, die, love & be.. bring light to life & add more life. Take light from life & life withers until the body is reborn in another context & perception. To perceive is grand, but to be aware of one’s own consciousness is bliss. Realizing you & All are always in control when you let yourself lose itself & reclaim oneness with the all & nothing. God? Yes. We are this beautiful driving force, if we let ourselves be aligned to such. Alignment, attunement, application. Know, believe, feel, act, BE!!! Live of your dreams.. of your heaven. LOVE

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Comment by Besimi on May 29, 2009 at 1:38am
Magnificient post Rhea :):):)
beautiful wisdom sweet friend.Namaste

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