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We all have our own garbage that we deal with. Some people call it "demons." However it shows up for you, it can be difficult... but it's still only aspects of our "egoic selves," fighting to run over spirit; run over truth. All of our judgments and opinions we carry can make us angry at ourselves and others. This doesn't serve us. If we can be aware, and discern between opinions (beliefs we set in the physical realm) and truth (what we are; spirit), we can then simply notice what we will about our opinions in physicality. In turn, we have no need to identify with them. Keeping judgments aside, we realize that those depressed or angry feelings are not what we are, but thoughts we are experiencing within us. So if we don't make (or label) them a part of who we are, they won't over-run and eat away at us... because they aren't a part of our identity. Yes, those feelings are there for a reason, but we need not take them on as a part of ourselves. When we make them part of us, we create an entity or "demon" out of thin air. We are always shaping everything around us, so we must be mindful of our actions. Everything we do has an effect on something.

Everything exists to support something else. (Hence, the philosophy of balance.) All emotion is there to support us as well, no matter how we view it. "Dis-ease" is also there to serve us. They are imbalances that the body (the physical manifestation of your spirit in time and space) is screaming at you to look at. When there is an imbalance in one area or aspect, it creates other imbalances elsewhere; like a see-saw. It is our body's way of telling us to pay attention to it. It's like a child trying to get attention from a parent. It whispers, speaks, cries, screams and even flails until it gets some acknowledgment. When they get the attention, they can finally breathe. Suddenly, it's not so bad. It feels compassion and can therefore relax a bit. When we acknowledge our body, we are also acknowledging the spirit. All it wants is our love and attention.

If we feed into the ego and let the deceit of what it speaks stick in our minds (the medium between the physical and the spiritual), we then 'fight-to-kill' whatever brings us that discomfort. For many people, they immediately go for their true selves as the culprit, instead of their 'egoic-selves.' If we're going to fight something, make it the ego (the aspect of our unconscious mind that wants to identify with form) instead of the spirit. However, we all know that fighting doesn't solve anything. In addition, everything exists for a reason... including the ego. So if we use this knowledge to our advantage to learn what serves us and what doesn't, we may live much more effortlessly. Choices will become more obvious, and paths and purposes will appear more clearly. Your direction will become more apparent by following what feels right and natural; graciously accepting YOUR TRUTH.

As humans, it's only natural to experience ego. Let's just not get confused by hurting ourselves for the poison the ego feeds the mind. For example, "I'm not good enough." That statement is untrue, because you are fashioned absolutely perfect. Also, we are not what we look like. We are not what we wear. We are not what we do for a living. We are spirit. We are pure love. If we are uncomfortable, a "check-in" might be required to see what needs attention. You know as well as I do, we are all the same person, and we are all acting as mirrors for each other in the evolution of consciousness. We can't take ourselves or each other too seriously. We mustn't waste energy devoted to anger, pain or sadness. Though it is good to feel and express, dwelling only creates persistence of an issue due to the focus it gets. (law of attraction) Everything is only as intense as you make it.

Life can be as magical or as dull as you choose... so PLAY! Have fun. Recognize the potential you ARE. Wake up to the beauty that is present, where we honor the brilliance of each co-creator and the many unique gifts we have to share with one another... the whole. You are new and different in every moment. Do not cloud yourself with belief systems that hold you back. It doesn't matter who you 'were.' It only matters that you be here in the present moment. BE HERE NOW. Listen to your heart and honor yourself. Honor YOUR truth. There is no need to rely on the opinions and beliefs of other people. Don't allow the masses to dictate who YOU are. The media, the churches, communities, neighbors, even friends- are not you. Yes, we are all of ONE, but we all have our own truths and gifts to contribute to the planet for the highest good of ALL. Honor your purpose. Do what you love. If you honor yourself and others (having respect for every living creature), abundance will flow all around you. (you get to decide what abundance looks like for you) What have you got to lose? Thanks for being and sharing!

Visualize Love, Be Love, Believe Love, Receive Love!

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