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Stage of Loneliness
By Vital Frosi
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Given that we are all soul incarnated in a physical body, it becomes easier to understand life. Many believe that we are just this material body, and that when we die, everything ends. However, many also understand that we are an immortal soul, which reincarnates successively, until we complete a cycle of learning in this earthly school.

Let’s reflect on this second chance. What is a soul? We have already brought here issues relating to Monada, to which each belongs. A Monada can be compared to a tree, with root, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Everything is part of the same essence. But let’s say that in fact, it’s a single consciousness, divided into parts.

The soul incarnated in a physical body on Earth is the smallest particle of that consciousness, so the feeling it has is of not belonging to the Monada. So the Divine Plan that creates and....

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