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Weekly Geopolitical News and 

Analysis20111107: Paradigm lost as the 

Western Oligarch’s lies unravel

These days, reading some of the Western corporate propaganda media, you 

get the feeling you are reading Axis news reports of imminent victory late 

during World War 2. The reality people can see with their own eyes 

contradicts their reports so much that only a diehard rump of the most 

thoroughly brainwashed now really believes the propaganda. No matter what 

wishful thinking headlines they conjure up about the IMF coming to the 

rescue, or the Feds printing more dollars or FRN’s coming to the rescue, the 

fact of the matter is that the cabal that hijacked the world’s financial system 

has lost. The criminal cabal is caput. Events this week and next will provide 

ample proof of this.


Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys

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and Analysis20111107: Paradigm lost as the Western Oligarch’s lies unravel:


Like nuke Iran !?Don't worry though, one of the 4 nukes from the Kursk still remains.

Last i heard it was somewhere in the City of London. The City of London 

Corporation square mile to be precise. If Nanantz or any of the other iranian 

nuclear facilities go sky high .. so will Her Majesty


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Comment by Besimi on November 9, 2011 at 8:00pm

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