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A Warning to the Rothschild, Who is Next?

9.11.2011 GMT:9.11

Greetings to all Rothschild family members and their associates.


It seems your plan for a single Jesus currency has not gone as expected.

In fact, things over this past year have been going from bad to worse.

First Ben-Ali, then Mubarak, now Gaddafi, Assad after him, who next?


Before i tell you the answer to that question please allow me to introduce myself.

I am the direct descendant of Jesus Christ, you would also know me as the 14th, and only missing piece of Osiris, or the Pinnacle of the Draco, but it matters not, they are one and the same ... ME.


This short two minute video will give you the idea : v=AWTA809k_Sc&feature=player_ profilepage



If you still have any doubts as to my identity they will be immediately dispelled after you read my book " 666 " which is attached to this mail.


You will also be familiar with the events which took place in Oslo and its vicinity on July 22 of this year.

What you may not know, is that the Norwegian Anders Breivik, left behind a manifesto which contains a coded message. GPS co-ordinates to numerous locations in Western Europe. Places which correspond to the exact location of Rothschild family members, their associates and business interests. 

No doubt many of you reading this mail are included in these co-ordinates.


You can be assured that once the Revolution erupts, it will not be mindless vandalism such as took place in England recently, but a systematic and co-ordinated attack on the Rothschild Family and their interests.

You will be hunted down and exterminated, like cockroaches.


Only one person can save you from this impending fate, and it’s not your Abrahamic God ( a.k.a. Satan ) but ME. When you are ready to negotiate contact Jenn Chong. She is the only person on Earth who can get in touch with me. She is also a descendant of the Royal Chinese bloodlines of Chiang and Li and is the rightful Princess of China, which is why she was specifically chosen for this task.

Don’t take too long, you don’t have much time left.



Sincerely Yours

Alexander Romanov

The Anti Christ



Subject: Fw: Info to The All-Abrahamic Alliance: The King of The World Comes to Unite The 3 Religions at New Jerusalem..



----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Georges Thanh Binh Hua <eagle5557></eagle5557>

To: Dirk Bastelberger Gustavus <dirk>; Anke Bastelberger Gustavus <anke></anke></dirk>

Cc: Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch <ritchflomar_fnd>; Lord Eritrea Joseph Mountbatten <eritreamountbatten>; H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo <salcaputo>; Prince Husam Bajis <husam.bajis>; Jean-Edouard de Rothschild <>; Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum <roo7_edbai>; Princess Dato Romona Murad <romonamurad>; Dr Gershon Baskin <gershon>; Lady Paloma Rockefeller <bi.curious101>; Sir Robert Rockefeller <rockgold>; Sir David Rockefeller <daverockefeller>; Lady Grania Mountbatten <graniamountbatten>; Sir Richard William Wallace <richardwallace>; Sir Brian Willis <brockstargrp>; Sir Cary Rothschild <caryro>; Mme Dafna Rothschild <dajonan33>; HRH Clarise Dutchess Of Theysen-Schoenberg <theysen_schoenberg>; Marquess Antonio De Pleguezuelos <royalhonoremail>; HRH Fernando Saxe Cobourg <h.r.h.saxecoburg>;  HRH Carlos Esteban de Bourbon-Dìaz <duquedeborbon></duquedeborbon></h.r.h.saxecoburg></royalhonoremail></theysen_schoenberg></dajonan33></caryro></brockstargrp></richardwallace></graniamountbatten></daverockefeller></rockgold></bi.curious101></gershon></romonamurad></roo7_edbai></></husam.bajis></salcaputo></eritreamountbatten></ritchflomar_fnd>

Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 1:10 AM

Subject: Info to The All-Abrahamic Alliance: The King of The World Comes to Unite The 3 Religions at New Jerusalem..

CONFIDENTIAL Hi Dirk & Anke, my sweet and kind German Friends,



Congrats, I've just joined your FB group The All-Abrahamic Alliance and will invite my friends to join when I'm less busy..


I would love to give you this confidential info to study how you can help with your works, your group, your networks..



I'm working in a giant world project for building a New United World Welfare Kingdom of Love, Light and Universal Peace



in the service of individually each Global Citizen from all nations, considered as "born and live free and equal in human rights and dignity" and of, in full solidarity and brother-sisterhood, the entire World Human Family throughout our Future ¥€$US Global SWF Sovereign Wealth Funds e-Community, (see my file in PDF Format joint and the long email forwarded by scrolling down below)


all United by The King of The World ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine, in Return at New Jerusalem (?) at the End of Time (12/21/2012?)





As The Good News of Jesus Christ, in French Evangile, can be written in 2 columns:


E  v

a  n

g  i




Good News = Eagle vni = "Eagle veni, vidi, vici" =


Eagle is come, has seen, has won (Roman Emperor Julius Cesar, Conquest of Gaule)



The King of The World ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, Son of Jewish King David by His Spiritual Father Jesus of Nazareth (I'm His Human Creator, Defender-Custodian of His Word & Teachings of Christianity), will come, see and bring LOVE of our neighbor in our Hearts, LIGHT of Knowledge, Wisdom, Human Consciousness in our brains, our wills and in our acts, for re-unifying The Three Abrahamic Religions and will win by giving PEACE TO THE UNIVERSE starting by an equitable and sustainable PEACE ON HOLY LAND.. The Fundamental Faith of The 3 Abrahamic Religions: Judaism - Christianity - Islam, in Kingdom of God (GOD's REALM) is converging with this good news of Coming of ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The GOD's REALM, as expected by all believers of 3 Religions




* Judaism: Israel is The God's People ... because God sent His Son Jesus to spread out word of Love of God to the People of Israel

* Christianity: Jesus of Nazareth promised God's Kingdom to all The Universe, not only Israelis, who trusted on Love of their neighbors

* Islam: Muhammad taught us that GOD is One and That all God's Children of the World (not only descendants of Abraham) deserve God's Love and Mercy


Then, I'll demonstrate by concrete acts That ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, Son of Jesus, Son of David, Son of Israel, will unite all God's Children all around the World, including non-believers, Atheist & Agnostic not trusting in God (but GOD trusts on them), just by giving Prosperity, Abundance, Well being, Welfare, Happiness (see my project by scrolling down this long email) and will win God's Kingdom to all men, all women from all nations...


Yes, The King of The World will be a Son of David of Israel: Jewish let's be proud and bow Your KING in Return to New Jerusalem.

Let's make Peace with Humanity, starting by with your neighbors and cousins Arabs and Palestinians..



As Defender- Custodian of ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The World by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Saviour of The World,


 I'll solicit participation of ORDERS OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS, valiant soldiers of Christ, and of their modern followers FREEMASONS LODGES (atheists or from all religions) for the Preparation of The Venue of The King of Kings and the establishment of The New World Nobility of the Future Constitutional Monarchy of GOD's REALM, serving in Honor for this Royal Noble Cause for the Sake of Humanity.


That's why I've added as copy, for their confidential information, the most important of my potential great strategic allies for this divine mission:


* Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch, Grand Master of Knights Templars, Master Mason and Master of THE SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KNIGHTS HOSPITALLIER OF ST JOHN OF JERUSALEM, to whom I'll solicit the participation of all his personal networks to the Battle of New Jerusalem


For The Building of an equitable and sustainable PEACE ON HOLY LAND,


Lord Eritrea Joseph Mountbatten, of The British Royal House of Mountbatten, very sensitive to fate of The Palestinian People under violent occupation non-stop during 61 years now, due partially to the selling of Palestine by Great Britain to Lord Lionel de Rothschild in 1917 (Declaration of Balfour), to whom I'll solicit, if he accepts, to be The Coordinator of The Battle of New Jerusalem for re-establishing the Son of Jesus on the Throne of David and on The Throne of GOD's REALM on Planet Earth.. 


* H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo, descendant of Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II of The German Imperial Hohenstaufen House and First Christian King of Jerusalem (13th Century), Imperial and Royal House of Antioch and Swabia, to whom I've suggested to be The Servant of The King of The World, as Prince of New Jerusalem for prolonging the Rule of his illustrious ancestor in the 21st Century in the service of GOD's Kingdom on Planet Earth


* Prince Husam Bajis of Palestine, representative of a big Palestinian family clan, and working for Peace in frame of PNA (Palestinian National Authority, Legal Government of Palestine), with whom I'm discussing a strategic partnership to help financing 1 million of Palestinian Families from all over the world, accepting to live in Peace and Concord beside Israelis Families on Land of their ancestors by rejecting all forms of terrorism and religious hate, in order to rebuild Kingdom of New Palestine in frame of The God's World Kingdom of New Jerusalem, in counter-part of his earning of the basic Palestinian peoples to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem on Holy Land.. At the successful return of King of The World, he will be endowed to bear the Arms of King of New Palestine, by The Grace of ¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle, King of The GOD's REALM, King of New Jerusalem


* Jean-Edouard de Rothschild, of the Tycoon Banker House de Rothschild, actual owner of Israel Land (after Declaration of Balfour 1917), with whom I'll discuss, if he accepts, the same strategic partnership than Husam to help financing 1 million of Israeli Families living today in Israel, accepting 1/ to free immediately blockade on Gaza, 2/ to shut down all walls, borders, etc.. 3/ to encourage colons to stop all new setlements, 4/ to reserve The Status of Jerusalem and all its suburbs, stopping immediately destruction of Al Aksa Mosque for rebuilding ancient Temple of Solomon; and 5/ to live in Peace and Concord beside Palestinians or Arab Families on Common Holy Land of their far ancestors. Under reserve he will be capable to engage The 3 Big Relatives Families Rothschild- Rockefeller- Guggenheim and all Jewish Religious Tribes to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem, Jean-Edouard will be endowed to bear the Arms of King of New Israel, Vice-Roy of New Jerusalem if it's God will and his Destiny..   (OK on a le temps d'en parler plus tard, Jean-Edouard..)


Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, to whom I'll propose a Global strategic partnership with UAE-Dubai, and to support financially Palestinian side in their struggle for implementing an equitable and sustainable Peace in Middle East


* Princess Dato Romona Murad, descendant of Antic Greek Emperor Alexander-The-Great and connected with all High Aristocracy Exclusive Networks of the World (except with my ancestor Emperor Ming of China among other Asian Aristocracy) is a Muslim Princess to whom I've proposed, under frame of our future Co-Founders "Club Challenger.Zero de Monaco" (Cf. attached file and long email forwarded below), to engage -in all exclusivity - all Muslim and Christian Nobility of her exclusive networks to the noble cause of The Pacific Battle of New Jerusalem by supporting on the top of This Universal Peace, an equitable and sustainable Peace in Middle East and Concord between The 3 Abrahamic Religions believers..


* Ambassadress of Peace Jenn Chong for Palestine and Dr Gershon Baskin for Israel who work with international and local activists on-fields, will be associated for the concrete definition of an equitable and sustainable Peace in Holy Land with all politicians, religious and economical forces of the two Communities..




For their private information of the real sense of my great battle, not only financial, economic, social, etc.., but also spiritual and religious as The Divine Mission I think that GOD charged me, I've added in copy CC (and blind) some potential strategic partners and friends among Families Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lady Grania Mary Mountbatten, mother of Eritrea and Chief of British Royal House Mountbatten, Royal Houses of Bourbon, Saxe Cobourg, Theysen-Schoenberg, etc... and other Commoner friends like me. When the Time will Come, I'll call all them for the service of The God's Kingdom too...


God Bless All You

Hugs to Dirk and Anke, Küßchen Dirk und Anke..    

  George 佐治 清 平  Hua Eagle

Defender-Custodian of The King of The World:

¥€$US©®™ The Royal Mighty Eagle

Global Citizen, Militant for a Civilization of Love & Light

Digital Economist, IT Industrialist Software Editor,

Expert in Decisions Tech

Inventor of ¥€$US©®™ Universal d-Currency IMS

Inventor of Cyber-Machine ¥€$US©®™ Mighty Eagle

Under EU’s Strategic Program ESPRIT Eagle EP6599 (1991-97)

Circle Zero Club Friends & Supporters




For those interested to partner strategically with me, please read more below.. Ciao..




----- Message transféré ----

De : Georges Thanh Binh Hua <eagle5557></eagle5557>

À : Sir Robert Rockeller <rockgold>; Eritrea Mountbatten <eritreamountbatten>; Prince Husam Bajis <husam.bajis>; Paloma Rockefeller <bi.curious101>; Jean-Edouard De Rothschild <>; Prince Hamdan Al Maktoum of Dubai <roo7_edbai>; HE Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem <dubaiworldmedia>; Shahzadi Naila <nailashahz>; Sir Edward Davenport <info>; Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al-Saud <ok.000.000.000>; Aiman H Arafat <aimanhha>; Sheikh of Qatar <milliondollarsheikh>; Sir Richard William Wallace <richardwallace>; HRH Carlos Esteban de Bourbon-Dìaz <duquedeborbon>; Prince Salman Al-Saudi <aiz.najd>; ; David Rockefeller <daverockefeller>; Angela Wilde Rockefeller <angelarockfeller>; Gaspard Wilde <gaspard_wilde>; Prince Kallergi <aetos.theosis>; Sam Kabbani <sam_kabbani></sam_kabbani></aetos.theosis></gaspard_wilde></angelarockfeller></daverockefeller></aiz.najd></duquedeborbon></richardwallace></milliondollarsheikh></aimanhha></ok.000.000.000></info></nailashahz></dubaiworldmedia></roo7_edbai></></bi.curious101></husam.bajis></eritreamountbatten></rockgold>

Cc : Francois-Henri Pinault <henri.pinault>; President Jose-Manuel Barroso <manifestoof27>; Brigitte Huttner <b.huttner-cox>; Anne Hidalgo <anne.hidalgo1>; Dominique Paillé <dominique.paille>; Shahzada Sher Saddozai <greatglobalist>; Dafna Rothschild <dajonan33>; Georgia Jones <jonesgeorgia>; Michelle Prevot <nouch>; Sheikh Naseer Al-Falasi <naseer-dina>; Sheikha Reem Al-Nahyan <reem-alnhyan>; Valerie Fortier <fortierval>; Laurent Fortier <public.relation.fortier>; Amelie Pol Simon <amelobigorneau>; Luc Goldstein <lucgold>; André Couitti <andre.couitti>; Mary Sinanidis <msin>; Akiko Saito <akiko3333saito>; Alain M. <amestat>; Vu Duc Khanh <vdklawyer>; Jean-Pierre Pétry <petryjp>; Zizi Zan Pahlavi Rothschild <zanpahlavi2>; Sophareth Camsonne <sophareth>; Rola Ezzedine <rolaezz>; Justin Theriault <theriault.justin>; Ron Barrow <ron>; E Jay Williams Jr <jay>; Dato Romona Murad <romona.murad>; Jenn Chong <cmengfun>; Tomas <elterego>; Jack Rothschild <jackrothschild>; Contessa Davina Rothschild VonWickham <contessadavina>; Carolyn Rothstein-Ziel <cziel>; M&M <mm00830>; So <arthur-guinevere>; HRH Roberto Carrillo-Chomsky <rjrex2691>; Ansar Burney <chairman>; Lord Ivan Emiro Canas-Gutierrez <lordivancanas>; Adil Abdoh <mrabdoh>; Rajinder S Bedi <rsbedi>; Mayer de Rothschild <amschelmayer>; Sheikh Hamdan Al-Nahyan <h.h_hamdan_alnahyan>; Lady Grania Mountbatten <graniamountbatten>; Pj Schwartzberg <pjschatz>; DK Matai <>; Tamer Baraka <barakalaw>; Sultan Al Bazie <sultan>; Ozjan Yeshar <ozjan_yeshar>; Lord David Michael Prosser <mikproju>; valerie breslin <valbres>; Renouka Sunnasee <renouka.sunnasee>; Sir Chevalier Ricky A Ritch <ritchflomar_fnd>; Gabor Braun <rockingabi>; Michela Buraseska-Romanov <michela.buraseska>; Iftikhar Chaudrii <iftikhar.chaudri>; Brian de Fitz-James <>; Maxine Mountbatten-Windsor <dominophinominal>; Prinzessin Elfi Odu-Dua Singer-Zagaria <attachee_odu_dua>; Winnie <lamlamwinnie>; Philippe B. Nielsen <philippeb.nielsen>; Mohana Chattopadhyay <mohana>; Sean liebel <sean_liebel>; Sir Brian Willis <brockstargrp>; Cary Rothschild <caryro>; Randolph Amadeus Rockefeller <pallikristinsson>; Lady Sandra Mussmann de Rothschild <smussmann>; Prince Albert von Anhalt <princealbert007>; Julia Vladislava <jevdokimova>; Joe Scott <joe-scott>; Munesh Kumar <boundarylessworld>; Heidi Elisabeth Hansen <heidi.hansen9>; Matthew Ferry <matthewferry2008>; Dato' Mohamed Sahfi <mohdsahfi>; Mike Dammann <mike>; Olivia Vandenborn <olivia.84>; James Rothschild <jrothschild78>; Maryse LAPU-BRACHA <miya21>; H.I.R.H. Prince Salvatore Caputo <salcaputo></salcaputo></miya21></jrothschild78></olivia.84></mike></mohdsahfi></matthewferry2008></heidi.hansen9></boundarylessworld></joe-scott></jevdokimova></princealbert007></smussmann></pallikristinsson></caryro></brockstargrp></sean_liebel></mohana></philippeb.nielsen></lamlamwinnie></attachee_odu_dua></dominophinominal></></iftikhar.chaudri></michela.buraseska></rockingabi></ritchflomar_fnd></renouka.sunnasee></valbres></mikproju></ozjan_yeshar></sultan></barakalaw></></pjschatz></graniamountbatten></h.h_hamdan_alnahyan></amschelmayer></rsbedi></mrabdoh></lordivancanas></chairman></rjrex2691></arthur-guinevere></mm00830></cziel></contessadavina></jackrothschild></elterego></cmengfun></romona.murad></jay></ron></theriault.justin></rolaezz></sophareth></zanpahlavi2></petryjp></vdklawyer></amestat></akiko3333saito></msin></andre.couitti></lucgold></amelobigorneau></public.relation.fortier></fortierval></reem-alnhyan></naseer-dina></nouch></jonesgeorgia></dajonan33></greatglobalist></dominique.paille></anne.hidalgo1></b.huttner-cox></manifestoof27></henri.pinault>

Envoyé le : Mercredi, 22 Juillet 2009, 23h31mn 56s

Objet : July 22 Strategic Proposal to Sir Robert Rockefeller & Al (version July 22)


CONFIDENTIAL Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


Hi All, Salut à Tous,


Today July 22, 65th Anniversary of Bretton Woods, I would like to revel to you, my 100 personalities VIP and closed friends, before all other persons,




our ¥€$US New Bretton Woods for Financing New Marshall Global Bailout Plan of HOPE

for reconstruction of a New World Order of Love, Light and Universal Peace on Planet Earth


 to propose to next G20 Summit at Pittsburgh End September,


how to solve at the same time all global monetary, financial, economical, social and ecological problems at level of individually each World Free Citizen from all nations and simultaneously at level of the Global Human Family throughout our future ¥€$US Global SWF e-Community  all around the world, with a budget of participation of €1 Trillion E.U. € (nearly $1.42 Trillion USD on today change) from a G13 Core-Founders ¥€$-Nations, instead of $5 Trillions reliefs plans already accepted in principle by last G20 Summit London April 2, in counterpart of:


* 1/ 10% shareholders equities in future ¥€$US World Bank-Insurer-Markets Inc as Unique Monetary/Financial Global Regulator of the New Bretton Woods ¥€$US UDMS Universal Digital Monetary System (a digital IMS)


*2/ creation or recycling of 200 millions new qualifying jobs, first in USA, Europe, China and Japan (because we can control the massive deployment in these countries without upsetting too much society, like probably in India or Pakistan), then spread out to all countries, in order to generate structural full-employment all over the planet for ever and ever (each person who wants to work is assured by the Global SWF e-Community to have, at maximum 6 months after his/her request, a qualifying job fitted to his/her profile), The Dream of All Governments and All Peoples that we will pledge to MAKE DO COME TRUE.. All politicians receiving our supports will win all elections (Brigitte, dites cela à Ségolène... pour la présidence de l'UE en 2010)


*3/ refinancing of 100 millions families by "caring $ at ST, trading ¥€$ at LT" (with this $1.42 Trillion first budget X 10 legally in credits loans), first in USA, Europe, China and Japan (and maybe, with our Plan for Israel-Palestine Confederation that we will present with Princes of Palestine, Israel and of "New Jerusalem" to UNO and G20, 1 million Israeli families living in Israel now + 1 million Palestinian families from all around the world) then, with the same technique of caring $ ST (short-term), trade ¥€$ LT (Long Term at 4.5% low interest rate for ALL), extending to 1 billion families financed (4-5 billions persons) by End 2012 all around the planet and recruited as basic investors ($42K per person) of our ¥€$US Global SWF e-Community for doing World Free i-Commerce of goods and services all over the planet, empowered by my ¥€$US Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine


*4/ launching of a New Marshall Plan of HOPE "Happiness-On-Planet-Earth" by re-boosting all world economies by raising substantially purchase power of masses without inflation on essential needs (low prices controlled by Cyber-Mechanism anti-inflation) to i-trade intensively worldwide in order to create massively and share rightly new wealth accumulated by World Free Citizens individually (including children and disabled people who will be managed by tutors and controlled digitally by Cyber-Machine to prevent financial abuses of parents or tutors) and collectively through The Global Enterprise Eve-Earth. With the wealth saved, accumulated and secured for each World Free Citizen (against inflation of public spending of national governments) by our Global SWF of World Free Citizens, we will rebuild a Healthy, Harmonious, Joyful and Ecologic Life and futurist urban planning in full accordance with our environment: a New World Order of Love, Light and Universal Peace will be possible after 2012, the time to bring freedom, prosperity, abundance, well being, welfare, social securities to each and all World Free Citizens..






¥€$US The Royal Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine and UDMS (d-Currency)










I'll come back later for Revenue Profile and Business Plan and Guarantee for Co-Founders, but this is really at 2nd, 3rd degree v/s. these astronomic figures










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Comment by patrick on November 10, 2011 at 6:51am

introduction to the Fall of The Romanovs in 1917

Comment by patrick on November 10, 2011 at 6:21am

The Royal Mighty Eagle Cyber-Machine and UDMS 


Comment by Trudy on November 10, 2011 at 5:18am

please jose v the vid link isn't working, can't you put the vid up here?

thnx ^L^ in advance ..

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