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Spiritual Awakening - a taste of what it's like

I really like this person's approach to Spiritual Awakening: No frills and to the point! Great!

Spiritual Awakening- a taste of what it's like

Spiritual Awakening can happen in many different ways.....some lucky ones awaken spontaneously. Some after years of meditation. Some through the use of Sensory Deprivation, chanting, binaural beats, lucid dreaming, astral projection, dancing, drumming, or with the aid of sacred plant medicines like the Indians of N & S America.

Whatever method is used does not matter- some will condemn individuals for using a discipline that does not fit thier belief system. You can bet that this person doing the judging will not reach the sacred goal! When it comes to something as important as this- ANY METHOD THAT WORKS should be praised and added to the repertoire!

There is so much BS out there that many people are lost and don't even know where to begin. If there is alot of $$$ involved you can bet it's bogus. If there is a charismatic "leader" involved -bogus. If there is a need to study for years and years and learn a ton of steps? bogus. If you have been searching your whole life, and have always been drawn to metaphysics- you are on the right path. Feel out various disciplines and try what you are attracted to! To Each His Own.

Awakening isn't supposed to be a ton of work! If you try to force it you will only push it away. Just ask your higher self to guide you in the right direction.....don't expect an exterior God or person to make it's all about YOU.

Because in reality YOU are all that there is.

To the naysayers or church people that are sure I will burn in Hell- (bless your hearts I love you all!) I have a Big Question for you-

Have you EVER in your WHOLE LIFE been dumbstruck with AWE? On your knees
with your mouth hanging open, eyes bugged out and unable to speak with tears streaming down your face? (Think Paul on the way to Damascus) And all you can think or say is OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is what a TRUE AWAKENING is REALLY like.

There is NO DOUBT of what has case you think "maybe that meditation experience was kindof an enlightenment?" Yea, well WRONG. If IT happens....You will KNOW exactly what it is. You will never be the same. Many who awaken will have a very hard time re-integrating into "normal life"

Because the truth has been revealed. Reality itself is forever changed. You have AWOKEN. And You REMEMBER. You remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
You feel like you have come HOME! your TRUE home, not this plastic fake reality you plow through every day. And it is SO BEAUTIFUL. SO BLISSFUL. SO WONDERFUL BEYOND ANY HUMAN EXPRESSION.

And you REALIZE..AND KNOW w/o any doubt....that YOU ARE GOD. And for the rest of this human life, you are on "cruise control"...because you have have won the game. The search is finally over.

THIS is what Awakening is REALLY LIKE.

Thanks for listening- hope this helps someone.


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Comment by Besimi on April 21, 2010 at 10:18pm
:) beautiful.
..thnx Simmy.

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