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Specific Weekend Energy Report
May 21, 2022
By Dr Schavi

The word “Satsangha” is Sanskrit and translates into English as “To Sit Down with Wisdom”.

In ancient times, Vedic teachers (“Rishis”) often sat down with their temple students in forest areas to give them great teachings.

We are being given major teachings this weekend by a “Satsangha” of solar intensity.

At 0745 Universal Time (UT) or 2:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, May 20th, our Sun exploded with an “M.3” solar flare, and at 0824 (UT) or 3:24 AM (EDT) a “C.5” exploded.

Our Sun is still holding a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” solar flares.

Solar winds are traveling as of 10:44 AM (EDT) at 552.3 kilometers per second (km/s).+++

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